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On the matter of fish.

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Upon further review, much of the fish ingame are incorrect in their location, particularly those in New Austin.


first, I shall focus on NA and particularly Rio San Luis. We can assume the SL is based on the Rio Grande, given its location and climate. Through researching, I’ve learnt the majority of the fish we can catch there are not found in the Rio Grande. The majority of the fish we catch in the San Luis are the pickerels and the rock bass. Neither are found in the Rio Grande. Meanwhile, fish that actually ARE common to the RG [and exist in the game] aren’t found there. Things like the yellow perch and both smallmouth and largemouth bass and channel catfish. Granted, those species are introduced and nonnative. But they were known to be there by 1900. Native species also include bullhead catfish longnose gar, also not found in the river in-game.

Should I also include fish species NOT in the game, that expands to include popular game/pan fish such as white crappies, blue catfishes, white bass, freshwater drum, gizzard shad, red mullet, and smallmouth buffalo.


Looking to the more easterly parts of the map, we’re missing common and popular species such as various species of chub, a half dozen other species of trout, several other species of bass and catfish, paddlefish, and crappies. All very common for sport angling in north america. 


I would very much like to see Rockstar add these to further flesh out the angling aspect of the game. Considering all the fish are basically reskins of each other, it shouldn’t be difficult to add. It’s just a matter of modelling and assigning them to certain spawn areas.

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Rockstar trying their hand at Ichthyology: 





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