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comeflywithme airborne acceleration

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  In "GTA Vice City Best Glitches" by TheJizzy, it explains how to have Tommy
jack a car, when he touches the ped pause the game (Esc), type bigbang several
handfuls of times (the more you type the code the higher Tommy and the car go),
and type Esc to return to the game.  Tommy and the exploding car quickly rise
into the sky.  Type aspirine to heal the vehicle, pause (Esc), type
comeflywithme, and return to the game (Esc).


  You can control it with
  Number Pad 6: Up
  Number Pad 9: Down
  Spacebar: Brake
  A: Left
  D: Right


  What I want to know is what you use to accelerate to stay in the air?  At this
point my car drops like a rock.  W works once the car is on the ground.  I've
tried W and Left Shift (and of course there's no turret to turn backward and
fire as on a tank), so what do you use to make it go forward and stay in the

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You may try to use a modified handling file like this one, this works for both Cars (while COMEFLYWITHME activated) as well as with boats (while AIRSHIP activated). 

OR You can go for alternative cleo mod. 

I'll prefer you to use Hover Wheels mod for GTA VC by spaceeinstein. 

Here's a link. 


The controls will be same as you mentioned above for both of these mods. 

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  I have Windows 10 64 bit so I'm using the current Steam version of VC with
several car modifications I made to handling.cfg.  Do you know how I could
modify my handling.cfg file in the way of the handling.cfg file of that first
suggestion without disturbing the other modifications I made to it--maybe for
just one car?

Edited by glenster

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Just copy the line of the vehicle which u want to modify from the modded handling.cfg file and then replace the line in your handling.cfg file. 


For example, if u want the handling for the car Infernus to be modified then

1] Find the line starting with the word INFERNUS in the modded handling.cfg file and copy that whole line. 

2] Open your handling.cfg file and then again find the line starting with INFERNUS and now replace this line with the copied line and save this file. 

3] Profit... 

4] Enjoy!!! 

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I tried it with the Infernus.  When I used the comeflywithme code the Infernus just acted like it usually does with the code.

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Then try that Cleo Mod Vice City Hover Wheels.

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Is it safe?  The page for that mod says "This mod has been tested only on VC v.1.00 US."

I had to use the Steam version of VC to get it to run.

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Just try it and if it works then all good, else just delete the installed files afterwards. 

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