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You lost us

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I'm sorry to make a new topic, but this doesn't belong in the Bitch and Moan thread.


You lost us Rockstar. We tried. We tried really hard to love this game. I've seen the numbers of my crew decrease daily. As an active GTA crew since 2013 we tried (20+ players) Now it's only 1 or 2 who still manage to come on daily. Most left for other games or went back to GTA.


We get it, it's a beta. We get it, there are bugs.


But this is beyond. No f*cking updates for months, missions not working, deconnects by the dozen, XP into the minus and now we don't even get XP and Gold for doing the dailies? f*ck you Rockstar! f*ck you and your f*cking dripfeeding hipster clothing. f*ck you and your f*cking Fortnite gamemodes. f*ck you and your spawnrate, it's a f*cking dead world!


This could have been one of the greatest online experiences ever. But no, you only care about your f*ckin MTX. Such a shame, RDRO will be dead in a year.

And I am saying this as one of the last remaining hardcore RDR players from my crew. I really tried to love you, but I just can't anymore...

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Posted (edited)

I'm sorry but this is exactly the type of topic that the B*tch & Moan thread is for. It's literally it's purpose.


Constructive discussion threads about what RDO does poorly or Rockstar's mistakes with the game are, generally speaking, fine but if it's basically just "the game sucks you've failed" then that is literally why the B&M threads exist and we don't need multiple versions of those threads.



Edited by Jason

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