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GTA glitch stole $100,000GTA when buying a DJ

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BIG MISTAKE TRUSTING R* TO BEGIN WITH.  I LOVED GTA5 until I was dumb enough to trust Rock* and buy a nightclub and go down that path.  It's nothing but a first person shooter now.  I don't like first person shooters.  GTA is not a First Person shooter game -- UNTIL you buy a nighclub -- then everything you do is first person shooter.  Fine.  That sucks and I want my money back.


BUT...  attempting to go with it .. I wanted to replace my DJ.  So I took a while and earned $100K GTA cash and bought one.  Then, there was this lame mission where I was supposed to get a Stafford from a transport.  Problem is, it





and the transport crashed and landed inside the roof of a tunnel.  I spent 1/2 hour looking for the Stafford on all levels of the area as there was a building above it.  GTA glitched AGAIN and the transport appeared sideways in a garage, turned over with no way of uprighting it.  Then time ran out.  NO STAFFORD.


WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE TO GET A STAFFORD ANYWAY -- WFT does that have to do with a DJ?



REGARDLESS, Rock* CANNOT take your money like this for a defective and glitching and capricious piece of software that THERE ARE NO INSTRUCTIONS FOR. 


There are Federal Laws and Consumer Laws this violates.  I WANT MY $100,000 GTA BACK and I want a full refund of all CASH $ USD I've spent because the program is defective, the platform is glitchy, the play is abusive, and favoritism is given to some players over others.  IF THE GAME WERE FREE, or IF ROCK* DIDN'T ACCEPT CASH FOR THE BROKEN ASPECTS, it would be legal, but as it stands now, the FTC needs to investigate Rock* for unfair consumer practices and discrimination.   It's NOT legal.

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Posted (edited)

This is a fan community. You need to take this to Rockstar. You can explain to them what happened and they will look and they will correct it. You need to exercise patience, which is a virtue. You do not have legal arms long enough to slapbox with Rockstar, and they have the right to terminate your account at will without explanation. You agree to that before you are allowed online. Go to the their support site, tell them what happened, let them confirm it, and maybe someone nice will handle it and accidentally add a 0 on the end or something.


Edit: Here: It is already setup for Online Mode -> Missing Item. 

Choose your platform, explain exactly what happened, and then very carefully explain to them why it cannot be: https://support.rockstargames.com/categories/200013306?step=766ba2b3

Edited by HelloMyNameIsHuman

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I solved it.

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Also, this is the gta V forum not gta online. We don't want that muck in here.

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