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GTA VI-Anchor Cities (all theory)

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If Red Dead Redemption 2 is any indication, GTA VI is going to be amazing.


So what if Rock Star made the San Andreas Islands it's own geographic world that spanned a number of games.  GTA VI would take place in modern times, an expansion pack could take place a few decades back so a number of buildings would be deleted and replaced with open fields.  Other buildings would be freshened up to indicate their newness.


Red Dead Redemption 3 could be a civil war era game using the exact same land with the exact same mountains, valleys and rivers.  It would be far more stripped down (it wouldn't even have a railroad in the beginning of the game) but as you played different Rock Star games, you would recognize the lay of the land as well as a number of buildings.


If they made something that amazing, what would the modern time anchor cities be?


First, where are the San Andreas Islands?  They sit off the west coast of North America.  The area between the mainland US and the San Andreas Islands is called the Gulf of San Andreas.  There is a fair amount of piracy that goes on here and the mainland US is very displeased about it.  In addition to all the crime in San Andreas, the mainland US and the San Andreas Islands don't care for each other at all.  Like the relationship between China and Taiwan, the San Andreas Islands are a rogue territory.  Ask anyone resident of San Andreas and they will tell you they are an independent nation of island-states.  Ask anyone on the mainland US and they'll tell you San Andreas is on borrowed time and if the islands don't shape up, they should be invaded.


For the mainlanders, it's all about stopping the piracy in the Gulf of San Andreas.  For the islanders, the piracy is a matter of survival for some and with more constructive support from the mainland instead of threats of invading, both sides could probably work together in a way that would negate the piracy.  (Maybe.)  On to the anchor cities.


Liberty City.  You have to have this city and every big city needs it's own supporting suburbs and rural areas outside the suburbs.  The city has to be vertical and a number of missions need to take place inside the skyscrapers.  Liberty City would be the second largest city on the islands.  My favorite buildings are the Five Towers located near the gulf coast.  They are 5 buildings in a row with the two smallest on the outside and the tallest in the middle.  The complex, in it's pointed glory, really shows the mainland the respect it deserves, don't you think?  The Five Towers; what an iconic site.  While doing mission in Liberty City, there is a disaster at Four Mile Island.  The military shuts bans all travel to the island.  They nickname it Zombie Island.  You don't want anyone to go there.  I get it.  No need to be corny about it, right???


San Andreas, the city.  This has to be it's own city and it has to be absolutely massive both in land mass and in population.  This would be the largest city in the San Andreas world and as big as Liberty City is, San Andreas is the city that just keeps growing.  If you want to disappear in a sea of people, this is THE spot.  It's suburbs are also highly populated.  San Andreas is known for it's earthquakes before they also recover quickly.


Vice City.  Of course you have this city way to the south along the gulf coast.  This city seems to be stuck in the 1970s and 80s but that's okay.  The music is great and so are the people.  The beaches are amazing and the fishing isn't bad either.  It is, however, a hurricane magnet.  Watch out for the sharks and alligators.  They'll be watching for you.


New London and New Manchester.  North of Liberty City is another massive metropolis.  It snows allot and it rains allot here.  And it's also foggy and smoggy.  The people talk different in this area but San Andreas is a very diverse area.


"Anywhere" City.  This city needs a different name and in most Rock Star maps, it would be a mass of greenery and farmland.  This is a city that doesn't even exist in the modern era.  It's a late comer but it grows up very fast in a post WWIII world.  While most of San Andreas (and the rest of the world) has been destroyed, this poop hole perseveres to an extent.


Los Santos.  This is the second largest city and it's somewhat near San Andreas.  It is a big city by land mass and by population and it's also prone to earthquakes.  The rural areas are plagued by wild wires.


San Fierro.  This is a big city with some interesting characters in it.  The people here are unique and independent.  To say San Fierro is hilly is a comical understatement.


Las Venturas.  If you want to have fun going broke, welcome home.  The crime here is very organized.  VERY organized.  If your a small time crook, you should probably avoid this city until you move up the ranks a bit.  Check out some of the farm houses in the rural areas.  Chicken Ranches in particular.  Have fun and don't come home sick.  :) 


Pacific City.  Like Las Venturas but smaller.  The surfing in Pacific City is absolutely amazing.  So are the sunsets.  Camping is allowed on some of the beaches.


Yankton or North Yankton.  If you find yourself here in the late fall, you may not be able to leave until early spring.  The winters here will kill you.  They are long and brutal.  Mt. Houser is the largest mountain in the world.  You can hike it, ski it, snow mobile it, or climb the one side that sheared off after an eruption.  But time your visit right because you want to be off the mountain before the end of fall.  For the less experienced, Mt. Houser has a smaller twin, Mt. Montana.  Not as fun but not as dangerous.  Pick your poison.  Ludendorff is the largest city on the island and it's the smallest major city in San Andreas.  Most suburbs are bigger than Ludendorff.


Space City.  This is a good sized city, very spread out, lots of people and big suburbs.  The rural area is also massive.  Space City managed to get a man to Mars before the mainland did.  LOL, mainlanders suck.  If you make the right choices, you can travel to the moon and to Mars but honestly, there isn't much to do there.  The moon has a good sized base but not much fun.  It takes forever to get to Mars and the base is very small.  And you'll be stuck there awhile.  Think it through before you go.  It's interesting but there isn't much happening there.  Space City is prone to hurricane and massive flooding.


If you make the rural areas massive enough, other cities could be added later.  Not every island would have to be directly connected.  Some islands would require a ship or airplane.


This is just an idea.  I think it could be an interesting experience to play games in different eras of time on the exact same maps.

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In future Rock Star games, maybe you could turn your mic on and if you make a noise at your desk while your trying to hide in the game, the game will hear you.


Los San Andreas Estados

(The Saint Andreas States)

The mainland USA claims the San Andreas Islands are a rogue territory. Having gifted North Yankton to Canada and Nuevo Tejas to Mexico to increase international support, the mainland constantly threatens a full scale invasion if the piracy in the Gulf of San Andreas doesn't stop.

The Gulf of San Andreas separates the islands from the west coast of mainland North America. The islands below are listed from north to south.


North Yankton Island

Ludendorff-biggest city on the island. One of the smallest cities in the island region.

Mt. Houser-Largest mountain in the world. One side of the island is sheared due to a long ago eruption, allowing for a very challenging vertical climb.

Mt. Montana-3rd largest island in the region. Montana and Houser are twin mountains.

Natural caverns under mountains.

You are unable to leave or go to the island during the winter.

This region is known for it's 9 month long winters.

This is a great area for winter fun but only if you have advanced skills.

This island has oil on and off shore. It also has gold and diamonds in the caves.

The USA gifted this island to Canada before learning about all the resources and now wants the island back. Canada claims it, the USA claims it and San Andreas claims is part of their nation. It's complicated. This is the largest island in the region. As a whole, the island severely lacks a connected infrastructure. Don't get overly ambitious on this island when you want to go exploring the wilderness.


South Yankton Island

This island has a number of small mountains and lots of large rolling hills.

Mt. Hero has carvings of famous historical heroes of San Andreas (they are actually the faces of the founders of GTA1).

The USA is attempting to gift this island to Canada in a fair trade/exchange for North Yankton. Canada wants nothing to do with it. The residents of all the San Andreas Islands claim all the islands as their own.


New England Island

The people here love their bean soup and their tea. They are always ready to stand up to the mainlanders.

Bullworth has the famous Bullworth Academy.

The winters here are cold and snowy but manageable.

Most of the population on this island is on the Gulf side.

New London and New Manchester are also located here, north of Bullworth. New London is cold and damp. It is full of smog and fog. New London has the potential to be the biggest city in the region one day.


Liberty Island

Liberty City, near the upper NE coast of the gulf, is the 2nd largest city in the island region and has been for a very long time. It's a large city by population, not so much by land. Liberty City is a very vertical city with it's iconic Five Towers facing the mainland. The middle tower is the tallest as it resembles a middle finger pointed toward the mainland. Alderney, further up the Gulf coast, is another busy coastal town. On a clear day, you can see Bullworth Academy on New England Island from the Liberty Island Lighthouse.


San Andreas Island

The biggest city in the region, without a doubt, is San Andreas both by population and by land mass. It's amazing how massive the city is. The infamous Grove Street is the site of the biggest gang war in San Andreas (US?) history? This island is prone to major earthquakes and major hurricanes. While it isn't prone to flooding, a hurricane will flood the island like a bowl of soup. People here are experienced in rebuilding but if a category 5 hurricane is in your path, get out of the way! Unless you work for Weazel news or your trying to go viral on that popular website, www.meTV.SAI (and that can be a real website that you can visit on a in-game TV in GTA 6 with videos made by real players of the game). Pacific City is located on the west coast and the surf there is amazing. It's a smaller version of Las Ventarus but there is still plenty of fun to have here. Los Santos is the largest city on the Pacific coast and it is a very big city by land mass and population. San Fierro truly has the most interesting characters in it and Las Venturas to the east is the gambling spot in the region. In the rural areas of Las Venturas, check out some of the farms and ranches. Mainly, the ranches. In particular, the chicken ranches. Trust me on this one. Chickens aren't the only thing they raise.


Everglades Island

Vice City is the biggest city on this island. It has a certain 70s/80s type style to it and they seem to love older cars. Drugs are a big business here and many police officers know that for more than one reason. Given it's location, it's a regular target of hurricanes. Cottonmouth represents Everglades Island further up the coast.


Federal Island

Capital City is located here with it's buildings similar to those found in DC and in NYC's Wall Street Distrcit. The FIB is also located here. The second largest mountain in the region is located here and underneath is a massive bunker that seems to go on and on. There is a rumor about direct flights to the tip of Antarctica, where a research center is located. If you somehow manage to get there, see if you can go to the other side and prove if the world is round or flat. Just saying.


Nuevo Tejas Island

Space City is the 5th largest city in the island region by population.

Space City put a man on Mars before the mainlanders did.

Space City is known for it's distinct looking skyscrapers down town, overpriced skyscrapers and overpriced residential scrapers in mid town, way over priced residential scrapers and neighborhoods in mid town and it's crime riddled 1st ward. Space City is prone to hurricane and massive flooding. It's hot and humid. The thunderstorms are very intense.

Galvez Island was a major port city in the 1800s but is now a hotbed for tourism.

Padro Island is more known for it's beaches and less known for it's surf. It's a great place to get a tan, fall in love (or something), drink like a fish and camp out by a fire. Have fun.

Camelot Woods is a suburb full of amazing wealth. Check out the 18 hole golf course while your there.

Imperial City was known for it's sugar factory in the until the 1980s. Now it's known for it's fancy houses and the Imperial factory, long abandoned.

Armadillo, Plainview, Thieves' Landing, Rathskeller Fork, Tumble weed (a ghost town since the late 1800s) are all town you thought would be major cities by now. That is not the case.

Chuparosa, Escalera and a number of other small towns are located in the deep southern part of the island. This is native Original territory and they don't take kindly to outsiders, not even people from the northern part of the island. The motto here is “Shot first, shoot last and kill everybody in between.” Nice. New Austin, Cholla Springs and Blackwater are west of Space City while the Original country side is to the south. Space City and it's supporting islands are along the Gulf.

This is the second largest island in the region. Area 69 is located on this island in the middle of nowhere. Valentine, Annesburg, Saint Denis, Rhodes, Strawberry and Lagras are all cowboy towns that seemed to not transition into the 1900s very well. The gateway to the moon and to Mars is through Space City.



Travel to these islands could be banned unless you go into this special mode. While playing on any of these islands, you will not be able to go to any other island. The Devil's Diamond is located to the west of San Andreas Island and Nuevo Tejas Island. Planes, ships, submarines; it's a real crap show when you go there. If you find yourself swimming, the sharks will surely find you.


“Anywhere” Island (to be named later)

In GTA2, this city was a retro-futuristic type city, like a future city created in the 1960s type thing. This could be an island that isn't developed until sometime in the future, after WWIII or after the the US invasion of the San Andreas Islands. Life is tough and all contact has been lost with the other islands. While some people ride around in hover-mobiles, others prefer horseback riding. Weapons range from laser rifles to bow and arrows. Clear the area of the mainlanders and take turf away from nearby gangs to expand your area. Try to get your hands on one of those 100 foot killer robot monster thingees straight from Area 69. This island is located in the Devil's Diamond.


Dinosaur Island.

Another island located in Devil's Diamond, you know what your going to find here. Have fun and good luck. You know you always wanted to hunt these things when you were a kid. Go for it! And be careful what you wish for.


Four Mile Island.

Also located in the infamous Devil's Diamond, they had a melt down at the nuclear plant. Travel to this island is forbidden but rumors of zombies roaming the land force you to check it out. Don't be surprised if you run into an alien while your here.







Son 1

Son 2

Daughter 1

Son 3


In modern times, Son 3 has just graduated high school and is ready to be a gang banger like his oldest brother, Son 1. Dad is a former gang banger and he has tried to steer Son 3 another way but he has failed.


Son 3 starts off as a non-respected street rat, doing the simplest of tasks before a very violent initiation. He tags cars and buildings and steals liquor and smokes. He makes the smallest of illegal drug transactions.


Daughter 1 does everything she can to save her family. She is a few years older then Son 3 and is attending college. When her parents are murdered in a home invasion for revenge, she'll have to decide if she follows Son 2, a peace officer who tries to solve the case, or Son 1 and Son 3 who will make every effort to enforce their own created justice.


Son 2, the 2nd oldest of all the kids, is a peace officer and is well on his way to being a FIB agent or a special forces officer for the local military. He tries to bring the local criminals to justice and also realizes that the mainland will launch a full scale invasion if San Andreas doesn't stop the piracy in the Gulf of San Andreas.


Son 1 is the oldest of them all. He is a gang lord and an up and coming pirate. He hopes to bring his younger brother, Son 3, and his only sister, Daughter 1, into his ranks of San Andreas piracy.


Seajacking the famous luxury cruise ship, the Gigantic, robbing everyone and running the ship into a rock in every effort to sink the massive luxury liner is certain is start a full scale war with the mainland that leads to air strikes and a massive invasion.


In the middle of all that chaos, they'll makes tons of money if they manage to avoid being hunted by mainland special forces, regular troops, their own military troops, their own police and their completely disloyal brother, the police officer/soldier.


Meanwhile, they are funded by their uncle in Capital City, a corrupt official reelected many times over by San Andreas and profiting the entire way. After a career in politics, he joins the space program in Space City to take the family mayhem well above the skies and beyond or possibly into Antarctica to expose the biggest secrets known to man.

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On 4/13/2019 at 9:00 AM, genfinity said:

If Red Dead Redemption 2 is any indication, GTA VI is going to be amazing.

I agree



the rest of the post and the above one

I don't like all of it, but you should make this thread into a concept.

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