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need two or three active players GTA V PC

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Hey everyone. I am looking for 2 or 3 more individuals who want to complete (Mastermind) challenges and missions/heists and open all trade prices and vehicles etc. i am mostly online from 19:00 to 0:00 each workday and random during weekends. I have all businesses. requirements: Clothing: at least one heavy heist clothing set for the heist finals.Rank: all are fine but willing to learn each role. Communication: English is the way to go, dutch are also welcome (i am dutch). about me: Platform: PC, Time zone: GMT+1, Social Club: Wiegep, Rank: 290 -maxed stats, Mic: yes but we mostly use the chat because all roles will be clear to everyone.

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Doesn't seem to be many PC players around....

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hey, i fall in the " willing to learn" category.

just started this week trying the online thing after years.

besides that i am a older player, like humor in the sessions, no raging (just a game) 

also, not maxed out, and concerning buisnesses .... just the one office .

ow and not over-familiar with the map.

speak dutch german and english

if thats okay, just add me ingame : Gooxer


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I just started the pc scene  im an older player i was lvl 150 on xbox one befroe i quite im low lvl but plan on buying shark cards in a week or two and the starter pack too get started im also looking for ppl to play with my steam name is Velthik Gta name is ThirteenVels just add me and shoot me a message or join my discord https://discord.gg/hT3UDR 

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