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GTA 5 game suggestions and comments


Recommended Posts


Ideas And Gameplay Suggestions For
Grand Theft Auto 5
Hi to Rockstar's designers,
Hi gamers.

(first thing first, sorry about my bad grammar/English).

Credits to Rs
For an "Open World" game, GTA 5 has one of the most amazing digitally crafted believable world. 
(i)     All highrise buildings are unique and the landscape surrounding the highrise buildings are carefully designed. 
(ii)    Layers of complex elevated freeway (or bridges) overlaying each other that zig-zag across the city, making the world looked so believable. 
(iii)   City animation effects are amazing too, even down to the small details like puddles at roadside have reflection of building eon lights. 
(iv)  NPC's reaction around the city are very responsive to gamer's actions. 
(v)   Heavy traffic can be seem at outskirt freeway (only). 
(vi)  Car's physics that is even better than some solely racing games.

Been playing free roam gunfight for some time already and yet I could still discover new interesting places for gunfight. The whole map is really hugh and Los Santos city is complex. City's landscape is not a simple type of design like Spiderman 3 game but a very complex, very detailed believable world.

Full credits to the town planners and architects, if Rockstar did hired them to do the Los Santos city design. 

Not all designs are good
I noticed 3 Rockstar games ie. Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 and GTA5, have a trademark design :- no short-cut or lazy work. Well, at least to those design department they have focused on doing it so well. 
Rs missed several designs that could have pushed the replay value up, by a notch or two (please read suggestion below for more details). But first, we talk about some very bad designs in GTA5 game, which I do not understand why Rockstar did not improve these.

(A)   The lousy cover system. 
How the heck a cover system that is as bad as RDR game, still not being improved ??!  
(a1)  when there are few possible spots to take cover then tapping RB may have you run to take cover at a spot where cops can shoot you !
(a2)  when you run 12 feet away from your last cover and now is almost reaching the next cover which is only 7 feet away. But when you tap RB, it will make Micheal run back to the previous cover spot ie. 12 feet away ?? Isn't the nearest spot (and also the running direction) is the next cover ?
Please read below for suggestions.

(B)   Aiming system is a BIG disappointment. 
When you take cover near a store's swing door and use a Grenade Launcher to aim on a target. And the aiming reticle is targetted on a cop outside and yet grenade will hit the swing door near you. 
KABOOM, gamers are wasted becos of sh*tty design and it is not gamer's fault. This also happen to Throw item when the throw angle is tight and game will do the same sh*tty throw.
Please read below for suggestions.

(C)   All auto-feature don't work well.
The constant auto-adjustment of camera view is a major problem for a rapid shooter games. Please read suggestion below for more details.

(D)   Slow and clusmy movement.
Movement isn't so fluid (as compare to SCB game) 
(d1)   When protagonist is in a conjested area such as in a Suburban shop or under the bridge where a lot of homeless people are staying. If you move and bump into an obstacle then it is so difficult to pull or turn him away to move in different direction PLUS you have to press button A to make him slowly pick up the pace to run again.
(d2)   Rs intended design sucks - game limit gamer only slow run (sprint not allowed) when you ...
(d2-1)  ... are inside store/shop/restricted area such as inside police station or military buildings.
(d2-2)  ... are running on all type of steps/staircases even Stamina stat is maxed out, it is still so slow. He looked like he has already ran 10 flight of staircases but the fact is he is only running the 1st flight of a staircase. And to think of it, cops are shooting his back and he is like he don't give a damn about bullets hitting him - slowly jogging up the staircase with style !

Can't Rs do any better or is this some kind of unfair design to make gameplay harder to beat using slow run and clumsy aiming mechanism like item B above ? I don't believe Rs designers was NOT aware of item (B) crap design.

All 3 games from Rockstar ie. RDR, Gta5 and Max Payne 3 games have this slow and clumsy movement. With RDR the worst of all 3 games eg. John Marston was like running on oily ground. You can't even get Marston to walk thru a 3 feet wide door in one try. If you play SCB (or MGS5) then you can clearly see the big difference of fluid precise movements, between these games. 

(E)   Slow camera speed.
(e1)  Slow camera panning speed when in cover.
When you are holding a weapon while taking cover, the camera movement is not really as fluid and fast as other games such as SCB or MGS5. Even you maxed the Camera setting in the option menu.
(e2)  Slow camera zoom-back speed.
When you are behind cover to peek out to shoot, the camera will zoom closer. Then after shooting, the camera zoom-back speed isn't as fast as SCB eg. Sam can peek out of barricade's EDGE (not over the barricade) to shoot and the camera zoom-back speed is almost 6-8 times faster than GTA5 game.

Please read below for comments and more suggestions.


Suggestions and comments for "GTA 5"
NOTE - Did my best to arrange suggestions in order. You may see some sudden ranting in-between suggestions becos I inserted newer items and rearranged some items in order.


[1].   Rockstar got the "5 Stars" system all wrong
(a)   Revamp the "5 Stars" system
Blinking of 5 stars gameplay is tedious when it don't retain or accumulate gamer's past effort. Example when 5 stars blinks and you make some effort and almost successfully waited out the blinking stars. But suddenly a helicopter spotted you and you have to do another round of about 2 minutes of evasion again - to wait out the blinking 5 stars.
5 stars system that retains or accumulate gamer's past effort.
Example during 2 stars gunfight and you run and hide for a while then the 2 stars begins to blink and the solid white stars will starts to "unfill". 
[ NOTE - For easy explanation of "unfilling" the 2 stars, imagine that gravity is working sideway ie. everything is pull "down" from right to left. And the 2 stars are "filled" with white color water ].

The more time you stay undetected then the more water will leak away ie. making the 2nd. stars completely "unfilled" (non-solid and just the star outline).
But if gamer is detected again, then the 2nd. star will starts "filling" again. Until you hide and stay undetected and stars will start to "unfill" again. This system will retain gamer's past effort without having to go thru the Blinking Stars process, all over again. 
If Rs think this system will make it easy to wait-out the blinking 5 stars then you can make the "unfilling" of the stars to be at a slower rate.

(b)   5 Stars system to have ranks
Becos gamer's ability will always varies, some good and some not so good. If you design something like MGS5 game main story mission which a "S rank" have many levels depending on the mission score line. 

Then for GTA gamers can compete for the highest rank of 5 stars.

(b1)   "Deep 5 Stars" design
Next game, ought to allow "Deep 5 Stars" gameplay, which the 5 stars will turn gold color to tell gamer that. Then from here on, different ranks will depends on final score line. 

Final score line will depends on the following ...
(i)    time gamer spent on the gunfight while on foot (time running around without gunfight is excluded)
(ii)   nos of shots gamer got hit by cops (only minimun effecting the Final score line)
(iii)  nos of headshots on cops
(iv)  nos of consecutive shots that hit helicopter with RPG/Grenade Launcher.
(v)   nos of successful Stunt Jumps (harder stunt jump will gain more score points).

(b2)   Car's Batch-Icons will unlock depending on final score line
When gamer reach "Deep 5 Stars" then it will unlock car's Batch-Icons and this will depends on the final score line. Example a score line 5000 points will unlock 1st batch of car icons. 6000 points will unlock 2nd batch of car icons.

Car's Batch icons for customizing car logo
One of the best design of customizing your car is Forza Motorsport 4 game. Gamer can add or change car skin design and design logo can skew, change scale or change color. 

For GTA next game, each batch icon achieved will unlock 10-15 car icons or logos for customizing your car (like Forza Motorsport 4 game). Please read item 38 below for more detail suggestions.

Powerful skills and augments to beat deeper 5 stars (to unlock deeper car icons)
For those deeper car icons that required more higher score line ie. very deep 5 stars gunfight then this will make it easier to achieve once gamer unlocked powerful skills and augments - Please read item 122 below for more detail suggestions.

Offer other ways to unlock deeper car icons
But allow another way for gamer to unlock deeper car icons by playing story mode mission as well. Becos not all gamers can achieve deep 5 stars gunfight. Completing 75% of game will unlock deeper car icons, 85% will unlock another batch of deeper car icons etc.


[2].   Free roam "5 Stars" gameplay
(a)   Manhunt system
(a1)   helicopter needs cops feedback too.
Rs did the right thing by making cops on ground to rely on helicopter's feedback of where gamer is. But the helicopter needs the cops on the ground to give feedback to them too. 

Example gunfight inside Richards Majestic compound, when you jump down from a higher level and run then all cops will take some time to get to where you are. Then helicopeters should NOT be acting like they know that you are getting ready to shoot them as they will hover behind tall building to hide. When you are not looking at them (but keep an eye on them using mini-map) then they will fly out to shoot you. This is unfair as they acted like they have psychic power.

Only when cops on ground see you and cops give feedback to helicopter. Then helicopter will only hide behind building when you are ready to shoot helicopter - at least this looks fair.

(b)   Enemy variation
In GTA5 game, there are NOT many type of cops to add any gameplay variation and free roam can get dull, over time. Need to have more type of cops or criminals around the city. Add more enemy variation then weapon type to make a difference that are used to deal with certain type of enemies (please read item 11d below).

Look at MW3sm (MW3 survival mode) gameplay, it can be quite tense and hilarious when they have C4 dogs (but GTA cannot have this), Jaggernauts and Shielded Jaggernauts. 

[ NOTE - But this doesn't mean that the below items should not add in for more gameplay variation. Just that Rs need to tone down the gunfight difficulty level. You need gameplay variation to keep free roam gunfight interesting for some time ].

(b1)   The law enforcement
SCB game have - Dogs, Heavy Infantry and Shielded Heavy Infantry. For GTA, ought to have Squad Team and Riot Shield Squads. Please note that weaker enemies that moves quicker, are weak in their defense.

(b1-1)   dogs can be quick but 1 shot ought to kill it (allow 2 dogs maximun. Just to lead cops to find you. Rather than they looked like pyschic and always run towards you even with no helicopter help).
(b1-2)   Squad Team to be a bit slower and can take 2-3 more shots than normal uniform cops. 
(b1-3)   Riot Shield Squads has the most highest defense with the shield and is the most slowest (like MW3sm).

(b2)   The Criminals
(b2-1)   Some area will have snipers (like SCB game) using the infra-red sniper gun type and they are slower to get a aim at gamer, especially you are running around then shots will only reduce 1/4 of health bar (NOT one hit kill like SCB game). 

Sniper gameplay like SCB, is just a way to make gamer to take Snipers out first before they can run to that exposed area where snipers can shoot you. Add tactical gameplay design eg. sniper gun require to reload after each shot and this is where gamer hide behind cover and take advantage of it when Criminals reload.

(b2-2)   Criminals around the map are like MIcheal, Franklin and Trevor. They ought to have molotov and Frag grenades. Only those criminals which are within screen view, where gamer can see them, will toss firebottle over to gamer. That criminal will yell aloud to tell his team-mate to move away before he toss a firebottle - this is to warn gamer about that toss. Gamer have 2 choices ie. shoot him or run to another spot. Tossing a grenade over to gamer then gamer can toss back to them (like MW3 game) or dive away from grenade (like MGS5 game).

(c)   Get "wasted" too easily in gunfight
If you do gunfight on foot (shoot and run) then you will most likely get "Wasted" when you reach 5 stars wanted level. Why design something that not many gamer can achieve ie. escaped 5 stars gunfight on foot ? Which is a fact becos so few 5 stars escaped on foot gameplay loaded onto Youtube.

Make effort counts
For other games, if you put in effort and focus on playing cautiously and carefully then you have a very good chance of beating the gameplay. Good example are ..
(i)   SCB game, Assault Playstyle on "Pakistani and Russian Embassies" of Charile's mission [exclude the Swiss Embassy becos it is so tough and unplayable, like GTA5 free roam 5 stars gunfight in some very "open" map area].
(ii)  MSG5 free roam gunfight (only using Rubber-bullet and still able to defeat 3-5 enemy's base consecutively, if you play carefully)
(iii) MW3 Survival Mode.

But for GTA5 game 5 stars gunfight, even you put in effort and play cautiously and carefully, you will highly likely STILL get "wasted". 
One of the main reason is - you can get shot several times in a row and get wasted even you have half health bar ie. same design as One-Shot-Kill. Gunfight needs to be more forgiving as other games to allow gamer to stay longer in the gameplay. Please read below for forgiving design.

(d)   Lacked grinding gameplay for weapon upgrade 
Game lacked grinding gameplay becos money can come easy at certain interval of the game where Assassination missions can get a lot of money. Then buying stocks can get even hugh sum of money. GTA game needs Weapon upgrade grinding gameplay becos money come too easy.

(d1)   Few weapon upgrade example
It is easy for dev. to design these weapons upgrade without much work. It is just a matter of adjusting the animation speed (for below item i and  ii). And adjust some math's calculation (for item iii to v).
5 levels of upgrade for each type of weapon
(i)    Gun reload's speed (all gun have different reload speed like RE4 game)
(ii)   Gun's firing speed.
(iii)  Gun's shot power damage.
(iv)  Gun shot range.
(v)   Number of ammo in gun before each reload.

Getting loot "Permit" from helicopter's wreck.
(Weapon upgrade grinding gameplay).
To make 5 stars gunfight interesting, helicopter's wreck can have a chance of dropping random items (only at 5 stars level). This random loot item is the "Permit" to allow gun's further upgrade. Without the Permit, then the guy at Ammu-Nation will say "you need to have permit to get this weapon upgraded".

Example during 5 stars gunfight, gamer shoot down a helicopter and if there is something to loot at the helicopter's wreck then it will show up in mini-map as a bright blue square pixel. Then run to the wreck and loot a ("Permit" for type of gun is random) "Carbine Rifle Upgrade Permit for Firing Speed Level 1". This will unlock the upgrade for item (ii) above. There are 5 levels for each upgrade.

To use a better RNG (Random Number Generator) format
For the random item from helicopter's wreck, Rs need to be mindful about the mistake Capcom made in DDDA game (Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen). Becos some gamer keep getting the same item they already have. Gamer have to wait very long time before they can get the item they wanted, from the purifying process of the "Cursed item".

(d2)   Only shotgun can be customised
In addition to the upgrade above, this one is only for shotgun. Can fine-tune shotgun to have "Spread-out" or "Focus" shot.

"Spread-out" can stun 3 cops with one shot and require several shots before 3 cops are dead. "Focus" can make a cop fly back several feet away ie. it focus all power into one shot. Focus shot have more further shot range whereas Spread-out have shorter shot range. 

Close shot using "Focus" shot to shoot shield, can stagger a Riot Shield Squad, shooting 1 more time will make him drop his shield. This gun upgrade of item (iii) above is at level 4 upgrade ie. one more upgrade is the maxed upgrade that will make Riot Shield Squad to drop his shield by using only 1 shot.

(e)   Shooting helicopter with RPG to be skill based
GTA5 game have a few unfair gameplay eg. even you get a good accurate aim and shoot helicopter with RPG, 2 things can happen. Either the helicopter suddenly will maneuver to avoid being hit OR your missile will spiral off the target (missed by a mile).
(e1)   Allow hiding tactic gameplay in the shooting. 
Example when you are shooting helicopter with a gun then you take cover and change to RPG and peek out to shoot helicopter. This will have a 80% chance of helicopter being caught off-guard. Then shooting the next helicopter will have a good chance of them avoiding your RPG since they know you are now shooting with RPG. Unless helicopter is very near to gamer then shooting with RPG ought to have very high chance of hitting them. 
[ Need to put this "Hiding Tactic" in the hint pages so gamer will know dev. intended gameplay design ] 

(e2)   Skill based shooting.
If Rs wants to make shooting helicopter more challenging then make them hover more further away from gamer. Then helicopter's flight path MUST be fair ie. no sudden changes of flight direction to avoid incoming missile. This will require gamer to roughly guess in advance where the shot ought to be, given that helicopter moving speed in that direction. Helicopter's path can be curve or straight so this will make shooting challenging.

But you can only call a shot "Successful" only if it is a Right-On-Target hit. Not like GTA5 game, when you first shoot helicopter and it will maneuver and avoid it. Then firing the second shot will likely hit helicopter even it can be CLEARLY seen that shot is several feet off target (this don't happen to the first shot if missile is the SAME several feet off target). Meaning the game is controlling if to award that RPG shot as successful or not - which is totally unfair !

(f)   Give several seconds for gamer to stay in Stealth
If you play SCB game Charlie's missions, when Sam is in stealth mode ie. hostiles are searching for him in the embassy. If a hostile just notice Sam then gamer is given about few seconds to silent that hostile before he make any shot that will blow Sam's cover.

Mini-map to have further view
For the blinking 5 Stars, gamer ought to be given about few seconds to shoot in-coming helicopters with a suppressor sniper gun (silent). But mini-map need to have further view to cover bigger area so gamer can see in-coming helicopter before being detected by them.
When helicopters are far away and their's cone-view has yet to reach gamer then shooting down that helicopter with silent weapon, should NOT get gamer detected. So this allow gamer to play a stealth gameplay and to wait-out for 5 stars.

Design escaping 5 stars with GAMEPLAY and NOT purely base on luck
GTA5 fleeing 5 stars gameplay on a moving train can get you detected by helicopter for 30-45 mins. Becos helicopter just fly into area and immediately detect you without any gameplay to avoid being spotted. Purely base on luck to avoid detection when train pass under a bridge/tunnel when helicopter is in that area.

Magnifying scope for sniper gun to have more further upgrade
For the above item to work, then gamer need a closer view to shoot helicopter when they are very far away. Uprgade from 2x Magnification to 4x and 6x then lastly 8x (like MGS5 game).

But Rs needs to adjust this a bit eg. helicopter need to space out or reduce their detection ability. So gamer is given a chance shoot helicopters to stay undetected. If gamer play it right ie. shoot the helicopter with silent weapon before its cone-view reach gamer and also avoiding pursuing cops (on foot) detection then it will get gamer nearer to wait-out the 5 stars.

(g)   Random loot around city to make gunfight gameplay interesting
Look at DDDA game, in Bitterblack Isle, there are alot of strong monsters lurking in the dungeon. Around the dungeon map, there are a lot of boxes and crates that have hidden random item inside that helps gamer to fight better.

For free roam GTA game, ought to have hidden random item to loot too, to make gameplay interesting. You may not know what you will find. Some item may give gamer a better chance of getting out of a sticky scenario.
(g1)  Random powerful weapon that has limitted ammo.
Make some good weapons that are only unlocked near the endgame. But allow these weapon to loot ONLY randomly from around the city ie. gamer cannot find these weapon lying in certain fixed area like in GTA5 game. It has to be random.

GTA5 game design is correct to have fixed weapon for looting eg. lying around city for looting. What I meant is, Rs need to do something like DDDA game, to have another batch of weapon looting but content is random]

Example gamer may loot one random weapon by opening a weapon-briefcase, to reveal hidden random weapon ie. shotgun with explosive bullet (15 nos of ammo only). Once looted a random weapon, that weapon has limitted ammo that can only help so much during that gunfight. Ammu-Nation don't sell ammo for these locked weapon until mission unlock them.

(g2)  Random good temporary augment that only last 15 seconds
Make some good temporary augment that can be looted around city map. But these temporary augment can only last so long (about 15 seconds) in that gunfight. Augment loot has to be random so gamer may not what to they will find. Please read the augment suggestion below, for some augments that can last for 15 seconds (real world time).

Gamer has only 2 slots to carry temporary augment. If they find something better than they have to discard item to collect better one. At about 75% of game then gamer will get another slot, making total 3 slots to carry the temporary augments.

Two type of temporary augment
(g2-1)   augment that will help you eg. reduce shot damage by 35% but only last for 15 seconds.
(g2-2)   On-the-spot-augment.
This is more like a gadget eg. when gamer smash a wooden crate and random item revealed, screen will say "Detonate Stun-flare now by pression button X" (I don't knows what to call it but I call it "flare" for reference). 

This will depend on situation, meaning gamer will not loot this item if there are no cops or gunfight around. Until cops are surrounding gamer then gamer run to this item to activate it (press button X) and gadget will shoot up a flare and detonate small missiles stun-grenade into area of 8 meter radius and will stun any cops within this hit radius.

(g3)  Allow gamer to loot random items to stock up in MSR
Like DDDA game, free roam allow Arisen to loot items around the map then stock up items in the inventory while at an inn etc.  For GTA next game, gamer ought to loot random items then gamer have to buy MSR (please read below for MSR suggestion) to stock items up. 
Random items can be ...
(g3-1)   ... ammo, throw items and gadgets then stock up at MSR for emergency use during free roam gunfight (much like a way MW3 survival mode where gamer can buy items at crates).
(g3-2)   ... temporary augments such as item (g2) can be looted and stock up in MSR.


[3].   Missed the design for 5 Stars escape on foot
Meaning of escaping 5 stars on foot
When I say escape on foot, I meant gamer have to hide under carporch's roof (or tall bushes) to avoid helicopter detection. Then when helicopter not looking your way then run further (to avoid that large group of pursuing cops on foot) to another carporch's roof to hide to wait-out the blinking 5 stars. The window of success for doing this is so small if you try to do this around housing area of VESPUCCI CANALS.

Whereas compare to other escape which is quite easy, such as Diving into water, Flee into a subway track (almost zero gameplay as cops don't follow you into subway), Hijack a plane and flee into the sky, Drive into a workshop (this one is quite hard to achieve), quickly change car to stay undetected and Driving to the top of hill and slowly flee on foot.

Which is why I say Los Santos city map is a waste becos this gameplay is the most challenging one (besides other escapes). But Rs just overlooked this or did not allow for such gameplay. If you forced yourself to achieve this then you will end up running around the city as helicopter will keep on spawning and detecting you like you are wearing a glowing outfit in the dark.

Suggestion for making it achievable
(a)   Helicopter rely on gunners for scouring.
After shooting a right hand side gunner out of helicopter then that helicopter will have zero chance of spotting you if helicopter is facing right side to you (if this is the only helicopter in area). As on right hand side of helicopter, it has no one to scour the ground. Shooting one gunner for each helicopter should totally reduce 50% chance of all helicopters spotting you.

(b)  Helicopter detecting ability
Helicopter is way too sharp and can easily and immediately spot you, like you are wearing a glowing outfit at night.
(b1)   Should reduce helicopter's detecting ability
Like making the cone-view more narrow or shorter. At least they don't immediately spot you when they flies into area.
(b2)   Space out helicopter location
So this gives gamer room to play stealth.

(c)  More helicopter destroyed have impact on spawning location.
The more you shoot down helicopter then the more further the newer helicopter will spawn. As nearby areas have lesser and lesser helicopter becos gamer have destroyed most of them. So it has to come from other further area. Then this gameplay may give gamer a better chance to escape on foot.

[ NOTE - Gamer can pause game to call up map and it will have info of saying how many more "Helicopter are in local vicinity" before helicopter from outside of local vicinity will fly in. This way gamer will know how many more local helicopter to shoot before they have a better chance of evading them ].

To make gameplay challenging.
Beside the current group of cops pursuing you on the map, make newer cop's car to spawn near gamer and get out of car to do gunfight. THE IDEA HERE IS - gamer has to take down these newer cops BEFORE the newer helicopter (ie. spawn more further away) flies into your area PLUS at the same time running away from those pursuing cops already on the map. 

If gamer can dispose the newer cops BEFORE helicopter arrives then gamer will have a chance of hiding under some roof cover to slowly run/hide from helicopter view to wait-out the blinking 5 stars. This work best if you revamp the 5 Stars system (Please read above for Revamp the "5 Stars" system).

(d)  Add more tempo to gunfight gameplay. 
Becos it can get a bit dull if you can run/shoot 5 stars around city for a while, as everytime is the same shoot/run. The tempo changes here is the ability to play stealth, like SCB game where Sam can do assault gunfight then jump up to ceiling pipe to hide to do stealth silent kill on hostiles below.

For GTA next game, then protagonist can use suppressed silent weapon to do stealth kill WHILE blinking stars is on-going PLUS gamer has to avoid being detected by helicopter, to stay in stealth mode. 
If a group of cops is in 5 number and killing one with a silent weapon then this will NOT raise the alarm and get you detected. It will only make the 4 remaining cops to run to your current location to check while other cops in other area will continue their search on your Last Known Positon.

This Stealth kills will act as score points Multipler for Assault kill playstyle ie. Multipler ONLY apply to loud weapon gunfight.
If 3 blinking stars and gamer did 2 Stealth kills and rewarded with x1.15 Multipler points. Before the 3 blinking stars wait-out ie disappear from screen then gamer start using loud weapon and do gunfight. From here on, the Multipler will apply to whatever score points gamer earned for loud gunfight. Until to the next blinking stars for gamer to rake up more Multipler. This Multipler will increase in small unit eg. 1st stealth kill is x1.1, second stealth kill is x1.15 then x1.2 and so on.

(e)  More precise info on blinking stars.
For item above to work then Rs need to inform gamer when blinking stars is about to disappear from screen. So gamer will know eg. 3 blinking stars about to disappear and if gamer wanted to earn a 5 stars escape then they will use loud weapon to keep the stars increasing. Please read above for Revamp the "5 Stars" system


[4].   Free roam gunfight need to be more "Forgiving" to create a meaty gunfight
Gunfight with cops gameplay is not as "Forgiving" as other games like Splinter Cell Blacklist (Charlie's missions ie. Raid Mode), MGS5 (free roam) or MW3 (Survival Mode) which gives gamer a prolong meaty gunfight gameplay. Gamer can get wasted too quickly during 5 stars if you stay around area for gunfight.

Suggestions for more meaty free-roam gunfight
How do you expect gamer to beat the 5 Stars cops when ...

(a)   You only regenerate to 1/2 health bar. 
At 5 stars wanted level and with a 1/2 health bar, you can get shot several times in a row and get "Wasted".
let gamer chose an augment that will regen health to 3/4 bar (Please read below for Augment suggestion). Can only equip 5 Primany and 5 Secondary augment each time when at a safehouse.

(b)   Cop's car spawn very near and moving way too fast at you. 
At 5 stars wanted level, don't be surprise when a cop's car suddenly appear out of nowhere, in front of you, after you shoot a helicopter with a RPG. Becos before I shoot a helicopter, I have checked there were no cop's cars around. Sometimes is unfair when they spawn too near you and speeding at you when you are shooting helicopter.
(b1)   when a cop's car is about to stop (before cops get out of car to shoot you) then car will sound out a different short siren tone and flash a blue lighting for few seconds (even buildings around it will have that blue light reflected). 
This will tell gamer a cop car stopped nearby (as cop's car may be out of screen view, like when you are shooting a helicopter). Becos there may be also other cops car speeding towards you and using the same siren tone and gamer may think cops are still on the way and didn't know one cop's car has stopped nearby.

(c)   Nos of cop vans/helicopter spawning have NO limit Or not having interval for spawning
(c1)   Need to limit a duration, for each star wanted level.
You just cannot make the cop car/helicopter coming at gamer non-stop becos this break the accomplishment target design. Meaning you have to give gamer a duration to achieve the rewards of a 5 stars wanted level, after a long gunfight gameplay. 

Example if you can last very long after 5 stars wanted level then cop's car will NOT respawn to your nearest location if you managed to outrun them like taking short cut eg. Stunt Jump. Meaning they will stay on the map giving chase.

(c2)   Nos of dangerous enemies to have limit
If you look at other games they have dangerous enemies but they come in limitted nos and far apart in sequence. Not like in GTA5 game when helicopter (and squad team vans) keep on spawning ! Then what is the point of shooting them down and immediately another will fly into the area ??

(d)   you flee on foot so slowly.
Especially when running up steps or uphill.
(d1) Even with the Stamina Stats maxed out, the sprinting speed is way too slow. It is as slow as SCB game, Sam sprinting speed ! It would be right if they run at Dragon Dogma's Arisen sprinting speed.
(d2) let gamer chose an augment that will run uphill with only 10-15 % speed reduction. If running steps/staircases (up or down) then gamer can run 3 steps with quick run and NOT slow jog. In real life, if you are chased by cops, do you still run down step by step on a staircase ?

(e)   game have no "Forgiving" design to give gamer a meaty prolong gunfight
GTA5 have cop's shots that can hit you twice the distance PLUS 3 times as often as other games. You need to add in small little "Forgiving" design (like other games did) to allow gamer to stay longer in the gunfight.
Forgiving design such as ...
(e1)  Not all cop's cars arrived at same time surrounding the gamer. They need to space out the duration a bit but make it challenging and not impossible.

(e2)  Cop's shot accuracy, shot frequency and shot range, to have more "forgiving" design. Not all shots will hit you as GTA5 can have cops hit you several times in a row and get you wasted even you have half health bar (it is the same design as One-Hit-Kill). 
When this happen, gamer has no control over this scenario which is just based on the game's RNG.

(e3)  If cops are moving towards you while you are in cover and you blind shoot them then they will run for cover. Same goes to when you toss a grenade over to them and exploded then other cops not injured, will run for cover.
(e4)  If you drive and run car over them but missed them by few feet then they will jump out of the way and NOT still stand there to shoot you. Only those far away from your car, will shoot you but the shots damage hitting you should be minimum.

(e5)  If you destroyed a heavy weight eg. squad with heavy armor and there are no more heavy weight around anymore then cops should yell "fall back...fall back" (like what SCB game when Sam shot down most heavy weight)

(e6)  If you take cover beside a wall corner and cops can still shoot you then that shot ought to have lesser damage amount eg. will reduce about 25% of a direct exposed hit shot. Otherwise if that shot is as damaging as a exposed shot then what the heck do you need to take cover for ??

(f)   game don't use a "Line-of-sight" system.
SCB game is a good example with the red arrow showing each enemy's line-of-sight. GTA5 game did NOT use line-of-sight design.
(f1)  robbing the armored van and you shoot the first guard then hide away from the view of the 2nd guard with the van blocking his view. He will know your position when you move to the right or left side of van. 

(f2)   when Micheal is taking cover behind a tall wall which can hide him from the cops. If you peek out to shoot from the right side of tall wall then take cover again. Slowly move towards the left side of tall wall WITHOUT peeking out, the cops will know your current location and shoot at the left side of tall wall !?
This is what GTA5 gunfight is lacking - gamer do not have the chance to use gameplay tactics such as this ie. tricking cops to think you are at right side of wall. Unless there are helicopter to see your current location and this is also a gameplay ie. gamer require to shoot any helicopter first, to use this hiding tactics.

(f3)   Without the cop's line-of-sight detection system then it is quite hard to tell when you are about to get shoot from which direction. Or which direction has more danger of getting you shot.
Those cops who have the line-of-sight ie. able to see gamer then their red dot on mini-map will turn bright red. So gamer will know those cops in that direction are able to see or shoot you. This will give gamer a better chance of staying longer in gunfight even you are surround becos you know which cops can shoot you.

(g)   gunfight at night, cop's sight is as good as daytime 
Look at SCB and MGS5 game, enemies sight distance is tone down and require torch light to see. Unless protagonist runs into area with a lot of lighting then this will give his cover away ie. cops eye-sight distance will be like during daytime.
Meaning if Micheal is moving in the darkness then this will make him less detectable during 5 stars fleeing gameplay. Cops needs to be more closer to gamer to see, that person is actually what they are looking for ie. before cops starts shooting.

(h)   when you cannot shoot while climbing a long ladder
Example there is helicopter "A" and squad team "A" is fast-roping down to the ground then you run around a corner and climb ladder up to a roof to avoid them. By the time you reach the roof, (another) squad team "B" is already shooting at you after fast-roping down from helicopter "B", to a roof just nearby your roof.
Hang-out team member will gives warning to gamer when newer cops are fast-roping down while gamer is climbing a long ladder up to a roof. PLUS gamer can stop climbing at any spot of ladder and able to shoot with a one-handed gun eg. handgun or machine-gun. 

(i)   Shots direction shown on screen is so crappy
The shots direction (red arc displayed at screen edge) sometimes not correct. Example I was taking cover beside a short wall just few feet away from a tall building on my right. But the shots direction displayed on the right side of screen edge. There were no cops at my right hand side and only a tall building.

In MW3, MGS5 or SCB game, those red arc telling  gamer where shots are coming from, are displayed on screen for a while. Even when you rotate the the game-world view, those red arc will rotate too. So gamer can align the red arc to make them easier to pinpoint where that enemy actually is.

(j)   Mini-map don't tell you anything about enemy type
Look at SCB game, you can tell what type of enemy by looking at mini-map. Most type of enemy, moves in a unique way eg. drones, dogs, heavy infantry and normal hostiles. 
For GTA5 game, Squad Team and normal uniform cops ought to move in a unique way that gamer can tell them apart. Rs can use speed on mini-map to set them apart.

If Rs didn't know that gamer can tell hostiles apart by looking at mini-map (of SCB game) then it only means Rs did not play competitor's game as much as Kojima did. Also Kojima read a lot of gamer's feedback from competitor game's forum and improved a lot of them in his MGS5 game.

(k)   Car chase turned into "Terminator" style
At 5 stars, cop's van will fly - mind you, the wording is correct "FLY" ie. in the air towards you. When this flying van scenario happen, the 4 squad team outside the van, holding onto van don't look like human at all but more like Terminators send back from the future to terminate you.

I thought I read somewhere in a forum that Rs made this game to look more like the real world. I don't think so if cops fight like Terminator. Look at COD games, even war soldiers behaved more like human than GTA5 cops. At least they acted and behaved like human.


[5].   Other characters to benefit from other character's Special Ability
DDDA game has tons of great ideas. One example is, a secret higher chamber in Bitterblack Isle's dungeon can only access by a Strider double jump skill. Some gamer may find it hard to do that double jump to reach the higher platform. Capcom allowed other vocations such as Staff wielding vocation to levitate to reach the higher platform with ease. Then inside that chamber has a lever to open a gate. Once the gate is open, later playing as other vocation can access thru that gate. The idea is - other vocations can benefit from certain vocaton's skill.

But GTA5 totally missed this design. Rs could have designed each character's Special Ability to benefit other characters.
Example ...
(a)   Franklin's Special Ability 
The 50 number of Stunt Jump of GTA5
GTA5 have some Stunt Jump ramps for motorcycle that is so narrow eg. the one near Bristol Coke Storage in Elysian island that require gamer to jump across the river. If you play using other than Franklin then it is so hard to get thru that narrow ramp at high speed. And also gamer will hit obstacles on the other side of the river such as the silo or any yellow poles, that will fail you the Stunt Jump test. Only playing as Franklin make it easier as he can slow down the time while driving.
(a1)   Franklin will leave a guide line for Ramp Stunt Jump
Once Franklin passed that narrow ramp Stunt Jump test then it will leave a 15 meters long green marking guide (or tires) line leading from that narrow ramp. Then playing as other characters will benefit from this guide line. Initially this guide line is only 15 meters long.

(a2)   Cars have different level of "Stunt Jump Guide Line" parameter
All cars have "Stunt Jump Guide Line" parameter upgrade from level 1 to level 3. Each level upgrade will extend the guide line length by 3-5 meters long (in addition to the 15 meters mentioned in item a1 above) which is variable for each type of car. Meaning Car "A" level 3 upgrade extends guide line by 9 meters and Car "B" level 3 extends guide line by 12 meters.

Or to make free-roam gameplay interesting, allow destroyed helicopter wreck to drop a Upgrade Permit for car's guide line extension. Please read item 2d above for Permit suggesion. 

Driving a motorcycle onto pile to jump onto a moving train gameplay
There are several rubble piles around map just near the railway track. You can find 2 piles of rubble in Elysian Island near "Bristol Coke Storage" signage. But it is so hard to drive a motorcycle onto these piles to jump onto a moving train (cup-shaped type carriage only), to flee cops during 5 stars gunfight.

The successful rate of jumping onto a moving train using a motorcycle, is soo sooo low - almost 1 in 8 chances. Main reason is becos jumping to the targetted spot varies way too much even when you make a small different of driving alignment and speed of motorcycle.

(a3)   Franklin's ability will help to increase vehicle's "Air-Control" ability
Gun has aiming auto-correction ie. when you press LT then it will snap to the nearest target. Turning off the Aiming Assist is almost hopeless for gunfight especially during 5 stars. This same reasoning goes to this stunt jump onto train using rubble pile. There ought to have a guide to make the jump more easier to achieve.

For GTA game, then only after playing as Franklin, as he can slow down time to make correction to adjust the 50 Stunt Jump and each time he (or any characters) successfullly completed a Stunt Jump with a vehicle then that vehicle will increase a small amount of "Air-Control" ability. The more "Air-Control" ability increased for that vehicle then the more it will have control while vehicle is in the air. Such as pressing LT will  make vehicle fly shorter distance or LS will make vehicle sway left or right.

[Note - another alternate design to give gamer a guide is to use the headlight - workshop will have a more narrow spot-light that can shoot light out as a long beam of light, rather than a spread out light. This beam of light will give gamer a guide to easily run into a narrow width ramp such as the one in Elysian island near Bristol Coke Storage signage]

(a4)   Vehicles to have speed-meter display on screen
So gamer can do "trial and error" to land motorcycle on cup-shaped carriage by adjusting accordingly to the speed-meter. Then when gamer do land on train successfully and when they repeat the same jumping spot, using the same starting point, same drive alignment and same speed then this ought to give the same result ie. land onto train.

(a5)   Vehicle can fine-tune over-steer or under-steer
Becos right now all vehicle are way too over-steer when driving at slow speed thus making it hard to make short jump. Such as those rubble pile jumping spots onto a moving train. 
Gamer will not have the luxury to take their time to park the motorbike to face the rubble-pile nicely in line. Usually gamer will do the pile-jump onto train during a 5 stars gunfight, to flee the cops. Then how do you expect gamer to drive around when motorbike is so over-steer ?
Rs need to look into this motorbike gameplay as it is far more better choice than a car as motorbike can easily access narrow alley to flee 5 stars.

(b)   Micheal's Special Ability 
Add in some Body Armor/First Aid Kit or a gun that has 30 explosive bullet in a room (same idea as DDDA secret chamber gameplay as mentioned above). Using Micheal's Special Ability to slow down time to shoot several Criminal Snipers guarding that room (playing as other characters will have a tough time beating the Snipers). 
Once Micheal has taken down all sniper then he will access room and turn a lever inside the room to make the door open. So later playing other characters can immediately access that room by that door rather than facing the snipers.

(c)   Trevor Special Ability 
Almost the same idea as Micheal's. Only thing is Trevor will soak up the damage to walk past a area that has many Criminal shooting non-stop. Then walking to a room to open that door which later other characters will benefit by using that open door.


[6].   Give gamer choices to set, that can affect gameplay
GTA5 gameplay is too simple without any augment choices for gamer to set. Using augments then gamer can try out different augment to play mission or free roam gunfight, differently.

Augment choices to beat a mission or play  free roam differently
Look to DDDA (Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen) game for example of variety of setting to play game differently. There are several choices gamer make, which can affect the gameplay tremendously (for Bitterblack Isle's dungeon only). Example if you tried with a setting but failed to beat a boss in certain dungeon area then retry boss battle again with another setting and it may helps you beat that same boss. This gives gamer a choice, how to play mission differently.

Note - Learn from Capcom mistake
Capcom increased the battle challange against monsters found in Bitterblack Isle's dungeon (DDDA game), becos gamers complained Dragon Dogma (DD game) was way too easy. But Capcom overly did it, as gameplay battles were littered with unfair cheating designs and bosses have ridiculously long health bar, to make battle harder to beat. Thus destroyed the game. Hope other designers learned from Capcom's mistake - Do NOT press the panic button when gamers complained that game is way too easy.

DDDA game has many setting gamer can choose, example ...
(a)  Vocations and Skills
(b)  Weapons to bring along
(c)  Outfits
(d)  Rings
(e)  Augments

It looked like GTA 5 has item (a) and (b) which is, gamer can control any of the 3 characters during mission and can bring a lot of weapons too. But GTA 5 don't have items like Skill, Augment and Outfit that can affect gameplay tremendously.

If Rockstar design 10-15 nos of skills and 25 Primary Augments and 25 Secondary Augments. Then gamer can only choose 5 of each catergory, to equip them each time when they are in a safehouse. This way gamer can try out several combination, to replay story mode OR free roam gunfight with cops (please read Skill and Augment system).

Outfits to be like DDDA game ie. each outfit can mix and match to come up with certain strength/defense/enhance skills. Example certain shoes that will make you climb ladder faster or run uphill or staircase, with only 10% to 15% speed reduction. Or certain outfits can mix and match to come up with a outfit that reduce fire damage by 50-75% etc.

Outfit that can have impact on gameplay to be "Unlockable" eg. if gamer has find a full set of oufit (like RDR game) then it will unlock outfit and then only can be bought from shops. Becos GTA5 game is quite easy when it comes to money else gamer can easily buy all outfit and this make gameplay to easy. Gamer has to earn items that has impact on gameplay.


[7].   Skill and Augment system
Earn Augment Points (AP) by doing Random Events OR free-roam gunfight. Play story mode for unlocking and earning Skill Points (SP).

Design map suited for certain augment
Design augments that suited for certain map area so gamer can take advantge of some augment that can help gunfight in certain map area

Augment system
(a)   Augment Points earned, will depends on how many stars wanted level after you managed to escape the cops.
(b)  Each time your augment is effective and successfully helped gamer then Cross-Augment level will increase 3 points. 
(c)  Some augments are character's sensitive ie. solely for that character only. Until gamer have level up the Cross-Augment level to 100 points then that augment can be used by other characters (same as DDDA game, where a Strider's augment can be used by a Assassin vocation)
(d)  Rockstar can maybe design the game to start with 5 Primary and 5 Secondary augment slots. As game progress, then gamer will earn extra augment slots to equip more augments. 

Example of Cross-Augment 
Character Micheal bought an augment "Taking cover at low barricade will help you reduce being shot by 50%". And if augment is being effective and helped gamer avoided a shot then it will display near health bar by showing "+3" (ie. Cross-Augment level Points) to tell gamer that an augment they equipped is effective (becos DDDA game don't tell gamer anything if augment has help gamer anything). And if this Cross-Augment level accumulated up to 100 points then this augment will become a Cross-Augment which other character can equip them without having to buy them.

Primary and Secondary Skill and Augments suggestions
Primary augments are the one that help a lot and important, secondary augments are the minor help. It is up to dev to seperate Skill/Augment out as listed together below.  

Primary and Secondary Skill/Augment example
(a)  1.5 times quicker to dump car's owner out of car when hijacking a car.
(b)  No reduce of speed when running uphill (or with only 10-15 % speed reduction). If running down or up staircases then will run-jump 3 steps each time.
(c)  Blind shots while behind cover will have another 30% more chances of hitting the target.
(d)  Improved stealth skills that will reduce cops's eyeview cone distance by 25% sight-range
(e)  After dropping down to the ground (out of a moving car or jump and hit obstacle), 1.75 times quicker, to get up running again.
(f)  After a heist, getting into the gateaway car will have you start the car 1.5 times faster (no more "Start up you piece of sh*t")

(g)  Your upgraded own car will remain intact in the game when you hijack another car (only one extra car is allowed but if you hijack one more car then your own car will disappear from game) to flee the cops. This augment will cost more AP as this helps gamer a lot to make your car intact in the game.

(h)  An augment that will highlight any in-coming train on mini map (as a dot) for quick jump down to escape manhunt. 

(i)  Able to jump extra 5 feet across a gap. Good augment to use when you need to jump from roof top building to building. But Rockstar need to give gamer info if that jump is possible or not, as some building may be too far apart. 

Again, if this augment has helped gamer then Cross-Augment level will increase 3 points, letting gamer knows augment has helped gamer to jump across bigger gap. Plus when Cross-Augment level reached 100 points, other characters can equip them too.

(j)  Increase your defense.
This is a special augment that can work in 2 ways. 
- If you are playing as Micheal and equipped with this augment then this will reduce the damage taken by 50 % when you are taking cover (no matter how low the covering obstacle is, but will NOT reduce any direct shots damage)
- If other Hang-Out character is equipped with this augment then they will take cover during gunfight with cops. This is only for free roam becos during free-roam gunfight, the other character looked like a brain-dead character or an NPC with an AI of a negative value. Which he don't take cover at all and only stand out in the middle of all cops for gunfight and he never last long enough to help out in a gunfight.

Funny Note
[ You can design feature to let gamer know that this augment is helping NPC such as Trevor not taking cover during gunfight. When this augment is in effect then Micheal will yell out "Take cover, you piece of sh*t" and Trevor will run for cover. This way gamer knew that augment is being effective ! The "+3" Cross-Augment Level points should also shown near the health bar meter ]

(k)  Give support to team
Other character equipped with this augment and during gunfight when you press a Direction button for "Support me" then he will support you (by shooting at cops who are shooting you) while you take down the helicopter that has several squad team fast-roping down.

(l)  Increase your fear factor when using a heavy weapon.
This augment will make 25 % of the cops to run for cover, for 8 seconds, when you shoot with a heavy weapon such as Grenade Launcher. Further upgrade of this augment to level 2, will make 40 % of the cops to run for cover. This is good for crowd control when you are overwhlem by cops from few directions.

(m)  Reduce shot damage by 50% to your back armor (only effective if you are equipped with Body Armor)
This augment will reduce the damage taken when cops are shooting your back. The cons is that, the 50% of armor meter damage reduced, will transfer to Health bar meter. But the Health bar meter will increase back to at least 1/2 Health bar if you take cover. This is a case of, only when you have half health bar, after some gunfight then looted an Body Armor.

(n)  Shoot your way back up
This is one of the best video-game "Stay in the game" design, only found in MW3 survival mode gameplay. For GTA next game, this ought to be in the free-roam gunfight gameplay. 
This augment will cost gamer an arm or a leg as this give gamer another chance at getting back into the game PLUS gamer have to equip another augment to make this augment work best ie. augment "Reduce shot damage when you are in a lying down positon". If both augment are equipped then you have a good chance of getting back into the game.

(o)  Armor ON and Off
MGS 5 game has one of the best "Emergency Shield" design in video-game history. It is hilarious when Snake is fleeing the gunfight, in a cardboard. For GTA game, then gamer can equip armor ON or Off during a battle. If your health bar is almost depleted then quickly equip the armor for protection.

(p)  Jerry Can's fuel will last 1.5 times longer on the ground
This augment allow gamer to pre-setup a trap in a area far away, before robbing a store. When cops are chasing you then run to that area with fuel and shot the fuel to burn ground, to block path or kill cops within fuel area. Level 2 augment upgrade will last 2 times longer on the ground.

(q)  Guided ride
Like the gun auto-aiming correction which will help gamer to snap gamer aiming cursor to an enemy if that aiming cursor is near an enemy. This augment will do something like that but to a car, that will help gamer to guide the car to drive by between 2 cars, even at high speed - provided your car is somewhere near in-between the 2 rows of cars. This will be helpful if cops are chasing you in a heavy traffic area and cops with likely rammed into traffics. 

[ It is such a waste Spiderman game did NOT have a guided-swing skill that allow spidey to swing in-between a double-decked buses ]

(r)  Able to jump over a crouched NPC.
This augment should be in the Secondary Augment catergory as it is only useful in one spot near the registry cashier box. During a robbery, and have shot all 3 registery cashier box eg. at Suburban shop and there are 3 bags of cash lying in between a cashier who is crouching down. Then gamer can just jump over her to loot the bags of cash rather than running around the long table where the 3 registery cashier box are.

(s)  Stay longer undetected by helicopter 
This augment will make you stay 25% longer undetected by helicopter search light.

(t)  Increase team mate health by 25%
This augment will increase their health by 25% when you loot a First Aid Kit.

(u)  Increase your Tear Gas effective raduis and duration by 25%

(v)  Will make your car not likely to fish-tail when rammed by cops car from behind

(w)  Help you put out fire by 50% faster, when you are caught on fire

(x)  Increase ammo loot by 25% when you loot a gun for ammo

(y)  Shoot NPC or cops and pick up other items rather than money or cop's ammo
Icon drop item
This augment will increase the likeihood of getting other drop items by 25% chances eg. getting "Point Of Interest" (POI) so gamer can use it. Becos GTA5 game only limit gamer to use 10 nos of POI on the map.

Mini First Aid Kit drop item
Augment that will increase chances by certain % to make dead cops drops x nos. of points of First Aid Kit (full health is equal to 100 points). This kind of health augment will not be effective if gamer used Special Ability or used Heavy weapon such as RPG. 
Below are each augment for each type of guns.
- cop killed by Pump Shotgun/Sawed off Shotgun will have 25% chance of dropping 3 points of HKp (First Aid Kit) 
- cop killed by Sniper Rifle will have 50% chance of dropping 4 points of HKp
- cop killed by Assault Rifle will have 25% chance of dropping 3 points of HKp
- cop killed by Carbine Rifle will have 20% chance of dropping 4 points of HKp
- cop killed by any machine guns will have 40% chance of dropping 2 points of HKp

[ Please read the Relief design for easy looting the mini-First Aid Kit ]

But Rockstar must design this in such a way gamer has the chance to loot this mini HKp ie. toned down the cops attacking parameters or leave an interval/break so gamer can loot the mini HKp.

(z)  Able to slide down hill when it is raining
This skill will allow gamer to make quick getaway by sliding downhill (on your butts) when it is wet.

(z1)  Augment that will make you drink canned drink at dispenser by 50% quicker when your health bar is below 1/2 bar status.

(z2)  A skill able to grab injured cop as hostage
Example cop gets injured by nearby explosion then gamer can run over to grab him to use him as hostage. Other cops facing you, will not shoot you but those cops at your back will shoot. Holding hostage will give gamer time to replenish his health or make a getaway by moving towards an exit or alley. Holding a hostage then gamer can only use Secondary weapon to shoot. Gamer can kick cop butts (like SCB where Sam can kick hostile butt and Sam run off)

(z3)  enemies will stay longer on mini-map
Example some mission can have some enemies taking cover and stayed idle for some time then their location will vanish from mini-map. This augment will make them appear on the mini-map again and make them last 10 seconds longer on mini-map before they disappear again if you ...
(z3a)  ... shoot with a powerful loud shotgun at roughly where that enemy is then his location will appear again, on the mini-map.
(z3b)  ... toss a grenade out and all enemies within the explosion radius of 15 meters, that disappear from mini-map, will again appear on mini-map.

(z4)  Drink Dispenser that is within mini-map range, will appear on mini-map if you health is below 1/2 bar

(z5)  Reduce damage by 50% 
- If you drop down from 2 floors
- If you jump out of a moving car
- If you are hit by a speeding car

(z6)  Pressing Y buttons will have you and your team members, getting back to the car by another 35% quicker

(z7)  Augment will help you pinpoint where the nearest ladder is (if you are on the ground or on the roof).
If the team member equipped with this augment then pressing button A+B together will make that team member leads you the nearest ladder location.

(z8)  Augment will help you see which objects in that compound enviroment are explosive (when you are away from the roads ie. no car for you to shoot to explode them to kill cops). They will turn light red and highlighted for gamer to see them easily. Concealed items inside gabbage bags and dustbin sometimes holds explosive/highly flameable item and this augment will highlight them.
It is also good when you are fleeing into compound with a lot of explodeable tank that will save you from running near them becos cop shots will hit tank and tank will explode and get you wasted. Or you can shoot them to take out cops too.

(z9)  Augment will help tell you which cops is holding powerful guns such as shotguns. This is helpful when you are surrounded by with 3 cops at close range eg. inside a store (1 is holding a shotgun and other 2 are holding assault rifle). Becos shotgun can kill with one shot so taking him out is the first priority.

(z10)  When you are fleeing the cops, this augment will help you hide in dumpster undetected by cops nearby you. Hiding in dumpster will not make "undetected" time pass by ie. it won't make the Wanted Stars (at top right corner of screen) to start blinking. Cops will still continue to search for you. This augment is only good for gamer to bypass few cops near you. If you stay too long in dumpster then cops will come and check on that dumpster.

(z11)  Augment that will make your movement to stay at normal speed when you are moving at knee high water level area. Rockstar need to design several areas around the city have have knee high water level so gamer can equip this augment to take advantage of this type of enviroment. So cops will move slower than you while they are in this kind of area.

(z12)  Augment that will have a 35% chance of making destroyed helicopter (eg. hit by your RPG) to swivel down to cops car below. Provided that destroyed helicopter is within 15 meters radius of nearest cop's car (one stone 2 birds augment). Level 2 augment upgrade will increase from 15 meters to 25 meters radius.

(z13)  Augment that will make team member yell out "cops shooting from here" (which is out of gamer's view) then pressing a set of button will auto-turn screen view towards those cops (only if this augment is equipped) for gamer to focus on them. This augment will relieve gamer to look where the cops are (which are out of screen view)

(z14) An augment "running back to your car, will reduce cops shot damage by 50%" then team will have a better chance of getting back into the car without "wasted" if their health is low.

(z15) An augment that will have a 35% chance of dropping ONE car's debris onto cop(s) who are within 25 meter raduis of that explosion, if you shoot with a RPG or grenade Launcher. This augment only happen at one car explosion and will not caused a chain-reaction of each car's debris if cars are close by.

(z16) An augment your team member equipped will yell out "train is approaching" when you are on a subway train track. This augment may save you from getting hit by a train while you are dealing with the cops. Plus this augment will make the 2 dumb (Hang-Out) characters to stay out of an approaching train. 

(z17) An augment that will show dark red dots on mini-map for cops that is more than 10 feet different in level (such as cops are on 1st floor carpark and gamer is on 4th floor carpark). There are caprparks that is several storey high, such as the red and white color building with carpark in "Pillbox Hill" area.
This augment is helpful when you have to deal with helicopter until you see red dots on mini-map, telling you cops are almost on same floor. If cops are within 10 feet different in level then cops will appear on mini-map as bright red dots.

(z18) A skill that allow you to disable threw Sticky Bomb and retrieve it back to your inventory circular-menu

(z19) An augment that will make your scuba gear underwater head-light to be 2x more powerful ie. able to shine 2x further and a 2x bigger raduis (like DDDA game, Arisen's Elite lamp that will burn more brighter and further - if I remember correctly)

(z20) An augment that will highlight your trail of your last 250 footsteps (displayed on map or in-game world). Good for back tracking to your starting point.

(z21) An augment that will replenish your health bar meter even you are running. But at a rate of 0.75 times compare to the rate while taking cover. 

(z22) An augment that will make you pour Jerry Can's fuel on the ground, 1.5 times faster. [This augment will allow gamer to use Jerry Can during a gunfight as it cannot be done becos cops are way too fast during 5 stars].

(z23) An augment that will increase your Special Ability gauge meter by 1.5 times faster if your health bar is below 25%.

(z24) An augment that will increase your gun damage strength by 1.5 times for 5 seconds, if you shot down 2 helicopters consecutively in a row with a RPG.

(z25) An augment that will reduce shot damage by 50%, if you are shot while submerged underwater. 

(z26) An augment that allow gamer to use the Special Abilty meter for Sprinting Boost speed. Whenever you start to run, you will have a faster speed boost for running. When you are speed boosting then gamer can have choice to off Speed boost by pressing RS and LS down to off it.

(z27) An augment that will make you jump down from a height of 3-4 storey high floor, in a straight-up position (rather than a head down first). This standing posture jump will minimise damage even with a half health bar, gamer will survive the fall.

(z28) An augment that make gamer 100% jump over a table. Example in Discount Shop, shooting the registery box and bag of cash is behind the long table. Pressing button X, will most of the time make protagonist climb up on table then jump down. Only in rare cases, like after you jump ALONG the long table and press X then he will instantly jump across table with one hand pressing on table.
This augment will do just that with 100% chance on pressing hand on table to jump over table when button X is pressed.

Augment design must be effective in different situation or environment. Becos DDDA game have a lot of useless augments. Fuse game is also another game that used skills/Perks design but the design don't seem to have any effect on helping gamer to play it better ! After using about 50% of Skill/Perk for all characters, gameplay is still as hard as before you equip skills/perks.


[8].   Playing free roam don't gain anything in helping to play the game better ?
It is NOT only in free roam, even the story mode too. Playing more don't help gamer to gain anything except buying stocks (during assassination missions) and gain hugh amount of cash to buy properties and buying cars. Gaining so much money in the game, is useless in helping gamer to play the game better during gunfight. The free roam gameplay just wasn't into weapon/skills/augment development but only character's stats, that don't affect the mission gameplay much or affect 5 stars gunfight much.

Look at MGS5 game, Kojima emphasised so much on main mission and free roam, to get specialist people back to the Mother Base. More specialist people then will expand base faster and unlock certain development eg. weapons so gamer can play the game more better and easier. 
Some developments are a big game changer eg. the Wormhole Fulton Device which Snake do NOT have to carry KOed enemy out into the open area to fulton enemy.

IMO, Rs ought to go into Skill/Augment/Weapon development gameplay. 

Weapon development is to allow gamer to uprgade the ...
- weapon damage power,
- shot range,
- increase in Ammo per weapon,
- reload speed,
- scope maginfying factor (only sniper gun have 8x scope)
For the upgrade design, do something like Resident Evil 4 game.

PLUS upgradable/customizable gadgets ...
- extending tear gas effective radius and duration,
- customizable Sticky Bomb with delay timer for chain reaction (please read item 35),
- Sticky camera (like SCB game),
- extending Flashbang (or stun grenade) effective radius.

[Note - GTA5 weapon upgrade have only extended ammo clip and a flashlight - almost no uprade at all]

GTA5 game make it too easy for weapon upgrade. You don't have to worry about money for upgrade. In contrast, look at Resident Evil 4 game, Leon has to decide which upgrade is the more important one becos money don't come easy in the game. In fact Capcom did a great job as the money amount looted, is just right to keep the important items upgraded.


[9].   How come with Rockstar's standard, they didn't see this.

(a)   Short "Wasted" gameplay (pun intended)
The 5 stars gunfight was a pig. 
When you reach 5 stars wanted level you will get "wasted" very quickly if you do gunfight on foot. I am a big shooter-game fans and always have a good results playing on whatever shooter game it is. Example SCB game, there is about 1 in 3 chances of beating Charlie's Pakistani mission without any retries, playing on Perfectionist difficulty level, using ARX160 single-shot fire-mode and able to survive waves 16-20.

But I have been trying for almost 25 days already and still not manage to get one 5 stars gunfight fled on foot (running/driving into subway tunnel don't count as there is zero gameplay becos cops don't follow you into tunnel). Now, whenever I failed on 5 stars gunfight fleeing on foot, there is only one thought in my mind "How the fcuk Rs could have hire such fcuking stupid retard designers, to design gameplay in such a stupid fcuking way".  

Broken design 5 stars on foot gunfight
You just cannot flee on foot to escape the 5 stars becos helicopter keep on spawning like fcuking stupid and there are fcuking sharp to spot you too. Plus you rarely can hit the helicopter with RPG when the Random Number Generator "god" decide not to award you a successful shot. Then either your missiles will spiral off target OR helicopter will make sudden changes of flight direction to avoid being hit by missile.

Broken design 5 stars car chase
What is the point of buying super fast car and motorcycle when cop's car can catch up on you and ram into you ? 

How the fcuk Rs could hire these retard designers to come up with such stupid design that no matter how the fcuk you try, you will still get fcuking "Wasted"
Plus when you are riding a motorcycle and speeding very fast and yet those "SUPER" cops on foot can still shoot you right on target. Isn't a moving target fcuking harder to hit ? 
Or try to lose your health until critical then drive bike towards a brown stone's pile that can propel your bike to jump up and yet those super-cops can shoot you right-on-target, while flying in the air at high speed.

I know I used a lot of swear words, that's becos I kept on trying to beat a fcuking 5 stars and still not able to do it and kept on hearing NPC and cops saying swear words - that is what I learned from this stupid fcuking game.

(a1)   Helicopter to tone down their detection ability
Please read item 2f for Give several seconds for gamer to stay in Stealth

(a2)   Space out the shots (not all shot will hit you consecutively in a row)
At 5 stars, you can get shot 4 times in 3 seconds and get wasted even you have a full health bar. Which you rarely see this happen in other shooter free roam gunfight ! 

Becos in other games, if you put effort and play carefully, you have a good chance of beating the gameplay. But not in GTA5 game, you still get wasted at 5 stars gunfight (like item a2), no matter how hard you try. This is how stupid the design is.

(b)   5 stars wanted level to cater for more % of gamers
You don't see many "5 stars" wanted level gunfight on foot gameplay on Youtube. Rs need to design gameplay to allow more gamer to achieve it and not only to those top 3% of good gamers. Allow for at least 25% of other levels of gamers. 

(c)   Beautifully crafted Los Santos city a wastage for 5 stars gunfight (On foot)
(c1)   Not much time for gamer to utilise environment for cover
This is one of the biggest mistakes of the 5 stars design. If gamer wants to beat the 5 stars, they have to keep moving becos cops are way too fast moving into your position. But if you stay put, in an open area where cops can surround you and attack from few direction then you will very likely get wasted. This forced gamer to keep moving and not much time to allow gamer to stay longer at one spot, to utilise more of the environment for cover to do gunfight.

NOT totally shoot and run
Rs missed the idea of good gunfight - NOT TOTALLY mindless shooting and running around the city. But require skills of moving around that gunfight area to take down cops. The skill of knowing when and where to run, to get more advantage of gunfight (and NOT totally running away).

City Of Davis Courts Building in Rancho is a good example
A good design example of GTA5 map is "Rancho", when you do gunfight at these 4 buildings of Davis City Hall, Davis Sheriff's Station, City Of Davis Courts Building and it's carpark building. Here you can use skills of moving around to take down cops becos this area of 4 buildings allowed gamer to jump onto another area and hide to do some gunfight. More importantly the carpark allowed gamer to hide away from helicopter PLUS there is a Body Armor in police compound for looting. This kind of area is only a few on the whole map.

(c1-1)   Allow design to utilise environment for close gunfight
GTA5 map has a lot of area that don't work for a 5 stars gunfight simply becos gamer get wasted too easily if gamer try to do gunfight like in area City Of Davis Courts Building . Rs need to adjust design a bit to allow this kind of close gunfight, like Rancho example above.

(c1-2)   Even if gamer is surrounded by cops, ought to make cops to stay in cover (slowly moving closer to gamer) and only those with heavy armory (allow few only else too hard to beat) will walk forward to attack (terminator style). 
(c1-3)   Slow down their forward attacking speed a bit so gamer can still stay in cover for longer gunfight at one spot before moving to the next area.
(c1-4)   Add in a Crouch button action so protagonist don't look so stupid by standing up to run to another cover spot, and getting shot by cops. This Crouch action allow gamer to move around during gunfight, to utilise more of environment's low wall or cars to block cop's shots.
(c1-5)   Reduce their shot damage a bit and NOT shoot gamer with 3-4 shots in a row and get gamer wasted even gamer have a full health bar.
(c1-6)   Design a skill based gunfight -  All under item (c) suggestion will allow gamer to stay longer in an area for gunfight to fully untilise the environment for cover (NOT fully shoot and run) and to know when and where to run to avoid wasted.

(c2)   Some map area too spacious lacking spot for cover
The map, with so diversive building landscape design that you can take cover almost anywhere. Different location or area of building landscape design offer different level of gunfight challenge. But most area only offer good cover for 3-4 stars wanted level. A lot of the map area are almost useless for gunfight when you reach 4-5 stars wanted level (map area Blaine County is the worst). 
(c2-1)   Add in more small covering spot, such as several dumpsters for long backlane, Concrete building facade at the front entrance of building with more planter boxes. For map area Blaine County, add more boulders, large trees or sheds around hillside for cover (like RDR game). Or some area have much lower/higher ground so able to avoid getting shot.

(c2-1)   Design some underground trenches or over-head ducts gamer can climb into, to get a short-cut to move to a area nearby.

(d)   Hang-out Free roam gunfight is also a pig
You can call other 2 characters for hang-out then go free roam robbery. But there is little control gamer can have over this 2 characters. 
(d1)   Hang-out team-mate spook system
Why design the other team-mate to run off when one is injured. Would this add fun to gamer when your only team-mate runs off ?
Can't dev change the design a bit eg. something to hint gamer if they are about to be spooked. Example characters will freak out and say things to give gamer a hint they are about to be spooked. Then gamer can make some good shots to give them some confident to stick around as a team. Any good shots (or kill streak) make by gamer, will decrease their "Spooked" level down (or by pressing the character switch-button and it will display their "spook" level)

(d2)   No warning when Hang-out team are about to be injured
Display their location on mini-map using color "Arrow" (like protagonist's white arrow), to tell gamer about their health status. Example if they have 1/2 to full health bar then their Arrow color on mini-map is bright green color. Bright blue color for 1/4 to 1/2 health bar. If their health is critical ie. below 1/4 health bar then Arrow color is dark blue color.
When their health is critical then gamer can adjust to that gameplay eg. run inside store to take cover until their health return to 1/2 bar (or 3/4 bar if augment is equipped)

The items (d1) and (d2) above, are already itself a gameplay if this is impletmented becos gamer have to juggle these 2 items during gunfight but don't make it too difficult to balance to make them stay in the game.

(e)   Dead cop's guns are useless 
What is the point of dead cops dropping ammo when your guns can have 1000-2000 rounds ? This will take away the tense gameplay by running over to cop's gun to loot ammo. 
(e1)  Make the need to loot cops ammo
But Rs have to tone down the gunfight difficulty level so gamer can run out to loot ammo.
(e2)  Your car will hold extra ammo crates for heavy weapon
Give gamer lesser ammo for heavy weapon such as Grenade, Sticky Bomb, RPG or Grenade Launcher. So this will make gameplay more challenging for gamer to run to his/her car to get extra ammo for heavy weapon. Buying at Ammu-nation will have limitted ammo for gun but gamer can buy ammo crate and put into back of car (also in limitted crate nos) or as in item MSR below.
(e3)  Can buy MSR (mini store-room) around the map. The MSR can be at any floor of buildings, access by only staircase/ladder/corridor etc. These MSR is for holding ammo crate for heavy weapon such as item (e2) above. This will make gameplay more challenging when gamer has lesser ammo for heavy weapon and runs to the nearest MSR to get refill. Provided Rs must tone gunfight difficulty down and design game to have more "Just escaped death" moment [please read item 11e ]. Then the gameplay will be as tense as MW3 Survival Mode gameplay. 

(f)   Stunt Jump is NOT only solely for stunt jump
Stunt Jump can be played solely or together during gunfight. But Rs don't understand that gamer may want to record some gunfight gameplay then do some stunt jump to flee the scene. 

What Rs didn't see is, gamer may played into 15 mins of gunfight before coming to this STUPID narrow ramp and the mootorbike hit the STUPID silo/yellow poles on the other side. Then they have to start all over again to record gameplay to put onto Youtube. Becos gamer is purely relying on luck to pass the jump - no skill for gamer to use to pass the Stunt Jump !

Using isometric fixed camera view don't help anything.
When you design some motorcycle stunt jump ramp that is so narrow PLUS at the otherside of Stunt Jump that have some yellow short pole or a old silo eg. Bristol Coke Storage in Elysian island that can fail you. This really make it so hard to get a pass becos gamer has NO control during the flying scene, only relying on luck.

NOTE to Rs
[Re-edited :
After few nights of trying, I have managed to record a gunfight, did the Elysian island stunt jump across river and fled 5 stars by pile-jumped the motorbike onto a train. But that gunfight wasn't impressive so I thought of recording another better one. Then its a nightmare as each time the Stunt Jump across river ended up hitting yellow poles or the silo. 
Then I thought to myself, why do I have to force myself to play this stupid game where gamer have to rely on luck to get a pass for the Stunt Jump ? 
And you know what I did, Rs ? I quit your stupid game for the night and play other games which I have more control over it rather than your stupid design relying on luck]

(f1)   Use back camera view during Stunt Jump.
Becos the isometric fixed camera view don't help gamer to see if they are going to miss or hit any obstacles in front when you show the view in isometric. Why not use the normal back camera view and allow gamer to press and hold a button to change to isometric view. Releasing that button will return to normal back camera view. 

(f2)   More air-time control over flying vehicle.
Then moving LS will allow some air-time control over the flying vehicle to avoid hitting obstacles. Rs can design certain vehicles have more air-time control of making it to sway left or right. And some vehicle can have more air-time control to make them nose-dive for making jump shorter.

(f3)   Franklin will make it slightly easier for other 2 characters to do Stunt Jump.
Please read item 5a above for Special Ability that benefit other characters as well, to make Stunt Jump easier for other characters and not only to Franklin.

(g)   Hugh map of Los Santos is a waste
If newbies to GTA5 game asked - why such a big ranting on the 5 stars gunfight ?? 
Becos with the map so hugh and complex, there are so much to offer. Each spot of the map, offer different type of landscape that provides different degree of gunfight challenge. Rs just blew the chance of NOT making use of Los Santos for intense meaty prolong 5 stars gunfight.

Gameplay map comparision with other games
(i)    For SCB raid-mode gameplay, the game has 4 embassies map (raid-mode).
(ii)   MW3 Survival mode has 16 maps  (raid-mode).
(iii)  For MGS5 free roam assault on the enemy bases - those enemy's base only scattered far apart on the whole map. In-between these enemy bases are just yellowish desert, with nothing happening in these area (even if In-between bases have gunfight, it is still yellowish desert with nothing to shout about).

But for GTA5, the whole city of Los Santos is a playground for gunfight. It would be a waste if we nelgected a proper design for this 5 stars gunfight around the beautifully crafted believable complex and detailed world of Los Santos city. 
In other words, GTA5 Level designers or gameplay designers "WASTED" the effort of the map designers they have had put into GTA5. 


[10].   Need to have a "Stay in the game" (SITG) design
SITG design 1
IMO, one game has the best SITG design, is MW3 (Survival Mode), where gamer can shoot their way back up (Self-Revive) rather than immediately killing gamer off. The 2nd best SITG design is MGS5 where Snake can use Aid to heal himself (while in slow motion he can run for cover to heal himself).

This is the thrill and adrenalin rush after you managed to get back into the game. This is what makes gameplay more interesting where you are given a second chance to stay in the game. 

SITG design 2
MGS5 game has another SITG design where Snake can drop a cardboard (as emergency shield when his health is critical).

For GTA5 game, actually Rockstar can design Body Armor to toggle ON/OFF. Gamer can toggle it ON when only health is critical then flee the gunfight. After fleeing area and looted a First Aid Kit then toggle armor off again.


[11].   Why GTA5 free roam gunfight lacked the adrenalin rush and thrills
Okay, let us take MW3sm (MW3 survival mode) gameplay as comparision becos the gameplay is almost the same ie. enemies will rush forward to shoot you and you have to shoot and run.

Reasons why GTA5 free roam gunfight is lacking the adrenalin rush and thrills 
(a)   Music
Lacking the tense music found in MW3sm eg. Resistance map, when you are being pursued or chased by horde of strong enemies. Other games like SCB have tense music too. 
For GTA5 game, the music is too relax. And cop car's non-stop siren can be annoying after some time, ought to make siren sound more fainted if car is far away. You need music something like MW3sm eg. Resistance map.

(a1)   Can use phone to log into online radio to listen while doing gunfight on foot. 
(a2)   Can loot any hidden CDs for songs scatter around the map and then can use phone to play it while on foot. 
(a3)   NPCs around the city will listen to CDs. Gamer can see them from afar as they have a Headphone. By just pointing a gun at them then they will drop the CDs. Like DD game when Arisen armed his sword in front of NPC, they will drop whatever they are carrying. Arisen can loot the item for upgrade. 

(b)   Camera panning speed
MW3sm camera movement or screen panning speed is clearly more faster and fluider than GTA5 game. Other games like SCB and MGS5 have fast camera movement or fast screen panning as well. When you can pan the camera around very fast, it gives more "Wow" factor, provided the actions are explosive (like MW3sm).

For GTA5, when Micheal is holding a weapon and take cover then the camera panning speed is slow down. Or if you have to shoot few directions by peeking out of cover then the zoom-back speed (after shooting) is slower than SCB or MGS5 games. 
It is like the camera is tied with a rubber-band and preventing camera to zoom-back faster. This gives gamer an unpleasant gaming experience when you have to shoot at few directions.

(c)   Close VS. far range gunfight action
Firstly, MW3sm (or SCB game) gunfight usually happen at closer range. And most enemies appear out of cover, very close distance to gamer, when gamer shoot them. This gives gamer plenty of tense moment when most enemies are closer. 

Secondly, actions are explosive and actions done by protagonist are very responsive and fast (such as screen panning)
For GTA5 the action can be explosive too (eg. using RPG or Grenade Launcher) but protagonist actions are more slower/movement is more clumsy PLUS camera panning is a bit slow PLUS cops are moving way faster then gamer (sigh !)

(c1)   Far range action
Let's talk about cops which are far away. Most city area are quite open and you don't have many buildings where you can enter building for gunfight (like MW3sm). In open area then you can shoot them while they are very far away and this don't give gamer any wow factor at all. 
Let me exaggerate this point, imagine that now the cops are very very far away, almost like a bug size to you and shooting them at this distance, has almost zero wow factor. Now imagine again in MW3sm where enemies suddenly rush out of cover, like 15-20 feet away, to shoot you and you manage to shoot them - this has more wow factor when actions are at closer range. If you are not good at imagination then watch some Youtube gameplay of both games.

(c2)   Close range action
Now, let's talk about GTA5 cops where they are closer to you eg. inside carpark building. They will suddenly move out of cover to shoot you. But this usually happen only to few cops and you can shoot them without much wow factor. 

But when cops do come in a larger number and got you surrounded then you will likely ended up "wasted". 

THIS IS WHERE THE PROBLEM IS - gamer do NOT have the chance to go into a more intense CLOSE range battle, to give gamer a wow factor as compared to other games - either it is too easy or it is too hard and get you wasted in short gunfight becos game lacked item (e) below.

(d)   Various type of enemies are dealt with certain type of weapons
Other games (eg. SCB, MGS5 and MW3sm) mostly have various type of enemies - dogs, drones, handgun enemy, assault rifle enemy. shotgun enemy, sniper enemy, heavy infantry, shielded heavy infantry, Juggernaunts, helicopters and tanks. 

(d1)   Weapon type makes a different.
MW3 (survival mode) have certain powerful guns such as MK46 can take down stronger enemies faster and you don't want to waste those bullets on weaker enemies. Stronger enemy have armor and they move slower then only with powerful guns can take them down and these guns have fewer ammo. 
Weaker enemies moves faster and any weapon can take them down. Weaker and stronger enemies are only for their defense strength but no increase on their attack strength damage on gamer.

But in GTA 5, guns make little differences on each type of enemy ie. you don't see the importance of each gun type usage, such as saving ammo for powerful guns to use on certain type of strong enemies (reason is there are only 2 type of cops ie. normal uniform cop and squad team)

(d2)   Good example of various type of enemies for adrenalin rush gameplay
SCB Pakistani Embassy - wave 17. At the front of the embassy, there are 2 barricades. If gamer defend his/her position at these 2 barricades then they are in for a good gunfight (Perfectionist mode using ARX160 maxed upgraded gun). Gamer has to tackle various type of hostiles including grenade tossing at you, charging dogs and snipers on the roof. Gameplay can be extremely hilarious if you can manage to defend your position WITHOUT even running inside the embassy. Then until Hostiles Remaining about 7, the action begins to slow down.

(e)   Gives more "Just escaped death" moment
You will notice in MW3sm gameplay has a lot of these moment where gamer is badly shot (screen red) and you can flee if you run in the correct direction (enemy shot at this time, will be a bit "forgiving"). 
But if you make further mistakes then only you are shot down. Even then gamer is given another chance to stay in the game by "Shoot your way back up" (Self-Revive).

Becos GTA5 lacked this "Just escaped death" moment as the game will rush to kill you off immediately, when your health is critical. More so pissed is, when cops can kill you off with several consecutive shots in a row and get you wasted even you have a full health bar. And this is where GTA5 stupid design is - zero design of "Just escaped death" moment.

(f)   Sound system
The sound is a bit on the low side to give more thrills.
(f1)  Exploded falling debris sound like they are made of plastic ?! Example a car exploded and part of a falling door do NOT have a heavy metal "Clong" or "Clung" sound, when debris falls and hit the ground near you.
(f2)  Gunshots sound do NOT have much wow factor as compared to MW3 Survival Mode - which is more crisper and clearer. But Battlefield 4 game for Xbox360, has the best gunshot sound (IMO).
(f3)  Car exploded and tyre falling to the ground don't have loud enough sound. Whereas in MW3 Survival Mode, you can clearly hear a tyre dropping to the ground.

(g)   No emergency short-cut/escape gameplay
Around the map, there are a lot of drive-in carpark of big mall and there have many doors. But gamer cannot access to these doors. Rs should have added a "Short-cut" gameplay.
(g1)  Mega mall carpark
During 4 or 5 stars wanted level gunfight, if you are inside the mall carpark or at the rear (or side) portion of mall then several of the mall's security guards will come out to shoot gamer. If you can shoot them all then one of the dead guard will drop a keycard or keys. Looting this item will allow gamer to access a door that can give gamer a quick escape into the mall's corridor (ie. a short-cut to the other side of the mall) when you are overwhelm by cops. 

This corridor can be L-shaped or zig-zag for some gunfight with security guards. After beating security guards in the corridor then gamer can exit the mall via another side of the mall with lesser cops to deal with. While the cops at the rear of mall, will try to run to your current location by making a big run around the external mall building perimeter (after you took a short-cut thru the mall's corridor).

(g2)  Old building compound
There is a n-shaped old building in "East Vinewood", just across the road opposite "Downtown Cab Co." But the old building compound is a dead end and not good spot for a 5 stars gunfight. If only after a gunfight with cops and guard then dead security guard will drop keys for gamer to loot that can access to a 1st floor door that leads to a balcony from a corridor. From the balcony , gamer can jump down to escape.

(h)   Explosion need to have MORE impact
Look at MW3sm gameplay eg. "Resistance" map, enemy hit by C4 or Sentry Grenade Launcher, will fly off more harder than GTA5 game. You can see the power of explosion impact, just by watching how far enemy fly off and how strong the impact is. Some just fly off in a straight line and hit the wall.

(i)   Adrenalin rush VS. nice clean screen world view
GTA5 game, Rs wanted a clean nice looking screen and when gamer health is critical you only see it at the health bar at lower left screen below. Which don't give much wow factor as compare to a bloody red screen. 

MW3 Survival mode example
Look at MW3 Survival mode gameplay, when gamer health is critical the screen will turn bloody red and yet can see the gunfight battle going on. This gives gamer an adrenalin rush and you flee (please read item e above) and manage to escape to prolong the gunfight.

MW2 bad example
Too bloody red and blocked the battle screen view. Dev learned from this mistake and MW3 is much better that still provide the adrenalin rush bloody red screen.

SCB good example
Look at SCb game, when health is critical even the sound is lowered to mimic like you are going to pass out. But SCB made one mistake is that blood clotted on screen also blocked the "Jump" button on screen.


[12].   Team to have learning AI (free roam robbery)
Something like DD (Dragon Dogma) game, the pawns will watch how Arisen fight during a battle and they will learn from Arisen. 
For GTA next game, then gamer can go to any bar or Pub, to hire 2 to 3 characters for free roam robbery. All characters inside bar or pub have different skills/weapons speciality (like what DD game, where Arisen can go inside Riftstone and choose any pawns of few vocation choices). The more you use the same characters then the more they will learn from your gameplay.

Example ..
(a)   Simple Monkey-see-Monkey-do
(a1)   Teamwork attidude - Loot bags of cash
After several robberies and they watched you shoot the regiestry cashier box and loot the bags of cash. Then later they will help you to loot the bags by yelling "Keep on shoothing the cashier box, I will grab the cash for you"

(a2)  Teamwork attidude - Speed up ambush's work
After several times watching you pour Jerry Can Fuel on ground, next time they will do the same when you use Jerry Can. Then gamer can highlight the map area where you want him to pour the fuel.

(a3)  Teamwork attidude - Body Armor Loot
After several times watching you loot Body Armor/First Aid Kit, next time when your health is critical and whole team is near a Body Armor/First Aid Kit, one of them will run to fetch the Body Armor/First Aid Kit for you. But that characters will always get 25% of that item leaving the 75% for you - meaning Body Armor will replenish up to 75%. Gamer can access their inventory box to transfer item over, just like DD game.

(a4)  Teamwork attidude - Team Weapon's choice
After several times watching you changed from other gun to Assault Shotgun to shoot stronger cops (Squad team) then next time they will do the same weapon change, to shoot stronger cops.

(a5)  Teamwork attidude - Team Weapon's choice
After several times watching you changed from other gun to Carbine Rifle to shoot helicopter's gunner then next time they will do the same weapon change, to shoot gunners.

For item (a4) and (a5), Rs should not make crews to follow weapon changes to RPG/Grenade Launcher else gunfight will be too easy. These 2 items are just a matter of weapon's choices gamer prefer to use as each gamer may like different type of weapon choice. This Monkey-see-Monkey-do design will affect how crew do gunfight depending on how gamer fights. The better choice gamer make, will also help his crews to fight better as well - or vice versa.

(b)  While fleeing on foot from cops after robbing store, they will NOT shoot anything or yell loudly unless you start shooting so as NOT to blow gamer's cover to exposed them where they are. Becos gamer may be trying to flee the cops totally and not looking for gunfight gameplay.

(c)  When gamer aim with a heavy weapon eg. RPG then they should not run in front of gamer, blocking the shot.

In DDDA game, it is difficult to know if pawns have learn anything from Arisen, becos there is no info to tell gamer. It would be good if GTA game can tell gamer how much more will that crew fully learn a thing. 
Example - Learning A.I. on character "XYZ"
"Weapon's Choices - Carbine gun to use on Helicopter" is at 10%
"Body Armor Loot" is at 28%
Then this way gamer can know how much more work they needed to get to 100% to make that crew "Learn".


[13].   Stunt Jump gameplay to be skill based and NOT relying on luck
Example in Elysian island, behind the Bristol Coke Storage, has a very narrow width ramp for motorcycle stunt jump across the river.

Apart from aiming the motorbike or small size car to get thru the ramp is already challenging. Becos you need to speed from a great distance to get the jump distance to reach the other side of river. Then you have to rely on luck to avoid hitting the silo or any yellow poles waiting for you at the other side of river.

If Rs don't want gamer to rely purely on luck to avoid hitting the silo or any yellow poles then add this.
(a)   More air-time control over vehicle to sway left or right, while in the air to avoid hitting obstacles.
(b)   Able to shoot yellow poles away, with shotgun while in the air. But need to use the normal back view camera in slow motion to shoot poles. Only one shot is allow during slow motion then slow motion will be over. For the silo problem, just make silo futher away OR able to shoot any silo wall plate away.

Please also read item 9f above.


[14].   Deepen the 5 Stars Wanted level gameplay
The gamelay for 5 stars wanted level is too plain. Ought to deepen gameplay.

(a)   Loot senior ID card for rooms access
At 5 stars wanted level, there is a senior cop to be killed. Killing this cop will drop an ID card and looting this card and escape the 5 stars wanted level then return to the police station and use ID card to access rooms to loot items. Gamer need to play stealth gameplay correctly to stay undetected to loot items. Items to loot are random so gamer will not know what they may find. You may find access to a work-station and download files for Lester which he will later open up more Side Quests. But if you are detected then all rooms will shut down.

(b)   Helicopter have a low chances of dropping items
If gamer can manage to shoot the helicopter's tail using RPG (other normal powerful guns excluded eg. sniper gun). Then helicopter will crash as a whole and debris will have a low chances of finding an item to loot. Items such as ...
(b1)   random weapon type (1-4 % chances)
(b2)   Ammo crate consists of 3 nos of ammo. for heavy weapon (5-7 % chances)
(b3)   mini-First-Aid-Kit consists of only 15 points of health regeneration (4-8 % chances)
(b4)   Body Armor consists of only 15 points of Armor regeneration (4 % chances)
(b5)   Weapon upgrade Permit (8 % chances) - Please read above for full suggestion.


[15].   Hopeless gunfight at rooftop when you reach 5 stars
What is the point of designing so many roof top for gunfight when you cannot escape once on the roof. Becos cops/helicopter will keep on coming ?? And cops will surround the building area, gamer will not escape if they have only 1/2 health bar.

(a)   Hang-out characters will do what gamer do
If you toss sticky bomb to take out cops waiting at the ladder and you can fast rail-slide down the ladder, for quick escape. But the 2 dumb Hang-out characters will take their time to climb down ladder. 
Can't they do the same trick using fast rail-slide down the ladder ?? Or if you jump down from a low roof then they should follow and jump down too - and NOT make them to run back to take the ladder !

(b)   Helicoper's wreck have item to loot for gamer to stay longer in gunfight
But at 5 stars, it is quite difficult to escape from rooftop even gamer do the item (a) above. Becos at 5 stars, very likely gamer will have armor depleted and has 1/2 health bar only. At 5 stars you can get shot several times in a row and get wasted.
Some helicopter destroyed and may have First Aid Kit in the copter's debris, provided the destroyed copter falls onto your roof tops. Or falls onto neighbouring roof top where gamer can jump over to next rooftop (if they equipped with a "Jump" augment or skill that can make gamer jump more further between building gap). 
Only in some rare cases destroyed copter's debris have Body Armor.

(c)  Buying properties helps in escape (NOT always about money)
Later a mission will allow gamer to buy a Home Moving Sevices ie. using a big truck to move home's items. During gunfight with cops and while you are on the roof then can call your crew to drive the truck to your set-waypoint and he will crash that truck into that building you are on. So you can jump from the 3 or 4 storey roof, onto the truck roof top to escape. Plus, the more gunfight and crime you do, the better your Home Moving Sevices business will get.

(d)  Some good gadgets for staying longer in gunfight
Later a mission will unlock a zip-line gadget that allow gamer to zip-line (from roof-top) along any street-pole wiring that is near the building (like SCB game Sam can zip-line down). Gamer can zip-line along street-pole wiring, to next or opposite road of building. Can release zip-line while halfway across the road to another building, this will drop gamer down to the road below.
Zip-line gadget can be bought at Ammu-Nation and gamer can only carry 3 zip-line gadget each time.

Or helicopter's wreck can have a low chance of 15% chances of dropping a Zip-line gadget for gamer to loot, to escape from the rooftop.


[16].   Fast travel along with your own fine-tuned car
RDR game allow gamer to fast travel anywhere in the map, along with the horse. But GTA5 game can't do that with your car intact like if you take a taxi. If you want to use your car to reach from south to north then you have to drive all the way there !?

Can't you add in some services that can be found in few spot of the map ? 
(a)   A train services that take your car along with your trip.
(b)   A house-mover big truck services that also move car to your destination.


[17].  Button combination design
(a)  while outside car
Double tap button Y will yell to team member to get back into car and you will be outside giving protection (shooting cops) to them while they run inside car. Inside car ought to have lower chances of getting hit by cops. 

Augment to reduce damage
This is helpful when your team members health is low, if gamer has equipped the augment "running back to your car, will reduce cops shot damage by 50%" then team will have a better chance of getting back into the car without "wasted"

(b)  while inside car
Double tap button Y will make team member stay in car while only you get out of car. Good if just want to get out of car to loot First Aid Kit or Armor then get back into car without team tagging along.

(b)  while near a ladder
Button A+X will make team member climb ladder up/down while you stand guard to protect them.

(c)  Finding the nearest ladder location
Pressing button A+B together will make that team member leads you the nearest ladder location (if he equipped with an augment "Find the nearest ladder location")


[18].   Put more work on Destroyed Helicopter
Destroyed helicopter just drop down, without much of a "wow" factor. I mean, Rs could have reward gamer some spectacular scenes, if helicopter is shot at the tail by RPG.

(a)  helicopter will swivel down to the ground and slide along the road (like a big time Hollywood movies) and damage few cars along it destructive track (look at the current Spiderman game for the PS4 for example of helicopter destruction)

(b)  helicopter's body hit the ground and the rotor blade will fly off in any random direction. Sometimes will cut into a buidling and stuck there. Sometimes it will roll (at blade vertical axis) and damage any things in it's way. Sometimes it will hit and cut into a cop's van or car. Sometimes it will cut down few trees (horizontally flying around)


[19].   Pleasant surprise design
I have only looted few underwater treasure and there are many more in GTA5 (am only at 35% game completion). I do not know if there are any pleasant surprise design like the game Assassin Creed Blackflag where Edward stumbled upon a group of smugglers via a underwater tunnel/channel.

It would be a nice surprise if Michael go underwater treasure hunting and find a underwater cave (hole) that will lead him to a group of outlaws dealing with illegal business.


[20].   Environment objects as gameplay
Gamer can use enviroment objects as gameplay

(a)  Melee fight - grab a bottle or chair to hit cops or NPC.
(b)  shoot overhead signage to drop onto cops
(c)   Plant Sticky bomb on electrical roadside post/traffic light post then trigger it to explode will make wiring drop down to ground. If it is raining then it is a bonus as this will take out large number of cops by electrocution, over large area.
(d)  Can grab enemy and throw him out of windows (or over a railing) and drops few floors below. Or do a flying kick at enemy and he will knock against a railing and fall over railing, down few floors below.


[21].   Los Santos city don't have external glass lift ?
Several buildings in the city, ought to have glass-lift so gamer can go sight-seeing the city from a bird-eye view.


[22].   Able to bypass time by sleeping in car
GTA5 only allow you to bypass time while sleeping at home. You can also take a long taxi drive and use SKIP to bypass time but this is useless becos sometimes you are driving your own car and calling a taxi will make your car disappear.

How about gamer able to use phone to set Alarm to choose what time to skip to ie. to wake protagonist up from sleep inside car. 


[23].   Better loading and auto-save system
(a)  Better loading recent saved game
I may not understand this, why do the game don't load the recent saved game but load something else, when I start the game. Then I have to call up the pause menu and go to GAME to select Load Game then go to Select loading device. 

Can't you do something like other games did, they will ask for "Select Loading Device" when you start the game. Then ask gamer which Saved Game file to load (like Resident Evil 4 game for the Xbox360 console)

(b)  Quit interrupting car chase gameplay for Autosave file confirmation
If you rob an armored van and flee then game will pause and ask gamer if they want to overwrite autosave file ? By then you get back to the car chase gameplay, your car is totally halted ! Need 2 settings so gamer can still have autosave after buying from shops.
In Option setting, make 2 check-box for Autosave Confirmation. 
Check-box for ...
(i)   "After Robbing Armor Van/Stunt Jump" 
(ii)  "After Buying At A Shop"

Normally gamer would turn OFF item (i) and leave item (ii) turn ON.

Or another suggestion is - Always do Autosave without asking that interrupts gameplay (for item i and ii).


[24].   Improve the Save system, to make a Checkpoint
Some mission are too long and few mission at the end part is so difficult to pass the mission. Example "Nervous Ron" had me trying for 2 nights becos I kept on crashing the plane to land it on the narrow landing strip.

Problem is when I retry  the mission on 2nd night, I have to redo the whole mission again. Can't dev. design a newer save system that can create a checkpoint if that part of mission is completed with all objectives fullfilled.

Example a long mission has 3 part ie. starting part, middle and ending part. Say, if gamer completed the middle part with all objectives fullfilled then it will create a checkpoint at that ending of middile part. So when gamer play the ending part ie. the most difficult part of landing the plane and failed many times and give up and call it a night. 

So next day gamer retry the mission again then they don't have to restart whole mission over again. They can retry at the last Checkpoint they create last night ie. at the start of the ending part.


[25].   Allow option to retry mission on "Easy Mode"
Look to DDDa for example, they have the Hard Mode and Normal Mode. Even gamer failed mission on Normal Mode there is always an option to retry mission on Easy Mode.

Becos some misison is so hard to complete like "Nervous Ron" had me trying for so many hours, trying to land the plane without crashing. Then game should allow gamer to temporary pass the mission on Easy Mode, to move on the game until next time gamer can come back to replay the mission on Normal Mode.

Another question is, why the heck dev design such narrow landing strip for the first flying mission ??


[26].   Fistfight and gunfight with gangster.
(a)   Fistfight with gangsters in confined area will not alert cops
Becos cops keep on messing up the fistfight when I fight with gangs. If I do fistfight with gangs in a confined area eg. with high walls surrounding all of us then civilians should not be aware of the fighting so no one will report to the cops.

Only if we start using loud weapon then this should alert the cops. BUT gunfight is in secluded or remote area then cops should be mess up the gunfight.

(a1)   Improve the dodge button X during fistfight
Becos it only works sometimes and most of the time pressing button X don't get him to do anything at all.

(a2)   More complex fistfight
Something like Sleeping Dog game's fist fight, at least have 25% of the SD's fistfight combo would be nice.
Example, can press button X+Y then protagonist will do feint punch then kick groin instead. Then when NPC bend down in pain, gamer have 2 options - button X will do elbow down on head or button Y will do knee up on face (when NPC is crouching down in pain).

(b)   Ought to raise up the gangster gunfight's challenge
Restricted area have gangsters (orange color in mini-map) but they are way too easy to beat without any real challenge. For the gangsters gunfight's challenge, I would say the challenge is only at 50%. But the 5 stars gunfight with cops is at 100 to 130%. 

At 100%, it is already very tough to beat. Ought to balance things up a bit. Like increase gangsters gunfight's challenge to about 75% and cops to reduce to 85% or 90% would be right.


[27].   NPC around the world map to play a role during free-roam
Example for ...
(a)  Beggers (homeless people who lives under the bridge)
If you constantly give monies to beggers around certain area then next time you are chased by cops and beggers will help you escape, by pushing their trollies into cop's path (car or on foot) to give you time to flee. NPC will have a "Grateful" bar over their head to tell gamer if enough monies are given to them to make them help gamer. But after some time passed without giving monies to them then their "Grateful" level will reduce again.

(b)  Criminals
Or giving momies to gangsters area constantly then they will help you in the gunfight. They will help only a bit otherwise free-roam gunfight with cops will be too easy PLUS you need to give big stash of cash to gangsters, to get their help, as compare to beggers becos gangsters will help reduce nos of cops during gunfight.

(c)  Kids using skateboard
Or give kids monies constantly then they will slide their skateboard to you for you to flee cops (on foot gunfight) on a downhill road.


[28].   Dev need to setup a team to think of hidden tactics for the game
Example when you rob a 2nd. store with 3 registery cashier box. If you shoot all 3 cashier box before the cops arrives then you won't get shot by cops.

But some tactics found on the internet are actaully not Dev intended design but game was glitched. What I mean is real intended hidden tactics so gamer can explore the game closely and look for it.

Look to MGS5 game, Kojima is good at designing minor tactics that is advantages to gamer.


[29].   NPC around the world map to have an impact on your free roam gameplay
Look to MGS 5 game where gamer can scour map for specialist people who can affect your gameplay. 

For GTA game then gamer can free roam and look for NPC with high recon skill to help locate AV (Armored Van). NPC that has high recon skill ranging from 50-100 RS (Recon Skill). Those with 90-100 RS are quite rare and hard to find around the city. But they will provide the most precise location of AV by indicating a smaller green blob on map saying roughly AV is inside this green blob. Then it is up to gamer to look for the AV. Those with lower RS will give a much bigger green blob. If you cannot locate the Av after some time then AV will disappear from the map.

Different NPC will have different skills and demand eg. they will request more fees for providing AV location and some will offer extra info like roughly how long the AV will be inside that green blob before vanishing.


[30].   Improve reaction for NPC
There should be no complaint about reaction of NPC as Rockstar has done a great job in this department. But there are only few which I don't agree.

(a)  when few NPCs are standing in front of the store. And when you are holding shotgun and running towards the store, surely these people ought to be startled by a person holding a weapon. They ought to be walking away quietly and quickly without making a sound unless I fire a shot that will make them scream. But GTA 5 has these people still standing put.

(b)  When you rob a store and in one scene, he will refuse to hand over the cash then you are forced to shoot a warning shot near him. But he didn't react to the shot with a starlted reaction, instead he will quickly open the cashier to empty it like you did not fire any gun shot near him.

(c)   Why is it that I have been using Grenade Launcher for some long and none of the victims are alive and wounded. All the time they are dead. Can't they be wounded cops who will crawl or limp away ??

(d)   When he is shot at the leg OR got hit by grenade blast nearby and wounded then he will crawl or limp away to lie down behind cover (like Red Dead Redemption or MGS-TPP game)

Dev. please take note
Shooting enemy in the leg 3 times will NOT kill enemy instantly. At least 6-7 shots then even maybe, will take several seconds for enemy to bleed to death. 

(e)   Take cover and peek out to shoot a NPC with a suppressor (silent) weapon and others NPCs that are far away, has the same reaction as you are shooting with a loud weapon. They ought to walk over to the dead NPC and check what is wrong then only starts to freak out and run, then this looks more realistic.


[31].   Is it time to add a female character into next game ?
GTA 5 has all male characters. It will be great if next game has a female character (out of 4 characters gamer can switch).
Then design some sexy outfit for her to wear and gamer can visit shops around the map to buy outfit. Outfits to be more like those of Marvel Super Heroine game ie. skin tight sexy outfit.

Female character can be used to lure cops or enemies. The more sexy she wears the more cops or guys will fall for her, making her a good distraction tools.

Outfit for male and female can be changed during gameplay, like DD game that can mix-match outfit for a more desire result eg. certain outfit can assist in climbing, jumping or running. Some offer more stealth ability. Other offer more fire burning protection. Other offer more melee hit protection when you fight with with close melee attack.


[32].   Add in "Relief" design into game
I don't know what to call this but for reference I called it "Relief" design. 

Relief design for DDDA game
This design is more obvious in Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen game which used a lot of this design. One example is the Desiccated Ring that make Arisen immune to being drenched and make his lamp burning all the time. Initially in the game, Arisen lamp will be damped when Arisen is in a watery area causing the lamp to go dark. But after some gameplay gamer will loot the Desiccated Ring that relieve gamer from this problem.

Relief design for MGS5 game
Initially Snake can only use the balloon fulton device then later mission, Snake found a bird (if I remember correctly) and this unlocked a Wormhole Fulton device. Which is a big deal, when you don't have to carry KOed enemy outside of building, to fulton them back to Mother Base.

For GTA5 game, then ..
(a)   Your car own GPS system
After about 15% into the game, Los Santos Customs will notify you about a GPS system that will keep track of your car ie. show car location on map. It is helpful when you flee car and run on foot for gunfight then later you can locate your car easily.
if Rockstar wants to make things interesting then design a Strangers and Freaks mission to unlock this GPS system. That person you help will introduce you to this GPS system.

(b)   Hang-out will have them travel to meet me
About 30% into the game, then a mission ended with all 3 characters meeting at a spot. This spot will be the Hang-out meeting spot and if I play as Michael then Trevor and Franklin will travel to meet me at thsi spot. Rather than now GTA5 game have you run North and South to pick them up for Hang-out. Later more missions will open up more meeting spots so gamer can have choices to pick where to have them to travel to meet me.
Give gamer 2 options when calling for hang-out, Pick them up (as in GTA5 game) OR have them travel to meet me.

(c)   Advance Car Locking system 
During free roam, if you leave your car for sometimes and it will be stolen. For the relief design, then later about 25% into the game, Los Santos Customs will notify you about a Advance Car Locking system that will prevent your car from stolen. Even it is stolen, the map will report where that car is moving on the map, for gamer to give chase to get back the upgraded fine-tuned car.

(d)   Relieve gamer by making looting easier
After equipping augment that can make dead cops drops mini-First Aid Kit (please read Skill and Augment system). Then gamer has to get out of car to loot this mini-First Aid Kit to replenish small amount of health. After several missions later, gamer will unlock an augment that will relieve gamer from getting out of car to loot mini-First Aid Kit. Just drive over it to loot it (only for looting mini-First Aid Kit). Inside the car will also shield you from any cop's shots.

(e)   Relieve gamer by getting new purchased car on the spot
After certain mission, gamer will meet a car agent and that person will ask gamer to register to his car website as a member. Next time when gamer surf the net to buy new car, gamer don't have to go back to his garage to use the new car. The agent will drive to the spot where gamer is.

(f)   Phone have a redial button
After certain mission then protagonist buy another phone and this one got a redial button. It will dial the phone number of previous call.


[33].   Store's Drink Health system
Certain expensive drink sold at store will cost few hundreds dollars and this drink will replenish health bar 2 times faster until up to 1/2 health bar (or 3/4 health bar if augment is equipped). This quick-replenish effect will last 2 hours in-game time. This drink have limitted stock, have to return to store next day for drinks to restock.


[34].   Auto-driving during mission
Red Dead Redemption allowed gamer to press a button and the horse will automatically par next to the NPC's horse speed during a mission. Freeing up gamer's attention to control the horse moving direction and this way it allowed gamer to listen to the scripts (or read the subtitle's translation).

But for GTA 5 game, during a mission while on the road, your car cannot par to the car infront and if you pay attention to the road then you cannot read the subtitle's translation. Can't GTA game improve this like RDR game ?


[35].   Some interesting suggestion for upgrade/customize
(a)  Upgrade to a Bouncing Grenade Launcher.
You can further upgrade your Grenade Launcher that can re-bounce from a wall after shooting at a wall. This is good when cops are just around a wall corner and you just shoot at the wall and grenade will bounce (deflect) off wall and fly towards cops around the corners

(b)  Sticky bomb able to customize chain reaction's delay timer.
Gamer can set chain reaction with delay timer or explode all bombs simultaneously. Example if set all bombs with 3 seconds delay timer (in-game time) then tossed 1 to 10 nos in direction direction. The 1st bomb tossed will explode first, then 3 seconds later the 2nd bomb tossed out will explode and so on.


[36].   Give gamer the choice of starting story mode
So far I have seen story mode auto-starts whenever that character is at that mission spot. Can't dev. let gamer to have a choice to start mission ? Becos sometimes gamer go to that mission spot to do other things first then only start the story mode mission.


[37].   Fine tune car to be more like Gran Turismo game (a racing game)
I don't know if this is a tall order for Rockstar becos we are comparing GTA game with a truely outstanding racing game. But if Rockstar can at least add in more design, more like GT game then it is so much the better for gamer to enjoy GTA as it is partly a racing game too. And it is all about cars too. Then why not ?

Fine-tune a car example
(a)  control car to "Oversteer or Understeer"
(b)  Able to control how much car will Fish-tail during a cornering.

Fine tune to have more explanation like GT game.


[37a].   More wow factor if car has the orignial name and model
I understand games have production budgets and this may have forced Rs to drop the idea of securing each car's license and secure song's license instead. 
Look to PES football game. They too, have problem securing the license. But Konami designed an editor in the game to allow gamer to edit each clubs and players name.

For GTA game, then only those fully upgraded car can have it's name and model, editable while in the workshop. Then it is nice to drive a "Dodge Viper", "Ferrari" or a "Porsche 911"


[38].   Able to customize your car's skin
One of the best design of customizing your car is Forza Motorsport 4 game. Gamer can add or change car skin design and design logo can skew, change scale or change color. 

For GTA game, then you need to do a mission at about 40% completion of game that will require gamer to rescue a car designer from a prison's cell. After that mission he will help you to customize your car.


[39].   Make a gameplay for gaining "Point Of Interest" icon and Map info
"Point Of Interest" (POI) icon 
The nos. of "Point Of Interest" (POI) icon available in the game, is a bit low ie. maximun nos. gamer can set is 10. How about giving gamer more nos. and make icon to be more specific ?

Gaining POI icons
(a)  Rewarding gamer with POI icon when gamer completed any side mission or Random Events. 
(b)  Or you can hide these POI icons around the map and let gamer look for it. The more you find it then you more you can use it.

Type of useful icons 
That helps pinpoint useful items during emergency time after calling up the map. Becos GTA 5 game only say "Point Of Interest" and never tell gamer what that is, was it for an Body Armor or First Aid Kit ? Thats why you have to give gamer different type of icon. Like icons for ...
(a)  Body Armor
(b)  First Aid Kit / canned drink dispenser.

Make "map info" into a gameplay
Convenience store, initially don't show up on the map. How about making this into a gameplay and make gamer to earn this ? Example, initailly all stores don't show up on the map but once you robbed a store and still get away with a 4 stars wanted level and repeating this 2 or 3 times on same store then store will show up on the map.

But Rockstar has to display a hint to tell gamer this otherwise gamer will not know. I know some gamer will disagree and they may ask why not put all info into map ? Becos doing so will make game too pale and shallow without much gameplay. It is like giving all weapons (in the game) to gamer without them earning for it.


[40].   Gameplay to strike a balance
Day time cops eye sight distance will be better than night time (look to MGS5 or SCB game for example). Cops will need torch-light to see better at night. 

So to strike a balance to gameplay, nos of cars in open carpark and elevated carpark in buildings should strike a balance for gamer to take cover. Meaning at night cops will not see good so there ought to have lesser cars in carpark area. Day time will have more cars for gamer to take cover.


[41].   "Climb" action to be like SCB game
Ought to improve on the climb action. Becos Micheal climbs a tall wall and gamer has no control of him climbing the wall ie. climb and jump over the wall. 
SCB game allow Sam to climb on tall wall and cling at the top of wall. Then next options are climb over the wall or drops back down to his previous location ie. to cancel the climb action. 

[ Or better still, if Rs can design next game to allow Micheal to move along the top of wall while clinging to it (like what Sam can do in Blacklist). This action will expand the gameplay tremendously if Micheal can move while clinging to a wall. Thus expanding the escape gameplay ]

There are few reasons for cancelling the climb. 
Gamer may noticed ...
(a)  that it is a big drop that will get him "wasted" if he continue to jump down.
(b)  that once jumped down, there is no way of climbing back to his previous location eg. a 10-12 feet drop to the other side of wall.
(c)  that cops on the other side of wall, have already got out of their car and ready to shoot him if he jumps down.

For GTA fast climbing a wall, then can press button X few times and he will climb and jump over wall. Else pressing button X once will make him cling on the top of wall for more options ie. X=climb over wall or B=Drops back to previous location.


[42].   Suggestion for improving Cover and crouching system
The cover system is GTA5 and RDR game are so bad. 

(a)  Game do NOT tell you where you will take cover
There is no telling where you will take cover when you tab RB button. If you are in an area with several possible cover close by each other then it could cause you to lose the gunfight. You may take cover at a side where cops can shoot you !

Allow 2 ways of taking cover. When protagonist is holding a weapon/throw item then draw a reticle DOT at screen center.
(a1)   If LStick is NOT tilted or moved ie. neutral then pressing RB will only take cover at where the reticle DOT is. Example if reticle DOT is at the rear of car then will run and take cover at rear of car. But if there is nothing at the reticle DOT then he will run there and crouch down.
(a2)   If LStick is tilted to 10 o'clock PLUS RB is also pressed then this will ignore the reticle DOT and protagonist will run towards 10 o'clock to take cover of whatever is there (if there is something for gamer to take cover else no cover is taken). 

LStick movement as cover direction isn't what gamer is intended
This type of using LStick movement as cover direction is faster as you don't have to pan screen to line up the reticle DOT to choose the cover point. This allow faster cover but sometimes isn't what gamer is intended. Example if gamer is standing exactly at the diagonal point of a wall corner. Moving the LStick can means to the left side or right side of wall. Gamer may take cover at the side where cops can shoot gamer.

Rs, how about taking up the challenge ie. allowing gamer to control character's running route (towards the cover spot) by moving the LS. Example when gamer wants to take cover at left side of wall but character is running towards right side of wall. Then gamer noticed that and can quickly move LS to left side and this will change the running route to take cover at left side of wall.

(b)  Camera movement speed is so slow when you are in cover
Even setting the Aim Sensitivity to the highest but this do NOT affect the camera viewing movement when you are in cover - It is too slow, compared to SCB game.

(c)  Run from cover to cover in standing posture ?
It is weird for a shooter game for not having a crouch button when you have a cover system.  

It looked silly when your surounding has a lot of low walls and cars that can shield you from being shot. But you cannot crouch down near these object to avoid being shot. Rather the game forced you to move to these objects in a STANDING posture then game allow you to take cover at these objects. Then to run to next cover you have to run in STANDING posture again and get shot at again. 

(d)  Cannot shoot from cover edge without standing up ?
SCB game allowed gamer to peek out of edge cover eg. a car edge, without standing up to shoot. Can't Rockstar improve this to at least par the standard, with other great games ? And also notice how fast the re-pan view zoom back after Sam done with a shooting from an edge.
Another bad example is when Micheal is taking cover at a car and if you shoot helicopter with a RPG then he has to STAND UP to shoot ?? Can't he crouch and shoot ?????


[43].   Stealth gameplay and Distraction tools
My guess is there was no crouching system in the GTA5 game so stealth and distraction tools were not in that game too. But if Rockstar adds in a crouching button then these ought to be in the game since coding already check if gamer is crouching down or not.

Look to SCB game for stealth and distraction gameplay.


[44].   Improve the gun Aiming system
The aiming system in GTA5 is below Rockstar's standard. 

(a)  Shooting a Grenade launcher thru a tight angle, is a pig
As the grenade will land near you (read somewhere in this post) without any warning to tell gamer this shot is NOT possible.

(b)  Aiming Setting is too Easy or Useless
Assisted Aiming setting is way too easy as it auto snap to enemy. But Free-Aim is totally useless. Can't you do something like SCB game eg. you need to move the aiming cursor to, at least NEAR (about 5-7 feet) an enemy for aiming cursor to snap to that enemy.

By doing this, at least gamer feels like they are actually doing the gunfight (which require some degree of aiming skill) and not the game (as it auto snap to enemy). Then Rockstar have to tone down gunfight difficulty level since right now free roam gunfight at 5 stars wanted level is too ridiculously hard to maintain it for long meaty gunfight.

(c)  Aiming curosr will auto snap to unwanted object
Aim will snap to crouched down NPC during robbery when you want to shoot the registry cashier box. But moving the aiming cursor away from the snapped NPC is sooooo so slow, it is like aiming cursor is locked like a magnet, onto the NPC until you move cursor far away from NPC.  

If you design the aiming system like SCB ie. aim cursor only snap to target when aim cursor is within 5-7 feet. Then item (c) problem will not arise.


[45].   Ways to make stolen/purchased car permanantly yours
Gamer spent some money to fine tune those cars, are lost after you are "wasted" during free roam gunfight !?

Can't dev imrpove on this to make car permanantly yours ? 
(a)  After car exploded and you are wasted then car will appear outside hospital If gamer bought car insurance.
(b)  Or design it this way that car required to run on road for certain mileage before they are consider "yours". While fleeing cops and gunfight cops on road will have that mileage increase by 1.25 times faster. More expensive car required more mileage before they are "yours".
(c)  Or if you are "Busted" then you can get back your car at the "Vehicle Impound" spot by paying a fees.


[46].   GTA 5 got this right by making gamer only can get out of left side of car
Reason is becos knowing the game better will make gamer loot item faster. Example, a hospital has a straight alley with one EXIT facing 12 o'clock and other ENTRANCE facing 6 o'clock. A First-Aid-Kit is on a wall located at 9 o'clock. 

Knowing which side of alley to drive in will save gamer time without the need to get out of car and run around the car to loot item. Example if you drive into alley using 6 o'clock ENTRANCE then you just get out of car (ALWAYS) on the left hand side door and immediately loot the item (without running around the car like if you use the 12 o'clock EXIT)


[47].   Able to break window glass for shooting
Like RDR game, John Marston can break window glass to shoot outside. But do a better job than RDR game becos RDR aiming system at window was quite loosely done. It was difficult to adjust to make him get a good aim at enemies outside the window, if the window is narrow or having small width.


[48].   Deepen free roam robbing gameplay
Gunfight with cops is fun but current design don't allow a meaty gunfight. Example when you rob a store and flee to other area and rob 1 or 2 more store and this is all you can get. Becos at the 3rd store, all cops are outside waiting and you cannot defeat or reduce nos of cops outside the store becos the game will keep on spawning newer cops to replace the dead one. There is only one escape route ie. the main entrance of store, mostly you will ended up Wasted if you force your way out of store if your wanted level is high and you have no more armor left.

(a)  Opening the store's side door
During gunfight inside store, design store building in a way that the owner is crouching down near a door which he can see you killed few nos of cops (GTA5 has owner crouched near a door at the back of store). A "Fear" meter will appear on shop owner's head to tell gamer how scare he is. The more cops gamer killed and this will raise up his fear meter, provided he can see you kill the cops. 

When his fear meter is max then gamer point his gun at owner and he will stand up and key in security code to open steel door to a secured-room (which has small amount of cash too). This room also has a door to exit the store but has few strong padlock holding the door shut. Gamer has to use shotgun to blast few padlocks away to open the exit door. 

Then gamer can exit the door which has fewer nos of cops there quite far away. It is up to gamer how to play this, either do it quietly by using a sniper rifle with a suppressor or go loud. This way gamer can flee the area and make another heist.

The more store you rob consecutively, the more difficult gameplay will get. 
Example ...
(a1)  more nos of cops you need to kill, in front of store owner to max his fear meter, to open secured-room door.
(a2)  area outside side-door, will increase nos of cops waiting.

(b)  Bigger pay check or reward with other incentive
The 2nd store will give a bigger pay check. Robbing the 3rd store in one go will offer even a more meaty bigger pay check (or more augment points earned)


[49].   Beating 5 stars wanted level is a badly implemented design
Why this is a bad design ?

Well, I have looted all the best and powerful weapons found in the map and yet I could not beat the cops or escape the 5 stars wanted level.

Adding better skills/augment PLUS weapons into game
If I had my way, I would design using augment and skills unlockable (not like GTA 5 only giving better weapons). The more you play free roam gunfight with cops and the more stars wanted level you get then you will earn more points to buy augment or skills. You will earn points even you are "Wasted" so gamer can accumulate the points to buy better skills/augment. As you play more free-roam gunfight with cops then you will progressively add up your skills or buy better augment PLUS with better weapons then you get a better chance of beating the cops and escape with a 5 stars wanted level.

Adding real skills into game
Nowadays not many game that require gamer to use skill to beat the game. The only game I knew that truely required skills was Spiderman 2 The Game (for PS2). This game allowed gamer to use level 1 attacking skill then at the end of finishing the level 1 attacking skill, gamer is allowed to continue it with a level 2 attacking skill. How cool is that ? No other game has done that or emulate that kind of design (at least in my gaming experience).


[50].   Improve on the aiming of grenade launcher and the Throw item
(a)  Grenade Launcher aiming
If you fire the grenade launcher thru a tight or half open swing-door eg. the store robbery, if the aiming is just beside the door then grenade will hit swing-door instead. Game ought to tell gamer if current shot is possible to hit target or not eg. if grenade will hit the door instead of reaching the cops outside then change the aiming shape or use a grayed-out color aiming curosr, to tell gamer current shot is not shootable. 

(b)  Throw item
If you take cover on a 3 feet high barricade and try to do a throw of a grenade to a cop just not far away from you. When you aim the throw with the aiming dot slightly above the barricade then throw grenade and it will hit the barricade and land on your side.

Another problem with the throw (could be bugged) - if you take cover at a spot for too long then the Throw action just won't happen when you press RT. You have to uncover and take cover again to solve the problem.

(b1)  Make the screen center Dot a bit larger and make it bright white color. Then if the throw is not throwable ie. it will hit the wall you are taking cover at, then make the bright white Dot to gray out in color. So gamer will know throw is not possible.
(b2)  When LT is pressed (LT not used in GTA5's throw) then a arc toss-line will appear (like MGS5 game). Without pressing LT and only press RT then this will do a quick toss at where the screen center Dot is pointed at. This will allow gamer to control the arc toss-line, to do a close toss over a short wall, like in MGS5 game.  

(c)  Can't do a Throw parallel to wall
If cops are moving towards you along a wall and you are taking cover to that wall then your throw just won't happen ?! You have to un-cover from wall then only able to do a Throw ??
Can't you design it in a way when RT is press then just throw the grenade at the aiming cursor ??

A lot of the times item (a) and (b) caused me to get "wasted" becos game don't tell me that if my shot or throw is able to get thru or not. 

Use bigger and color dot for Throw
The throwing-dot need to be a bit bigger becos during battle and at day time the dot is white color and wall and ground is bright and it is so hard to see the small white dot on white background. 

If Rockstar is afriad to have a big permanant aiming dot at screen center to spoil the nice graphics then only make the big aiming dot appear on screen when protagonist is holding a weapon or a throw item.


[51].   Add more Playstyle/challenges for replay value
Look to SCB game, which has ..

(a)  3 modes of gameplay for replay value ie. Panther, Ghost and Assault Playstyle. 
(b)  4 levels of difficulties ie. Novice, Normal, Realistic and Perfectionist. 
(c)   In addition to these, certain guns have 3 mode of firing shot ie. Single Shot, 3 Bursts and Auto for more challenges. 

Suggestion for GTA game, If using the least powerful shot mode [of item (c) above] then gamer will increase the shooting stats faster etc.


[52].   Avoid unfair cheating design
I am calling it Cheating design becos dev simply used short cut to make gameplay harder to beat. These are the designs that gamer has no control over it. If dev are serious about giving gamers a good gaming experience then fix these.

(a)  Cops shooting too ridiculously sharp
Cops are too sharp and when your health is critical and you are driving very fast to flee the scene and yet they can still shoot you and hit you right on target. Come on, isn't a moving target harder to hit ??
Another bad example is when you are taking cover behind a car and yet they can still shoot and hit you from 150 meters away. What is the point of taking cover then ??
(a1)   if you do not add any gameplay to improve this then at least reduce the cop's shooting accuracy down a bit.
(a2)   Add augment gameplay for gamer to choose to equip it eg. augment "Skillfully hide behind car cover will reduce being shots by 75%" 
"Reduce hit damage by 75% when you are taking cover" (but not for any exposed direct hit)

(b)   Gun aiming cursor snapped to a dying cop. 
Example when you are inside a store and 3 cops rushed into the store and you peek out to shoot cops and you hit one cop and he is dying then you peek out again to shoot but your aiming is snapped to the dying cop while you desperately try to readjust your aim to shoot the 2 cops near the dying cop but the 2 cops will shoot you first.
Rockstar need to design a smarter aiming system. Your aim should ignore the dying cop and will snap to the other alive-and-kicking-standing cops, near dying cop.

(c)   During car chase at 5 stars wanted level
(c1)  Civilian cars will intentionally speed up and turn to ram into your car.
(c2)  Cop cars are way too super-good at pinning your car against obstacles.
Then cops are way way too quick to get out of car to shoot you, leaving gamer with zero chances to stay longer in the gameplay.
With zero chance of getting out of this sticky situation then Rs may as well design 2 buttons on the screen for gamer to press. Pressing the wrong button will get instant "Wasted" scenario - same result !

Suggestion to item c2
(i)   GTA5 game weapon strength stays all the same thru out the game. Later in mission, either allow gamer to unlock Stun Grenade to overcome this "Pinned down" situation. Or allow powerful shotgun (rather than mini-machine gun) to use while inside pinned-down car then shoot squad team. Otherwise there is NO chance of overcoming this when there are several squad team shooting at you when your car cannot move at all.

(ii)   Or if you want a Kojima's style design, then some super-cars have upgrade to fit in a "Ejection seat" (like a jet ejection seat). Pressing a button will have you fly out of your pinned down car, to somewhere of 10 meter away. Direction of ejection will be random, depending on RNG god is on your side or not. You may drop far away from cops or drop into a bunch of cops (LoL). 
"Ejection seat" can only use once then have to go to workshop to fit in again, meaning that it can only help you once during fleeing cops. 

(iii)  Later in mission, will unlock an augment that "Use Special Ability gauge meter to loosen your car from being pin-down". This will make your car more powerful (by pressing the RT down together with pressing button A) and will slowly push any car that is blocking the way, provided your Special Ability gauge meter is not used up.

(d)   Do NOT use RNG (random number generator) design on truck engine dying off
Example there is a mini-gun at the top of a tower in Fort Zancudo, after getting the mini-gun and you flee in a military truck. This truck can take many of cop's shot and cop's ramming into your truck. But car chase on the way back to the city can have the truck engine suddenly turn off, focing me to flee on foot and wasted.
Truck should have a health bar so gamer will know how to avoid more crash or cop's car ramming into truck. At least this way gameplay is fair.

(e)   Why is it protagonist will likely move about, when aiming with a weapon
When you walk then stop walking and aim then protagonist will start walking again. Then when you don't aim and he will stand still. 
Is this how the fcuk you make gameplay harder by turning up the LS sensitivity level ? But when you aim with a sniper rifle then you will totally stop and not moving at all. Why can't other guns behave the same way as sniper rifle ???

(e1)   You can't even stand still to shoot and if you are on a narrow walking path just near hill-cliff. 
(e2)   shooting the helicopter with RPG, is already hard when they are in maneuver mode (for heavy weapon don't have snapping mechanism). 
(e3)  Or when you want to shoot at the registery cashier box in the store.
(e4)  You make sure you are not standing at railway track to shoot (just few feet away from track). After some shooting at helicopter and you get hit by a train. Becos you didn't notice you were moving as you were aiming at the helicopter (skyward), without any ground reference point to tell you are actually moving.

(f)   Security guards suddenly appear without any warning on mini map
Fled 5 stars on foot then stealthly hijacked a car and car in mini map was grayed out. The 5 stars started to blink and you drove and look at mini map to avoid any cop's car. But suddenly few security guards (orange color) appear in the mini -map and I was detected again. Come on, Rs !
At least show security guards on mini-map's road and that will restricted me fewer roads to drive - no problem. At least that isn't a cheating design.

(g)   Person who fly the helicopter, has psychic power  ?
Example you are inside Richards Majestic compound and doing gunfight. When you take cover near a dumpster (at the narrow alley) and helicopter will fly behind you while you doing gunfight facing front gate entrance. When you turn around to get ready to shoot that helicopter then it will stay out of view ie. hiding behind tall building.
And if you turn back and look in front then you can see the helicoper (on mini map) fly out to shoot you from behind. Repeat the turn around sequence and helicopter will stay out of view if you are looking at it's direction.

(h)   Why design a mini-map of a rectangular shape ?
The mini-map's horizontal width is good enough to see a clear distance if any cop's car is approching. But the mini-map's vertical dimension is so short that when you take cover and facing a vertical road then any approching cop's car are outside the mini map.
And you have to constantly press Down direction button to make mini map zoom out to get a further view. Why not design the vertical dimenstion to be the same as horizontal width of mini-map. This will give gamer a better view.

(i)   Make protagonist do what gamer wanted him to do.
When you are on a motorcycle and cop cars are approaching and you stop and wait for them to drive near you so they will get out of car to shoot you then you can toss sticky bombs.

But gameplay is not within gamer's control as protagonist will take off helmet and ignoring your tapping of LB to toss Sticky Bomb. Even rapidly tapping LB won't stop him taking off his helmet. You have to wait until he is done doing that and get shot by cops for few good seconds.
Or when you are robbing a store and shot a registry cashier box and bag of money is behind the counter and you wanted to jump over the counter. But he will ignore your command when you press button X to climb over counter and he will do things himself like taking helmet off. Come on Rs, any more cheating ideas you want to add into next game ?

(j)   Hitting hard obstacles and NPC's blocking/ramming your car
When cop's car ram your the back of your car, there is an extremly high chances that you car will hit an unbreakable object such as building concrete facade or a big tree.
If not, then a NPC's car will ram into you or will block your escaping route.

(k)   Gamer's car should NOT explode after hitting a burning car wreck
You shot a cop's car and it exploded. Then you rammed at the side of the burning car wreck and that should NOT get gamer's car to explode as it is just a burning car - not an exploding car.

Okay, noticed motorcycle's fuel was leaking and it exploded when I drove near a burning car wreck. Same could have happened to item (k). But IMO, game should have alert gamer about fuel is leaking. How do you expect gamer to keep an eye on car if car is leaking fuel or not during car chase and gunfight ? Maybe it is easier to notice when driving a motorcycle]

(l)   Protagonist running speed slowed down
When you are inside a store/shop/police station/restricted military building then you are not allowed to sprint but only slow run ?? Why ?

(m)   Current weapon changed for no good reasons
When you are on a motorcycle, you toss sticky bomb at cop's car. Sometimes you accidentally press the UP direction button (becos the Right direction is close by) and this called up the phone. Then putting away phone and you current sticky bomb has reset back to gun ?? By the time you press button X to step thru to get to the Sticky bomb item, cops already shot you so many times.
I don't see why weapon should reset as you did NOT get off the bike and get on bike again.

(n)   Gun Assist sometimes don't work at all during 5 stars
You don't see this happen when it is below 5 stars. Quite often, the aim assist is turned OFF when you shoot a helicopter.

(o)   Why doing the same thing don't get the same result ??
For the pile-jump onto a moving train - in Elysian island, there is an old silo that has a Body Armor and next to old silo is a newer silo. Then next to this newer silo is a brown stone-pile that can used to jump up onto the elevated railway track near it. 
But game is sh*tty becos after many "trial and error", you finally found the best starting spot and best alignment that will land onto the track. But when the train arrive, doing the same thing don't give the same result. You will hit the railing instead !
How ? why is it that doing the same thing - everything same even to the speed and point of jump is the same but you just don't get the same result. 

Most games have at least some cheating design in game. This game (IMO) is at the second spot, for using cheating design and Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen game is at the top spot. This game deserve the 2nd spot for cheating design becos the above items happen way too frequently in the 5 stars gameplay.
Can't dev for once, don't add any cheating design to make gameplay harder to beat ?? 
If Rs wants gamers to have a pleasant gaming experience then if gamer did the right thing, give credits to gamer. Example if gamer aiming with RPG and fire an accurate shot at helicopter then make that a successful shot. Don't make the missile spiral off out of target or make helicopter to suddenly change flight direction.


[53].   Some cheat suggestions
Cheat design are meant to help gamers play easier and differently. But some cheat are too big. Can't you design cheat in smaller "help" so gamer can still find some challenge using them.

(a)  cheat that slowly replenish your health bar to full PLUS armor to full as well (effective for 10 minutes only), as like if your health bar is recovering from critical to 1/2 health bar.
(b)  item (a) above, cheat that works on gamer, also work on the other 2 hang-out characters.


[54].   Suppressor gun don't help to increase stealth gameplay ?
Free roam and your suppressor gun is useless. No matter how careful you shoot, cops will still know your location.

Example if a lone cop is shot by my suppressor gun then surely other cops who are far away, should NOT have known where I am. Yet cop cars still able to speed towards me.


[55].   Add some stealth gameplay using suppressor gun
(a)   Using silent weapon during blinking stars.
Fleeing 5 stars wanted level and you hide and cops will search area for you. If there are 5 cops in a group searching and gamer used a suppressor gun to shoot one cop then this will NOT alert or blow your cover. Only the remaining 4 cops will suspect you are there and will come moving forward.

If you move to another area and shoot another cop then the remaining 3 cops will move towards your new direction PLUS another group of cops will move in too.

Meaning, if taking down one cop, that remaining cops will move to your direction. Shooting another cop will make remaining cops PLUS another group to move towards your direction and so on. So shooting more will get more groups of cops to move in.
All these stealth kills will still make Stars to continue blinking, as it is not a loud weapon and gamer should be undetected.
Please read the Points Modifier for loud weapon using Stealth gameplay. 

(b)   Tools for Stealth gameplay
Some compound have fencing that has barb wire on top of fencing and gamer cannot climb over. Later mission will unlock tools that are a bit of a help, in playing the  game better or easier. Example unlocking a welding-gun that will shoot out hot flame (for welding type) and use this tool to burn a square hole thru the fencing (Stealth gameplay) without being detected. This tool can only use about 3 times and be out of fuel. Tool can be loot from around map or buy at workshop.


[56].   Free roam gunfight along with other 2 characters
Free roam gunfight with the help of other 2 characters don't help much at all. Firstly, AI is dumb and they don't take cover much during gunfight. Secondly, they never use any heavy weapon for once !!

(a)   Better AI movement 
Hang out character most of the time can't keep up with gamer running around. When you run around the city and they cannot catch up and screen will tell gamer to return to your friends. I know it may be hard to program AI to run along with a human but why not do a short-cut. 
(a1)  Like DDDA game, the pawns cannot catch up with Arisen in BBI area and Capcom cheats a bit, by making pawns spawn near Arisen. No gamer complain about DDDA game but there are complaint about RDR game where Marston's horse got stuck and cannot find it's way to Marston.

(a2)  If I jump down from a one storey high roof then make them do the same - jump down. Why they have to run back and take the staircase/ladder and by then they are lost and cannot make their way to where I am. 

(a3)  If I use fast-rail down the long ladder then make them do the same, use fast-rail down the ladder instead of climbing step by step down.

(a4)  The real problem is the AI only starts to follow when gamer already started running quite far away from them. Make them start running whenever gamer started to move ie. keep them close to gamer so they are not left behind.

(b)   Some commands for other 2 characters to create a control gameplay
- "Come" means follow gamer immediately
- "Go" means attack cops or move away from gamer (when they are blocking my shot using RPG or Grenade Launcher)
- "Cover" means take cover for 3-5 seconds. This command can only use once a while otherwise will make gunfight too easy. Good for making them to avoid hitting by approaching train when in the subway.

(c)   Augment example for other 2 characters
Need some good augment for gamers to choose to improve their surviving, to have a more meaty gunfight.

(c1)  Will make them take more defensive stand like taking cover if their health is critical.
(c2)  Will make them yell "Help ! I am badly hit" after they take cover (this will make gamer to defend him from cops shooting at him)
(c3)  Will add 20% more health to them when you loot a First Aid Kit.
(c4)  Their health will slowly replenish to 3/4 health bar (instead of 1/2 health bar)
(c5)  When their health is critical then they will start using heavy weapon (only blind toss 2 grenade or tear gas)
(c6)   When all team member health is critical PLUS he has at least half health bar then he will peek out to shoot with a RPG or Grenade Launcher.
(c7)   Will make your shot 50% more damaging when your health is critical.
(c8)  when health is critically low then you can move close to this character and transfer 50% amount of your Body Armor over to this character (provided you must have armor left to transfer).

If gamer managed to escape 5 stars and the other 2 characters is still alive then they will earn 0.5 times of the AP amount of what gamer earned.


[57].   You can't cancel throw of a Sticky-bomb while driving ??
How come dev. didn't see this ?? 


[58].   Car upgrade to be more varies
Not all car have same max upgrade. Like for Armor that says 100% armor upgrade for car "A" will have 8 levels of dots strength. While another car "B" of 100% armor upgrade will have 6 levels of dots strength.

My point is, not all cars have same max level of upgrade. Some only reach level 8 and some at level 10. This goes to other upgrade too eg. Transmission, Turbo but not to Bullet-proof Wheels.


[59].   Use protagonist shirt to tell gamer his health
If protagonist health is critical then the shirt should make it very bloody to tell gamer health is ciritcal. If health recover back to 1/2 health bar then remove some bloods from shirt.


[60].   This is not nip-pick
(a)   Fast game start up
Look how fast and fluid MW3 game start-up and loading up the page. 
(a1)  Instantly it goes to next page with every button pressed without any delay-timer used.
(a2)  No special animation effect or any grand screen animation effect opening. Straight to the main menu then the game itself.

In contrast, if you look at DDDA game, it will start game with some grand screen animation effect opening, with music like you have to listen to the whole start-up song before you get to the main menu screen.

For GTA5, the load menu with just 15 items of saved filenames, yet it took few seconds to load that ?! And every button pressed it used delay-timer before that next screen is loaded up.

(b)   Seperate sound setting
Can set game sound effect such as gunshot/explosion seperately, apart from Voice-Acting sound. 

(c)   Able to save/load your outfit setting
Many times I selected an outfit for character "A" then after few switching of character gameplay and will find that character "A" is wearing a different outfit in another location. Can't dev allow gamer to immediately let gamer switch back to the preset "saved" outfit on the spot without having to drive over to a store to reload that outfit

(d)   City's pavement to have more facade/planter boxes
So gamer can get more gunfight around the map rather than limiting them on certain area only. Some area around city are quite open for 5 stars gunfight.

(e)   Give gamer choices to exit garage
When you are inside garage, walking into a car will NOT auto-exit garage. Becos sometimes we want to see what car it is before exiting garage.

(f)   Can view hint/tip pages while in loading screen
Like MGS5 game, while game is loading, gamer can press Direction button to view next page. After game is loaded it waits for gamer to press to exit hint/tip page and start game.

(g)   Building room's lighting to switch on more seperately
When the time reached 20:00, all rooms within a building suddenly lights up instantly. Can't dev do something like Spiderman 3 game where each room lighting is turn on seperately.

(h)   Water wave's animations
The water waves, near the dock, looked over-size. And waves speed running along man-made channel looked a bit too fast

(i)   Protagonist is subjected to speed momentum too
If he jump off from a moving train and land on the ground then he should NOT just stand there without any momentum effect. Since he was on a moving train ie. he is speeding, then jumping off moving train should make him roll a bit on the ground before standing up.

(j)   Tree leaves blocking the view
Sometimes when you are near area where a lot of trees or tall bushes are, and the leaves are blocking the view. Can't dev. make the leaves translucent (like most games did)

(k)   Pedestrians are too slow to react
They need longer eye-sight distance when your car is about to hit them. There are a lot of times when my car is almost touching them, then only they react like giving startled reaction.

(l)   Edge of screen to show translucant blood
If gamer health is critical. 
But learn from SCB game's mistake by NOT making the whole screen go bloody red that gamer cannot even see in-game world view clearly. Blood clot also blocking the "Jump" up (icon) onto the pipe above for Sam to cling onto pipe.

(m)   Shoot helicopter debris with shotgun and debris (tail) will fly off ?!
As if helicoper debris (tail) is made of plastic !?

(n)   Jumping down on a tree ought to have broken the fall
Example some buliding perimeter has trees plant beside the building. If Micheal jump from a 3 storey high building, onto a tall tree, that tree's branches ought to break's the fall. Hence avoiding wasted but with some health bar reduced.

(o)   Need better fashion with glamour and stylish design for NPC's clothing
In Mirror Park area, near the store, some NPC have female in mini-skirt and then wearing boots. Those boots are like those wore by people who works in wet-market.

(p)   Day and night sky to be more like Assassin Creed Blackflag's sky
Play ACBF game and when it starts to get dark then you can see one end of sky is bright and opposite end sky is dark. The brighter side sky is where the sun is setting down.

(q)   Always windy at tall building rooftop
When protagonist is on a tall building rooftop or a hill top over looking the city below then it should be very windy. Example the clothing or tie will dance to the wind. And can hear strong wind sound too.
If Rs has done the animation for clothing or tie dancing to the wind then this animation can use it during you are near a helicopter's blade rotating.

(r)   Motorbike jumped onto a moving train will move along too
Example after jumped on moving train (container type carraige) and you press LT to brake bike but the motorbike will stay stationary IN THE AIR while the train is moving.

(s)   Train arrival sound to stay the same loudness 
Becos during gunfight, the train sound volume is lowered. This can make it hard for gamer to judge the train arrival becos gamer may want to jump onto moving train to flee 5 stars.

(t)   Trees and bushes to be like RDR game.
RDR game's has more nicer looking trees. Trees have layers of green color in different shades and seperated by dark patches of shadow. Even the bushes looked more nicer when they have shadows.

(u)   Radical-menu for weapon to be red if weapon is out of ammo
Grenade Launcher ran out of ammo but still can hold the weapon to aim. Whereas other gun if out of ammo, it will auto-change to other gun.
For Grenade Launcher out of ammo, then that weapon segment (in white background) ought to change to red background so gamer will easily see that it is out of ammo.


[61].   Put a Bigger Dot on screen center when gunfight is going on
This Dot will allow gamer to do a quick Throw action. Becos GTA5 game will snap to a cop when cop is at screen center when you press LT.

Sometimes gamer wanted to do quick Throw at other area. If there is a dot at screen center then pressing just RT alone will do quick toss at the Dot area (without snapping to any other object/cop)


[62].   Hidden items
(a)   Cassette tapes as hidden items 
Around map to have song Cassette tape that once found then can play in the car to listen to song
To make things more interesting, like Assassin Creed Blackflag game, Edward can chase shanty on roof top, for his crew to sing while at sea. For GTA game, then gamer stops car at traffic lights and will hear song blasting aloud from car next to gamer. That car will drives off at high speed and gamer have to give chase to loot that Cassette tape.

(b)   Car Brochures as hidden items 
Around map to have hidden Car Brochures that will gives full car details.


[63].   Able to use 2 set of trigger for Sticky Bomb
After about 35-50% game completion, gamer will unlock another set of trigger. Example I throw Sticky Bomb A into corridor North then throw Sticky Bomb B into corridor South. Then gamer can have option with 2 set of trigger to choose from. 


[64].   Better map system
(a)   Map at some point, isn't as useful.
Example during Hang-Out with other 2 characters and you want to do some robbing. But the map removed some of the icons (for robbing shops) and only highlighted activities for hang-out. Or during Hang-out gunfight, there are several landmark icons removed from map and it is hard to find the location you wanted.

(b)   Can't remember where I parked my car.
After a 5 stars gunfight. Can't Rs add in gamer's car location on the map ?

(c)   Rotating view of map (same as mini-map). 
Make it like MGS5 game, where gamer can set if map to be rotated or not.

(d)   Set waypoint while on foot.
If gamer is on foot and set a waypoint then show blue color foot-waypoint on map (and mini-map). Getting inside a car then that foot-waypoint will disappear.

(e)   Able to set multiple waypoints.
Example I set first waypoint at Ammu-nation then immediately set second waypoint at a store. When I reached first waypoint then automatically the second waypoint will turn into effect ie. displaying from your current point.

(f)   Able to set waypoint removal.
Sometimes you may want to have the waypoint stay on the map, even when you walk near the waypoint. How about allowing gamer to set "Manual or Auto" removal of waypoint, in the Options setting.

If gamer choose Manual removal of waypoint, then when gamer is near waypoint, while standing still and press button A will remove it.

(g)   Show hiding spot on map
Like Assassin Creed Blackflag game, map show tall grass for hiding. Or maybe after equipping an augment that "will hightlight hiding spot" - if Rs is into augment gameplay design.

(h)   Able to set waypoint/marker directly from game world view
Like MGS5 game, Snake can set marker from the game world view and marker will reflect on the map as well. Marker to be in 3D like MGS5.

(i)   Map able to memorize zoom view and previous map view
So gamer don't have to zoom in or pan again to get the previous view.


[65].   Car ramming near cliff gameplay
GTA lacked this gameplay where gamer and cop's car will try to push each other off the cliff. But not just one easy short push and gameplay is over. But with several good seconds of pushing gameplay, fighting for a good spot to push cops car off the cliff. Cops will do the same to gamer.

Car size and weight also play a vital role for this gameplay. Example if you are driving a mini-copper type of car then surely it is no match for a police car.

Rs could design each car to upgrade with armor protection. Each car can have full armor protection but each car type will have a different "Cliff-pusher" strength stats depending on armor upgrade and it's car type.


[66].   Why can't game do this ?
(a)   Can't shoot car door to shut it
Why is it that when you stand in front of a open car door and shoot it with shotgun, the door will swing shut. But when you are taking cover in front of a car and shoot door but it will not swing shut ?? 

(b)   Cannot blind shot above head level ?
You can do side blind shot. But when you take cover beside a wall that is as high as your head then you cannot do overhead blind shot ?

(c)   Cannot blind shot underneath truck or a train ?
Some trucks or train have a big gap underneath and can see cops running. When you can take cover at this area but cannot do blind shot underneath this vehicles that will hit cop's legs or feet ?


[67].   Able to customize car view
GTA 5 allow car view to change when you press button B, but this only step thru each view sequence.

How about letting gamer to preset a view when pressing button A (as button A isn't used at all) ?

(a)   Car chase rear wheel's view
Example when I press button B, view sequence will change to (just an example becos I can't remember what GTA views sequence are) Top View, Side View, Rear Right Wheel and Rear Left Wheel. If I press button B until to Rear Right Wheel then back to the normal view then game will consider the last preset view is Rear Right Wheel.

Then if I drive along a road at high speed and suddenly I turn a corner then I press-hold button A to change view to what I have preset earlier ie. the view of "Rear Right Wheel". This will make the scene more like TV series Starsky and Hutch, where they used to have high speed road corner turn that display from wheel's view. Releasing that button A will return back to normal camera view.

(b)   Stalker's view
In addition to item (a) above, add a "Stalker's view" for gamer to follow NPC or armored van. This view will zoom to the back seat of car ie. just showing you sitting in front of car and front car window view (while gamer press-hold button A). This back seat view is quite common used in movies or TV series for stalking.


[68].   Constant car speed
Lightly pressing RT half way down will make the car drives at the speed then after car is running at constant speed, gamer can release RT totally. Until RT is fully pressed again, to allow changes to car speed again. This constant speed feature is good for slow stalking (npc or cars)


[69].   Uphill is slower but downhill should be faster
Running uphill or steps/staircases is slower but doing the opposite ie. downhill should be faster. But no, you still have that slow speed.


[70].   Allow gameplay that can group up helicopters
Gamer can use running tactics around buildings, to group up cops pursuing you on foot. But it is so hard to group up helicopters, becos there is little point of shooting them since they will keep on spawning. Able to group helicopters then they will not scatter all over the map to spot me when I run and hide in-between tall buildings.
If Rs has intention of doing this gameplay design, then put this in a Hint pages so game know of dev intended gameplay design. 


[71].   Omit any auto-feature design
MGS5 game has an auto-feature that make Snake to cover if he is near it. Example Snake move inside tight area like in the mansion "Code Talker", it is hard to make him move freely or precisely, if he is near a wall or railing then he will auto-snap cover to it. There are many moments that you will lost control of Snake for a second or two, when you want him to move along tight area and he snap to cover instead. Critical time when you are under attack and try to run away to escape but instead we find him behaving like a magnet to the wall/railing beside him and slow down the escaping  process. 

For GTA5 game, omit Micheal to auto climb a ladder when he walks by a ladder. Becos sometimes that isn't what gamer was intended to do ie. just walk past the ladder.

Only when gamer is facing ladder and press button A, then he will jump onto it.


[72].   Mini game is too mini
(a)  Dart - why not add a hand holding a dart. Then use LS to move hand to swing/aim. Whenever gamer pressed button A then it will throw dart and hit the board. The target throw point will depend on the hand swing arc after pressing button A.


[73].   Rare sport racing fine tuned car should be faster than cop's car
It is unfair when you have a very fast highly upgrade sport car and yet cop car can still catch up and ram into you.

Cop's car from behind you can catch up and ram into you ONLY if ...
(a)   You are forced to slow down eg. FULL road block and even you can toss Sticky Bomb very accurately and cop's car wreck (random pattern arrangement on the road) will slow you down depending on which gap of car wreck you take.
(b)   cop's car spawn in front (far away from you) will try to block or slow you down, depending on gamer driving skill if they can avoid in-coming car or not.


[74].   Map's Crime Rate system, Hiring NPC & their weapon usage system and Buddy system
Like SpiderMan 3 game, if spidey fights more crime on certain area of the map, that area will change color from red to green (if I remember the color correctly). 

(a)   Map Crime Rate system
Your crimes affect NPCs and city crime rate too. But for GTA5 game, it will be in reverse mode as protagonists are bank robbers. If you do more free-roam crimes on certain map area then it will turn to red and this will affect other NPCs too. 

More crimes then dogs will slowly appear on map
More crimes you do in that particular district then that housing area will have more dogs in public house's compounds. And they will have "Warning - Dogs" sign nailed to their wall/gate. Some large compound may have few dogs but this can be pros and cons to gamer, depending on how gamer play it. 
(a1)   you can lure cops into compound where they are dogs. 
(a2)   open compound gate to release dogs to fight cop's dogs or compound dogs to bite cops and slow cops down.

(a3)  in a red-zone area, gamer will see more crimes coming up and see more car chase (cops after criminals) around that area. Then gamer have more chances of helping these criminals (later can hire them as crews).
(a4)  You do more crimes then that district area will have dogs in their building compound. It can have pros and cons for gamers. If you flee mindlessly into compound with dogs then they will slow you down by biting your hand. Or gamer can shoot the gate open (or plant sticky bomb at gate in advance) to let dogs out to go after cops to slow cops down.

(b)   Help criminals beat the cops and options to hire them as crews
Like Assassin Creed Blackflag game, where Edward can help pirates to fight guards while on land and after helping them, they are taken in as Ed's crews.

For GTA5, gamer will see more criminal fighting cops on street. If gamer has helped criminals to take down the cops, then Micheal will say criminals "here is my phone number, call me". Later gamer will recieve their phone messages, each with their resume eg. giving gamer complete vital info of their strength and weakness. Gamer has 2 memory slot for storing crews for future heist missions. Meaning, finding better crews will replace the previous crew (of gamer choice which vrew to discard).

(c)   Example of rare criminal who will use heavy weapon
Make some rare criminal that is hard to find. They will use heavy weapon such as Grenade Launcher once a while during gunfight (story mode of free -roam). Becos GTA5 have zero characters that use any heavy weapon during hang-out free roam gunfight.

Chances of finding these rare criminals
RPG and Grenade Launcher user - 5% chances of finding these criminals around the city map.
Grenade tossing user - 8% chances of finding these criminals
Tear Gas tossing user - 15% chances of finding these criminals
Even after finding them, each type will have different rate of using those heavy weapon. Example one criminal info will say he will use RPG with a chance 5% while another will say he will use RPG with a chance 3%

This will make game to look for good find, around the city during free roam.

(d)   Make NPC your Buddy for a hang-out gunfight
If gamer is lucky and stumble upon one criminal who say he will use RPG with a chance 10% (wow !) then gamer can call him out for hang-out free roam gunfight, provided his Buddy Points (BP) level must be increased to 100 BP. To reach 100 BP then gamer have to use that same crew for missions (or replay same mission) to increase his BP.
You can design some rare criminal who will have the variable rate of using heavy weapon. Example his stats will show a yellow bar up to 5% and the remaining gray bar from 5% to 10% is variable and will increase as you use him more during mission or free-roam gunfight.


[75].   Design some "variable" gameplay
If you look at DDDA, some area are only accessible by certain vocation eg. Staff holding vocation can easily hover to a higher platform to access a room. Inside the room has a lever that open a gate. Once open then later gamer playing using other vocation can access thru that gate.

For GTA game, place some remote item for gamer to loot but it cannot be looted when gamer just newly started the game. As gamer lacked the skill to jump across a 10 feet gap to loot that item. Remote Item can be First Aid Kit or Body Armor etc.

(a)   Cross-augment that benefits other characters to access remote area
Some Special skills (or augments) are character's sensitive eg. Trevor will only unlock a skill "Able to jump extra 7 feet across a gap". When this skill unlocked then gamer playing using Trevor and used this skill and it's Cross-Augment level has increased to 100 points (please read above for Cross-Augment level). Then playing using other characters can also equip this skill to loot that item.

(b)   Special skills (solely for a character) will unlock path for other characters
Example item (a) above, gamer playing as Trevor will equip the jumping skill to jump from building nearby then climb down and kick the lower part of ladder for access. This type of ladder can be seen a lot in Resident Evil 6 game, where the lower part of ladder is raised up so people at ground floor cannot climb up. Once the lower part of ladder is kicked down, it will join up and form a complete ladder. Then this ladder will stay that way ie. now accessible during any free roam gameplay.

(c)   Certain car can use other guns that other car don't allow
This will allow gamer more choices to choose different type of cars that has more advantage depending on what guns/throw items they want.

(d)   Make some temporary cover spot with breakable material
Some map area don't allow for 5 stars gunfight becos lacking covering spot. 

Temporary covering spot suggestions
(d1)   Design more low roof eg. twin size carporch with breakable roof material. This roof material will break after some shooting from helicopters. This kind of roof are transparent or translucent ie. cannot hide from helicopter view else escaping 5 stars will be too easy. 
But still, the map is lacking more hiding spot to prevent helicopter from detecting gamer to make 5 stars escaping on foot more achievable.

(d2)   A lot of southern part of map ie. the industrail area have a lot of staircase/steps railing that cannot give any cover. Meaning shot can still hit gamer if they take cover at railing.
Design more railing that has breakable plate on railing. But these plate are at certain interval of railing - not all along of railing. So gamer can use these spot for temporary cover. These railing's plates are breakable after some shooting.


[76].   MW3 (survival mode) grenade explosion is more realistic
If you pay close attention to the explosion animation (claymore or c4), you can see when it first exploded, cloud of smoke are pushed outward by powerful force then only black cloud starts to form and raise up.

[77].   No warning when you are driving out of mission limit ?
During a mission and if you drive too far away, the game will instantly fail gamer without any warning at all. Look at MGS5 game, if gamer drive near the mission limit line, it will warn gamer to drive back or you will fail mission.


[78].   Can change outfit while on street
(a)   Change to NPC's outfit.
GTA5 allowed gamer to change car to evade cops during manhunt. Then ought to be able to use silent kill/KO any NPC behind alley to change his outfit. Then walk out on the street and merge into the crowds, this will lower down your detection level (like Assassin Creed Blackflag game). But the cops will run closer to you to do a check on you. Slow run ie. holding down button A will not raise the alarm during blinking stars.

(b)   Hoodies can hood/unhood.
Hoodie outfit to be able to hood and unhood by gamer choice, anywhere and anytime. While in hood mode, only cops facing gamer at front view will make cops shoot gamer. When not facing front view then they will run closer to you to do a check on you. Slow run ie. holding down button A will not raise the alarm during blinking stars.


[79].   Movie style cut-scene
Study how movie directors pans the screen view. SCB game did a great job for bringing out a very cinematics style cut-scene.

Another thing is, the way how movies are made, they put out the sound/voice before the next screen is displayed. Example the movie screen showing a high view of a building, viewers already hearing the actor's voice then only the next screen view comes in and show the actor talking. You rarely see this in game cut-scene.


[80].  Use "Soft" lock for gun aiming and Throw action
Sometimes the auto-lock that snap your aiming cursor to target is not what gamer intend to shoot/throw. But then moving the aiming cursor away from the wrong target is soooo so hard to move. 
Example in a shop you wanted to shoot the registery cashier box but game will use "Hard" lock that auto-snap to NPC and moving the aim away from NPC is so hard like you need to tilt the RS for some time before it starts to move.

Ought to use soft lock ie. able to quickly move the aim away from wrong target. Same goes for the Throw action too.


[81].  Use sound feedback as info
Look to SCB game eg. Charlie's Pakistani Embassy gameplay. Sam in another room can tell where exactly that hostile is by listening to ...
(i)  his footsteps sound eg. when he walks on a steel staircase then the sound of his shoes hitting the steel steps.
(ii)  hostile voice or sound, he make when he breaks open a door.
(iii)  the sound of the broken window glass when hostile used his gun to break window glass. He will shoot you after breaking the window glass.

(a)   Example of using sound to tell the direction
For GTA game eg. you are in an housing area. At 9 o'clock the alley (ie. on your left) has broken glass on the ground. At 12 o'clock the alley (ie. in front of you) has a lot of dried leaves on the ground. And at 3 o'clock the alley (ie. on your right) is accessible by steel staircase. If gamer walks to any of these alley, they will hear the sound of broken glass, dried leaves and steel step being stepped on. 
Then during gunfight, by hearing the sound, gamer will know which alley has cops and they are near you now. Becos the mini-map displayed red dots and are just a rough location for gamer to pinpoint them.

(b)   Maybe Rs may want take a step further
For SCB game, these sound feedback are fixed in the game. Maybe Rs may want to take a step further by letting gamer decide what object they want to be on the ground to create the sound. 
(b1)   Example a store (like those near the beach) have few item that can be shot and that item will fall and scatter on the ground. Stepping on these items will make a unique sound. 
(b2)   Or a covered glass roof, shooting it will make glass shatter and fall to the ground. Then cops stepping on broken glass will give a unique sound to tell gamer cops are near (when cops are out of view).

Then again, Rs has to put this in the Hint pages so gamer will know (like what MGS5 game did).


[82].   Cops should NOT know that robbery is taking place
Sometime the randomness can spoil the fun - how could the cops arrive immediately when I do a holdup at a store. This happen when I reload the same save file, it can have few scenario as scenario is random.

Sometime the game can be stupid, it just won't let your play the way you wanted. It can drain the gamer when they try to record some 5 stars gunfight gameplay, which is already very hard to beat in some open area. And you keep reloading the same save file then they have to keep up with this unpleasant surprise cop's visit.

Unless I robbed the same store twice in a short period of time, then it is no problem as gamer will know this and avoid robbing it again. 


[83].   More ways of Throw design
Can't gamer take cover besides a truck and do a low throw underneath a truck, towards cops far behind the truck


[84].   Taxi ride or flying helicopter around city with no cinematic camera view option ?
(a)   Gamer can only have this cinematic camera view option (pressing button B) when you are driving your own car. But none while in a taxi ?
(b)   Flying helicopter as well, do not have this cinematic camera view option (pressing button B).


[84a].   Let gamer adjust view while flying helicopter
When flying a helicopter and you try to look down but the game keep on panning the view facing the front. 
Press and hold a button can give gamer a free style camera view. Then releasing this button will auto turn back to front view.


[85].   Gun's scope view should be in toggle mode design
Some guns have scope for upgrade. But each time gamer has to press RS down for that closer view. Ought to be a toggle mode eg. once gamer has pressed RS for closer view then that gun will stay at closer view whenever you use that gun. Until gamer pressed RS again to toggle back to normal (far) view. Like what MGS5 game did.


[86].   Getting the "vertigo feeling" from game world height
Of all spiderman game that I have played (excluding the latest edition for current generation console), only spideman 2 game (for the PC) created the "vertigo feeling" of standing near a tall building roof edge.

I don't know if it is the high resolution graphics or the use of a more correct perspective "Vanishing Point" for the building landscape, to give gamer that "vertigo feeling".

For GTA5, flying a helicopter or standing on top of a tower crane don't give that much of "vertigo feeling".


[87].   Special abilities meter for other characters
Sam Fisher can tag 3 hostiles and do a special takedown in slow motion, when his special meter is full. Each of his takedown actions are random and it is fun to watch what action he may take.

For GTA game, then this is for other character to use the special takedown when their special meter is full. Gamer can tag 3 cops then press a Direction button to call the character to use special takedown action and this will also be in slow motion, giving gamer another bonus when time is slow down for gamer too.


[88].   Design a "Variable" gameplay
(a)   Buying MSR (mini store-room)
Example MSR above, buying MSR around the map to have 2 options for location. These 2 MSR's locations are just nearby each other. When gamer choose one location to buy then the other MSR's location will be lost (sold). This give a variable gameplay depending on how gamer choose the choice of location for weapon/ammo refill.
Make few location of MSR that allows gamer to stock up 1 Body Armor. This variable options gameplay will make it different depending on which location gamer choose to have that Body Armor to stock up.

(b)   Dumpster to be roller-type
A dead end is NOT a dead end. Example in a dead-end compound and gamer cannot climb a high wall to escape cops. A roller-dumpster is just beside the building then toss a grenade to the gap which is between dumpster and building. Explosion will send dumpster (on roller) outwards to the middle of compound. Then gamer can kick dumpster to where they want it so they can climb on dumpster to scale the high wall. Each kick will send dumpster (on roller) moving several feet away.

You may think this will make gameplay easy but think again, cops are closing into your location very fast. Gamer may have to shoot cops a bit then kick dumpster a bit.


[89].   Screen-saver mode
(a)   Remove mini-map during screen saver mode
Screen saver mode will start if gamer do not move the controller for a while. But the mini-map should temporary remove from screen saver mode.
(b)   Pause menu can start screen saver
Screen saver mode sometimes difficult to get it started - you wait and wait but nothing is happening. Ought to put it in Pause screen with an option to start screen saver by pressing a button. Then after exiting pause menu, it will start the screen saver mode after 3 seconds.
(c)   Screen saver focus duration to varies. 
Example if a lass walk by and camera focus on her for 5 seconds. Then it will change camera to another lass and focus on her for 7 seconds etc. Reason is becos that lass already walked very far away and camera still focus on her.
(d)   So few spot to use the feature
Rs designed a feature (screen saver to check out the girls) but only few spot on the map can use it.
No point of making screen saver to check out the gorgeous girl in glamour outfit walking around the city when you can only find them in Mirror Park map area. Becos in other part of city, mostly are guys walking around. Ought to let gamer have some control.
Listening to type of songs will determine what gender of NPCs will likely have. While driving, if I listen to a song sang by a female then I turn into this area, it will have mostly female NPCs. Then gamer can use the Screen Saver mode to get some "Nice" view before going into 5 stars gunfight gameplay.


[90].   Missions (or Story Mode) system
Discard older generation design, eg. older games that let gamer choose what level of difficulty they want for game when they FIRST started the game.

Look at SCB game, it has Novice, Normal, Realistic and Perfectionist difficulties to choose FOR EACH MISSIONS. Even in replay mode gamer can try out different difficulty levels.

For GTA game then could design 3 mode ie. Easy, Normal and Hard mode. If Rs require gamer to get 100% game completion then gamer will need to complete at least 50% of misison in Normal mode and 25% of mission in Hard mode. The remaining 25% will be up to gamer's choice. If good gamers do more Hard more then will unlock items or get good rewards.


[91].   Auto-adjustment of camera view is a problem
This is a major problem for a rapid shooter game, to have camera keep on adjusting its view.

(a)   Example for cover
If you walk to a car and pan camera view in such a way that the car is at the right side of screen. And you face the car then press RB to take cover and screen will pan to adjust the view so you can see in front of cover.

(a1)  Cop was in screen view before you take cover.
Example, prior to item (a) above, if you are surrounded by cops and you have the intention of shooting the cop that is facing to your left hand side (which you can see him before taking cover). But after taking cover, the view rotated to make you see forward of your cover. Now that cop which was in the screen view just now, is not anymore in your view and you have to rotate view to find him to shoot him.

(a2)  Constant view panning when you changes cover to cover.
It is this view panning that makes it difficult to see what is going on during a chaotic gunfight, if you changes cover few times. How do you suppose gamer to focus when screen is always panning around after you changes cover or after you take cover ??

SCB good example
If you look at Splinter Cell Blacklist game, when Sam take cover or changes cover to cover, the camera don't pan around to adjust view. SCB game let gamer manually adjust the camera view by moving the R-stick.

(b)   Example for exiting a car
Before you exit a car, pan camera view so that car is facing right side of screen then exit the car and screen view will rotate. This is a problem if after the screen view rotated and cops that was within screen view before you get out of car, is now out of screen view and you have to pan screen to shoot them.

(c)   Example of slow re-pan (or zoom back) view
In GTA 5 game, there is no fast re-pan (or zoom back) view eg. if you take cover at a car and peek out to shoot and return to cover then the screen view will re-pan back slowly. The worst thing is you have to stand up to shoot even if you can peek out of edge while crouching to shoot at the edge of cover ie. a edge of a car (which SCB game can do that without standing up and the zoom-back view speed is so much faster than GTA5 game).

For GTA5 game, the only way to have you remain in crouching posture while you shoot (exclude blind shot), is that you take cover at a car but have to shoot at the opposite direction of cover.


[92].   Interesting gameplay environment Rs missed.
(a)   Gunfight rely on sticky camera
An environment like Lode Runner XBLA (for Xbox360 console) which is more on running along one-plane of axis. Mini-map will NOT help in this wall-type of environment. Only tossing out sticky camera (like SCB game sticky camera) to other side of wall, will allow gamer to see where cops/enemies are. 


[93].   Option to set "Always Back View" or "Always Opposite View"
Pressing RS down will always look behind you. Ought to have an setting in Option to choose as said item above.
If gamer choose "Always Opposite View" then when gamer is looking on his right side then pressing RS down will pan camera to look at opposite side ie. left side view.


[94].   Quick turn to shoot
Pressing RS down will always look behind you then pressing RT will turn around and shoot. 
How about when holding a gun then pressing ...
(a)   Left Direction button+RT then will turn left to shoot. 
(b)   Right Direction button+RT then will turn right to shoot. 


[95].   Rs got it wrong - just the opposite of MW3sm gameplay 
I am sure gamer will find a lot of "so close yet so far" moment that you were just about to get away but the dev intended stupid design, denied you that.

Example of VERY frequent scenario
(a)   when your car is on fire and you jumped out of the moving car but it exploded, along with you wasted.
(b)   when your health is critical and you run for cover, just only a 1 or 2 feet away from cover and you will be safe. But you got shot and wasted just before you were about to reach that cover spot.
(c)   when your health is critical and you are just few feet away of looting an Body Armor but you got shot and wasted.

Maybe Rs think this is a good way of making gamer think "Ohhh, I was so close of getting away". But this idea sucks and it is just the opposite of MW3sm gameplay where designers have different idea ie. to give gamer chances to prolong the gameplay (not immediately killing gamer off, like GTA5 stupid 5 Stars design). Gamer can stay longer in the game which has a lot of "Just escaped death" moment (please read item 11e above).


[96].  All far shots (by gamer/A.I. cops) accuracy to reduce for good reasons
If target is far then ought to reduce shot accuracy or damage strength so ...

(a)   Gamer can actually do gunfight in more open area like Blaine County map area. As this area is quite wide open without many close-by buildings for cover to make 5 stars gunfight works or let gamer to stay longer in gunfight.
(b)   Will force gunfight to get more closer action as closer gunfight have more "wow" factor (please read item 11c above)

How close is close ? SCB, MW3sm and MGS5 have close gun combat design as examples.


[97].   Can enter more buildings
Around the map, there are a lot of buildings with a external staircase leading to a first floor door. But that door cannot open to access.

Maybe for last gen. console it cannot be done becos of insufficient memory. But current gen. console ought to do that. But entering that door can only access to a corridor. Inside that corridor will have all room doors locked (hotel or what ever). Maybe one or 2 small rooms can access. 

The idea of this design is to have more gunfight inside building corridor PLUS a temporary escape from helicopter and this will make all cops entering building searching for you. Gamer can jump out of building by a corridor window or a small room's window.


[98].   Move the "gun aiming dodge-roll" to melee fight and replace it by "Diving"
Wouldn't it be better if the dodge-roll (during gun aiming) to use it for melee fight. Example if you are holding a baseball bat and enemies (NPCs or criminals in restricted area) will ALSO use melee weapons. Then when enemy try to hit you then gamer dodge-roll to avoid that hit eg. move LS+button X. Protagonist will dodge roll as per to where LS is turned.

Then for gunfight, you need to replace the slow dodge-roll with a quick Dive to the ground or dive behind some cover. Look at MGS5 game for example, it did an excellant job for adrenalin rush gunfight when you can dive into cover or away from a grenade tossed to your side. This "Dive" button is a must-have for any shooter game. 

Another use of the Dive action is, Snake can dive out of cover/building corner and fall to the ground to shoot enemies (around building corner) with powerful shotgun.


[99].   Gameplay challenge to have tolerance design
It may be difficult for designers to imagine how a gameplay can turn out BEFORE any coding starts, escpecially a game that is the first one. You may ruin the game if you make the game way too hard to beat. 

GTA5 free roam gunfight is one gameplay that don't have any tolerance design to counter for the challenge. Becos your weapons/gadgets strength stay the same thru out the game. Only few stats on each characters that are increased overtime, which have little impact in gunfight. When gunfight reached 5 stars, it is almost impossible to flee on foot. And this forced gamer to flee into subway, that has almost zero gameplay challenge becos the cops don't follow you into the subway track.

(a)   Challenge tolerance
(a1)   Kojima's MGS5 game
The only game I have played that has the right amount of challenge for free-roam gunfight, is MGS5. If you play carefully, you can actually use only rubber-bullet to attack 3-5 enemy's base in a row, without getting killed.

[Another great game is SCB game, if you focus and play carefully, you can actually beat the higher 5 waves without any retries. But SCB is not a free roam game like MGS5]

How did Kojima achieve this. Maybe he designed the game a bit on the easy challenge when you are using fully upgraded lethal weapon. Then he add in some challenge tolerance by adding fully upgraded non-lethal weapon ie. rubber-bullet gun. Non-lethal weapon require more shots to KO an enemy and then you need to spend time to Fulton enemy out otherwise later enemy will get up and attack you again. 

Another tolerance design here is also :- the relief design, which gamer will get a Wormhole Fulton Device later in a mission, which will speed up the Fulton process. Hence my above suggestion for GTA game, to use an augment to loot mini-First Aid Kit without getting out of your car.

(a2)   SCB game
Game has few firing mode for most guns ie. Single shot mode, 3 Burst shot mode and Fully Auto mode. This gives some challenges tolerance. 


[100].   Improve the Waypoint / Destination point
(a)   Waypoint on foot
Example the red and white color building with internal elevated carpark (in "Pillbox Hill" area) has a lot of Drink Dispenser and some Drink Dispenser are on 1st floor. 

If I drive up to 1st floor and mark a "Point of Interest" (POI) then next time, it is quite hard to find it as game don't tell gamer how high is this POI marker. 

After calling up map, then gamer can move the cross-hair to this POI marker (while on foot only) and press button A for "Waypoint". This waypoint will be like MGS5 game type of waypoint where it has height and distance and will show in the in-game world view like MGS5 game.

(b)   Destination point, during in the air
Example mission "Three's company", Trevor will fly Micheal to the FIB building and the Destination point is displayed on mini-map. But the actual Destination point is up above the air and it is hard to pinpoint exactly where is the Z-axis of Destination point, as mini-map is so small.

This type of Destination point design (set in mini-map), is almost outdated. Look at MGS5 game, where the waypoint is set in the actual game world view (NOT in the mini-map).


[101].   Short brief of mission when replaying them
After some time you replay some mission and you don't know what and where this story is to take place. A brief story telling on what and where would be helpful.


[102].   Need more spot to do stunt jump on moving train 
There is one spot I found at Elysian Island, near industrail area of Bristols Coke Storage where there is one pile of brown stone and one pile of concrete slab rubbles on each side of the railway track.

But these 2 piles are NOT for stunt jump and only for gamer to jump across moving train or ONTO a moving train. 

What I meant is, a stunt jump that will be in slow motion, allowing gamer to adjust distance and direction so gamer can land their motorbike or small car onto a cup-shaped carriage of a moving freight train.

Make the jump onto a moving train to be diagonally aligned as it is easier than a perpendicular jump onto the moving train. And make some stunt jump to be epic.


[103].   Double press UP direction to use phone
A lot of times the phone just pops up in a middle of a gunfight or fleeing in a car when gamer accidently pressed the UP direction button (when we try to press LEFT direction). To use phone, normally we are in a calm state then make gamer to double press UP direction button to use phone. Becos when fleeing car chase, gamer will less likely to press UP direction button twice.


[104].   Strip club's suggestions
(a)   Quick walk out of club to change girls.
Sometimes you wanted to see different girls and you have to get out of club and reenter it. But walking is only permitted to slow walk. Can Rs add quick walk around the club ?

(b)   Change car's radio channel will change club's songs instantly.
Gamer wants to record gameplay and wanted certain songs to play during that recording gameplay. But gamer has to wait current song (which they want to skip) to finish before another song starts. Why not let gamer have some control over this eg. like the said item (b).

(c)   Can "rain" more money on girls.
Button X only rain $6 dollars. Can press LT+button X then will rain $25 dollars.

(d)   Reward gamer for the private dance gameplay.
After gamer has flirted with a girl and she invited protagonist back to her apartment to have a one-nite-stand. Then next time she will change her costume from costume "A" to costume "B". Same goes to all the girls if gamer has flirted with them. Girls will keep changing custome when protagonist has filrted with them. It is like a reward to that gameplay of privare dance.

Example if a girl has now 2 costume "A" and "B" then she will choose one by random. Flirt with her another time then she will wear new costume "C" eg. she now has 3 costume for RNG god to choose.


[105].   Can adjust the color saturation in option setting
RDR game is a very colorful game when gamer can adjust the color saturation. RDR game is also from Rs and I don't know why this setting was not in GTA game ?


[106].   Free-roam bank robberies
Do something like Payday 2 game or make it even better than that. 
(a)   More gameplay options to break into the big safe.
(b)   Can rob banks during day time or break in bank during night time, from adjacent building or underground options.
(c)    Armored Van also goes from business's building and deposit them at the bank.


[107].   Add in mobile cover gameplay
Not all cover for gunfight are statics. Can design some to be mobile and will provide you some cover when you move along with it.

(a)   Car on gentle road slope as mobile cover
At a gentle road slope, if you toss tear gas at NPC's cars then they will pull hand-brake and get out of car to flee. Gamer can get into car (car door already left open by car owner when they flee) and release hand-brake and car will move downhill slowly. This will provide gamer cover if they crouch down beside car and move along with it.

(b)   Bombed Dumpster on gentle road slope as mobile cover
At a gentle road slope and toss a grenade at road side veranda (or sidewalk) that have dumpsters. These dumpsters are all wheeled type like GTA5 game. When grenade explode it will throw dumpsters up and some will land on it's wheel and move downhill. This will provide gamer cover if they crouch down beside dumpsters and move along with it.

(c)   Moving machine as mobile cover
Some industrail areas have factory that has machine that turned off. Switching on machine will make them move around and this will provide some cover if gamer move along with it.


[108].   Add more gunfight gameplay on a moving train
After jumped on a moving freight train (on a cup-shaped carriage) to flee 5 stars then don't limit gunfight with only pursuing helicopter. 

Suggestion for outskirt railway track/road gunfight
(a)   One sided road that runs along railway track (low challenge)
Design road that is more higher than the railway track that runs beside the railway track. So cop car can race along train for some gunfight, at least for some good distance before road turns away from track.

(b)   Two sided road that sandwich the railway track (medium challenge)
Design 2 roads that sandwich the railway track. Both roads will have at least 45% of the road length that will be higher than the railway track. But in an alternate way eg. when one side of road is higher than railway track then the other road will be lower than the track. This allow gamer to tackle the cops at one side of road. Very rarely both road are higher than the track at the same time. 

(c)   Two sided road that sandwich the railway track (high challenge)
Design 2 roads that sandwich the railway track. Both roads will have at least 75% of the road length that will be higher than the railway track. But in an alternate way eg. when one side of road is higher than railway track then the other road will be lower than the track. Quite often, both road are higher than the track at the same time. 

Road design
For the 3 items above, the roads should be only at certain interval of railway track and road design to make it like a snake shape ie. waves in and out near the track. So this will gives some variable gunfight as cop cars wave in and out to shoot gamer.

Cop's type
For the 3 items above, design cop's type to be random eg. cop van on one side and the other road has cop car. Or both roads have cop cars only. Do NOT add both road with van as there will be 4+4 squad team shooting at gamer when train reached this spot where both roads are higher than the train (don't forget about helicopter pursuing too)

Roads with railing
But Rs need to add in railing for these road near the railway track to prevent gamer to easily do a jump onto a moving train to flee 5 stars. 

To be fair to gamer for this to work then Rs need to use the item 1a of the 5 stars system. 


[109].   Freight train and jump-pile spots.
(a)   Freight train route to travel more around city
So there can be more jumping spot onto train (cup-shaped carriage) gameplay using motorbike.

(b)   Need more jump-pile spot to jump onto a moving train (cup-shaped carriage)
GTA5 did the right thing by adding several spot on the map to jump onto a moving train with a motorcycle. But still the number of jumping spot wasn't enough. 
Best is add some ramp for more epic jump. Like the skyward facing ramp found at the airport.

(c)   Variable jumping spot
Certain mountain motorcycle can lift front wheel up more higher than other motorcycle. Sport car have very low car body setting and it's front portion of car always have stylish gentle slope for the hood. This allow mountain motorcycle to ram into hood area, to get a jump. 


[110].   Need more spot like Bristol Coke Storage for adrenalin rush gameplay.
(a)   Need more spot like this around the map
There are 2 piles of rubble to use to jump onto a moving train, near Bristol Coke Storage area in Elysian island. It can be quite tense when you reach 5 stars and drive to these 2 piles to jump onto a moving train. It can be done as I did this few times already (need to toss Sticky Bomb in advance to make things easier).

But the whole map lacked this kind of jump-pile arrangement that is near a road where cop cars car reach you for some gunfight.

(b)   Tone down cop's aggressive and their shot damage even towards deep 5 stars
But my only complaint is - when you reach deep into 5 stars ie. stay long enough during 5 stars then the cops can be way way way too aggressive. Making it almost impossible to jump onto a moving train using a motorbike.
Example if you get off bike near the jump-pile to shoot one end of the road with a grenade launcher. But the other end of road will have a van speed right up in front of you and the 4 squad teams will get down to shoot you at the same time. Leaving you zero chance of beating them as you cannot shoot them with a Grenade Launcher as they are just too near.
(b1)   Able to do a quick toss Stun Grenade out that will stun all 4 squad teams when they are too close. Then can shoot them or jump motorbike onto train. It won't be easy even if gamer can toss Stun Grenade becos there are other cops around shooting at you at the same time.
(b2)   Cop's van that is speeding towards you but hit by a Sticky bomb explosion near the van, will get van off balance and crash off the road. Then the 4 squad teams will be dazed a bit before they start to get back up on their feet.


[111].   Stunt Jump slow motion to have gradual changes speed back to normal.
Sudden speed changes from slow motion back to normal speed can be hard to avoid any obstacles such as the yellow poles across the river in Elysian island.


[112].   Can still use Radical-menu for weapon while vehcile stopped
Allow 2 choices to change weapon.
(a)   While driving then can step thru the weapon type by pressing button X
(b)   If vehicle stopped then pressing Right-Direction to call up the Radical-menu for weapon (same as on foot using the Radical-menu). Then at screen corner will say Press button X to toggle between Radio/Weapon.


[113].   Design a gameplay for jumping onto moving train.
Now gamer is only relying on luck when they want to jump onto a moving train. Becos a lot of jumping spot cannot see the type of carriages the train is having. Sometimes there are only 2 cup-shaped carriages and all are container type which the motorcycle cannot stay on it.
(a)   Sabotage work on port have effect on type of carriages
(a1)   Less containers on freight train after sabotage work
Gamer can drive to the port where ships will unload containers on the port. Shooting at the port will make workers stay out of work for that day. Hence will make lesser container loaded on freight train and most carriages will end up empty ie. the cup-shaped carriages without any container.

(a2)   More stars means more cup-shaped carriages
The more wanted stars you rake up during gunfight with cops then the higher % it will have cup-shaped (empty) carriages running around the city for that day.

Need a clean escape after sabotage work, for this gameplay to be valid
But gamer have to make a clean escape from cops to have this impact. Else if you are wasted, those port workers will start work loading containers on train again for that day. Gamer can switch characters after the saboatge work rather than driving all the way from port to city center.

To make gameplay challenging
Example gamer shootout with cops at the port has frighten off most port's workers. After switching character to return gameplay in the city and gamer started gunfight with cops. The first freight train gamer first encounter has only 3 containers on train. Then every passing train (about every 1 hour in-game time) will increase by 1 container. So this will make it challenging if gamer missed the jump-onto moving train ie. the next train will have more containers and so on.

(b)   Pay NPCs staying near railway track for train info
(b1)   Protagonist and NPC's valid distance for train's info
Gamer can walk up to a NPC who is staying near the railway track and pay them to get them to text protagonist for train's info. Then gamer will have his contact phone number. 

If gamer is about to start a gunfight with cops then gamer can call the contact "Text me when train arrive". If gamer is too far away from that NPC then that line will be "Busy" letting gamer know gamer is too far away (as train only spawn quite near during arrival time). If gamer and NPC is within the train's spawn distance then when train arrive, NPC will text gamer and this will auto-deduct $ from gamer account. So during 5 stars gunfight, gamer can get on a vehicle and drive to a spot to get ready in postion to jump onto train.

(b2)   NPC's request for specific motorcycle for more train info
Later NPC will offer more train info such as which part of carriage is the cup-shaped and which one is the container type carriages. But NPC will request for a specific type of motorcycle rather than always money. If after gamer found that bike and hand it over to the NPC then next time during a gunfight and train arrives, NPC's will text gamer about train carriage info eg. X1001100. It will means X is the train header, 1 means container type carriage and 0 means cup-shaped type carriages.


[114].   Jumping from canopy to canopy gameplay.
Example the Strawberry hospital (Central Los Santos Medical Centre) has a green glass canopy at roof level. Jumping directly down from this green glass canopy to the ground will reduce 1/2 the health bar. 

Ought to have another lower smaller canopy on the adjacent wall so gamer can sprint-jump onto the lower canopy. Then jump down to ground with no health bar reduction. Provided gamer did the sprint-jump correctly.


[115].  Unforesee design
Sometimes map design are too complex and some unforesee scenario can happen. Example after you did the narrow ramp stunt jump across the river in Elysian island, near Bristol Coke Storage signage area. The bike was uncontrolable when it landed on the other side of river and hitting the large concrete beam then bike slided under the large beam. 
Protagonist cannot reach the bike as the large concrete beam was very low, just enough for bike to get in.

Ought to allow gamer to kick the back of bike to make it move out under the large concrete beam.


[116].  Most platforms/staircases have railing that offer no cover at all
A lot of area have platforms that can have gunfight gameplay there. Such as the Strip Club's rear area have a big Strip Club's signage platform. But the platform has no cover for gunfight. The railing too has no metal plate at certain interval to provide cover for gunfight.

Such as southen part of map has a lot of industrail factory and staircases with landing platform but none can provide cover for gunfight. Its such a wasted map design when area can have gunfight but lacked covering spot.


[117].  Gunfight with cops inside busy train station.
I know it may drain the console power if there are 4 freight train passing by, alternatively or all together while doing gunfight with many cops and NPCs running for cover.

So this may have to be in a confined area ie. without the need to animate other stuffs. This gunfight gameplay will have 4 passing train moving alternatively or all together. Design station to have very busy train schedule and allow some obstacles for gamer to take cover in case trains have not arrived yet.
(a)   The skill here is to know when and which track will have a train coming into the station. So you won't get caught hitting by a in-coming train.
(b)   The skill to use train to block cop's shots and focus on few direction for gunfight.


[118].   Bringing real Coin-ops Arcade games to the console.
There are tons of coin-ops aracde games ranging from the decade 80s to 90s. All these classics games ought to be accessible via console thru their servers. 

Why waste those classics games when they can still make money ? This way it will free up console dev to spend time on designing mini games too. 

In GTA game, Micheal may walk into a Joe's Arcade Game center and can see many video game machine. Walking over one machine then screen will say "Put 2 tokens to play 1942 - Buy 10 tokens for 1 buck" (ie. using real money). If gamer used 1 buck to buy 10 tokens and place 2 tokens in that table then it will connect to Capcom's server to play that game classic "1942" shoot-them-up game. It is only a matter of making a deal between console game dev. and Coin-ops arcade dev.

Then every month there will be "new" (old classics) game table arriving to that Joe's Arcade game center. Micheal will get text from Joe's informing him of "newer" games, like what Ammu-Nation texted Micheal if gamer has unlocked new weapons.


[119].   Designers for mission "By the Book" need to get their head check ?
Mission "By the Book" has the worst torture gameplay I have ever played. It is so sick !? What is more sicker than giving mission grade based on if gamer utilised all type of torture methods available on the table ?

Do the designer think gamers loves to play torture gameplay like this one ? 

Gunfighting the cops is different becos gamers are looking for fun gunfight and challenges. But Torture, what fun or challenge do the gameplay give ? 

They are gamer who suggested that Rs intention was to bring this Torture to make known to public. But what can the public do against a mighty US govt ? 
You think Rs solved a problem by adding this to a game or did they create another problem ? Becos there are small kids who played GTA5 too. Which kids recorded their gameplay and put up them on Youtube. It is NOT good to set bad example for small kids.

Rs, think about it.


[120].   Console's hardware not catching up fast enough ?
All Open World games have fake buildings ie. only (match) boxes of building for viewing the exterior only, you cannot access almost 95-97% of all open world buildings.

Will another additional hardward (RAMs or grahpics board etc) just only for handling interior building map, help solve to create Open World games with more buildings gamer can access inside ?


[121].   Can Rs write a program to design building map for Blaine County ?
Los Santos city is clearly designed manually as it is too complex for a program to do that, IMO. 

Can Rs write a program to automate the design for the building map for Blaine County ? 

Becos Blaine County map is too empty and all are desert empty space with nothing to shout about (like MGS5 game). At least a program can fill in all buildings around Blaine County map. Even it is NOT as complex as Los Santos, doesn't matter becos it is better than having none at all.


[122].   Powerful skills and augments to cater for "Deep 5 Stars" gameplay
In GTA5, when you reach deep into the 5 stars gunfight, cop shots are more damaging and shots will more likely to hit you. Plus they are more aggressive eg. will drive squad team van up in front of you to shoot you.
Next game, ought to allow "Deep 5 Stars" gameplay, which the 5 stars will turn gold color to tell gamer that. Initially gamer may find it hard to get pass or beat the "Deep 5 Stars" gameplay. Then when gamer is about 50% game completion, game will slowly unlock some powerful skills and augments to counter the "Deep 5 Stars" gunfight.

Example for item 110b above.
After gamer unlocked a Level 1 powerful Augment "Your Sticky bomb explosion will rock vehicles that is within 5 meters radius of explosion" and equipping this for deep 5 stars gunfight will help to rock approaching vans when they are nearby any explosion (caused by your sticky bomb). This will send their van off road to crash into nearby obstacles and the 4 squad team will dazed for a while.
Then later unlock the Level 2 powerful Augment and it will increase rock radius from 5 to 8 meters.


[123].   To sum up the 5 stars free roam gunfight design
Los Santos city is complex detailed world and it would be a mistake for Rs to think they did a good job for the 5 stars gunfight. Becos it was NOT a good job and was a pig.

Simply, becos just shoot and run, without giving gamer a chance to utilise the beautifully crafted complex world of Los Santos city, for flanking skills to beat enemies.

(a)   Dangerous enemies
Other shooter games have dangerous enemies but they appear far between sequence. GTA5 have squad team vans spawn non-stop and all 4 squad team used rapid shooting gun (I assumed it is a SMG gun).

(b)   Cop's shot range
Cop shot range distance can hit you almost twice as far as other shooter games. With item (a) PLUS this item then this forced gamer to run far away to avoid being hit. And this created item (c) below.
Tone down gamer/enemies gunshot damage value when they are far away. This will allow (or forced) for closer gunfight and will gives more wow factor.

(c)   Far action gunfight has zero Wow factor.
Item (a) and (b) created this problem. Please  read item 11c above, for more details. When you shoot something that is so far away, the target is so tiny, there is no wow factor as compare to shooting target just several meters away eg. MGS5 game or MW3sm game.

(d)   Lacking "Stay in the game" design
Such as mini First-Aid-Kit dropped by dead cops or helicopter's wreck, to give gamer a better chance to stay in the gunfight. Becos First-Aid-Kit or Body Armor is too far apart in certain map area.

(e)   Lacking "Second chance" design
Such as MGS5 game has Healing Aid where Snake can run in slow motion to a spot to heal himself. Or MW3sm game has SELF-REVIVE ie. shoot your way back up.

(f)   Lacking Augment design
Please read item 6 and 7 above, for more details.

(g)   5 stars gunfight don't allow gamer to use flanking skills
Game will force gamer to shoot and run becos gamer will be wasted if they stay at one spot for gunfight.
Reasons are ...
(g1)   Cop car spawn very near to gamer. Most of them are Squad team vans.
(g2)   All cop attack like they are Terminator - If you take cover for gunfight, even the normal uniform cops will move forward to shoot you. MW3sm did the same design BUT enemies shots are more forgiving as they are NOT as shape as GTA5 cops where they can still hit you when you are very very far away.
(g3)   LACKING the "line of sight" design - cops will know your location even when you hide behind a tall wall and NO helicopter is around to tell cops on ground where you are. This design removed a flanking tactical gameplay ie. using skills of moving around environment to flank enemies.
(g4)   LACKING the most important feature for a shooter game - the CROUCH button. The ability to move around obstacles in a crouched posture to avoid being hit - is totally NOT found in the game. 

(h)   All rooftop designed for 5 stars gunfight are useless
You cannot escape from the rooftop during a 5 stars becos your health may be at 1/2 bar with no more Body Armor left. Please read item 15 above, for suggestions.

(i)   Lacking gadgets that helps during emergency scenarios
Gadgets like Stun grenades or Sticky Mine. Then protagonist need to do a quick toss out of a Stun grenade to stun cops. Otherwise a slow throw means nothing for a Stun Genade.

(j)   Lacking weapon full upgrade designs
Guns have only upgrade for extended ammo clip, flashlight and scope. That was all ?!

What about upgrades for ...
(i)    Gun reload's speed.
(ii)   Gun's firing speed.
(iii)  Gun's shot power damage.
(iv)  Gun shot range.
(v)   Number of ammo in gun before each reload

Please read item 2d above, for more detailed suggestions.

---------------------------------------------------- end of post ------------------------------------------------------

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Naw son.

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f*ckin hell how much free time do you have

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El Penguin Bobo

Not only to mention that he posted the same thread in the GTA Next section....


I'm going to actually try to read all of this, see how long my eyes can last...

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