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Grand Theft Auto: Ninety Four

Recommended Posts

Posted (edited)

Main Theme







Welcome to 1994. The city of Cascade City, Adams the birthplace of Grunge music was built in the center of an expansive swamp and is truly a future oriented trade center. Its charm is matched by the backdrop of mighty mountains which have helped shape the city to what it is today.
The riches these mountains brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the vast majority of buildings have been built in the shape of those same mountains.

The skyline is spreading with peculiar skyscrapers and a new one seems to pop up every other week. Education is superb in Cascade City and it has attracted a lot of attention. Countless cultures have left their mark not just on education, but also upon the city's identity. What historically was a city of no variation has grown into an amalgamation of differences and it's this that unites the 3 million people to this day.

It's this multicultural identity that has truly left its mark. Hundreds of Grunge bars, motorcycle clubs and smoke shops offer a plethora of culinary choices and those who feel hungry for something else can enjoy theaters, nature, the national park or one of the many other recreational venues.




This moderate-sized town is located near Lake Unity and looks very modern with full of street activities.



This beautiful town is located near the bay and looks very old-fashioned.



The large town is located by Lake Adams and has a quaint atmosphere. It is best-known for its spring break festival and its friendly inhabitants.



This moderate-sized town is located near West Cascade and looks quite old. It is best-known for a tumultuous history and its diverse population.


Blanche Island

A town island is named for the Blanche family of Cascade City. It is best-known for a legendary history.


Helygen Skyway

This moderate-sized suburb is located near the park and has a bowling alley to make extra turkeys and earn new record scores.



A small town is located near the freeway was the first Cascade City neighborhood where considerable of large trees and has a quaint atmosphere.


West Cascade

This large town is better known as the home of Grunge music and has a rustic atmosphere.


Duck Lake

The moderate-sized town is located near the freeway and looks very classy fashioned.


Madison Hill

This large town is located near downtown and has a quaint atmosphere.  It is best-known for nightlife and entertainment districts.


Olmsted Point

A moderate-sized town is located in North Cascade and is mainly residential.


University Heights

The moderate-sized town is located across Madison Hill. It is best-known for its theater.


Tacoma Hill

A large town is located in the southeast of the lake has an industrial section. It is best-known for for being the railroad and import companies.



This high-income town is located near Rainier International Airport and has a luxurious atmosphere.


King Dennis

A wonderful neighborhood is located near lighthouse beach and has a groovy businesses. It is best-known for its beach party.



Paul Keane

Born in 1964. A first protagonist who enjoys slicking around the city. He is energetic and creative, but can also be very loyal and a bit smirk. He owns a 1994 Karin Entrante and 1986 Pegassi Angus


Luann Harvey

Born in 1959. A second protagonist who lost her 7-year-old daughter named Chloe has been passed away due to pneumonia. She is emotional and creative, but can also be very active and classy. She owns a 1992 Declasse Asea


Tony Thornton

A private investigator who enjoys moneymaking and writing novels. He is friendly and creative, but can also be very unkind and a bit impatient.


Roe Kyung-Min

A South Korean entrepreneur who enjoys sex trafficking and playing golf. He is giving and reliable.


Gil Melucci

A notorious kingpin who enjoys gambling, street racing and extortion, but can also be very untrustworthy and a bit grumpy.


Flavio Pontarelli

A famous professional lawyer who enjoys partying, attending galleries and stealing jewelry and ionic items from rival mobs. He is entertaining and creative, but can also be very rude and a bit grumpy.


Steven Blunder

A local drug dealer who enjoys attending concerts, skateboarding and hangover, but can also be very friendly.


Georgina Zeus

A loan shark agent who enjoys swimming, yoga and smoking natural light cigarette. She is considerate and caring.


Herbert McCoy

A downtown businessman who enjoys extreme high society, watching football and drug smuggling. He is exciting, but can also be very dull.


Yaroslav Petrovych Khomenko

A Ukrainian mob boss villain who enjoys bludgeoning, drinking vodka. He is unfriendly and violent, but can also be very evil and cynical.




9mm Pistol

Browning Hi-Power

Desert Eagle

10mm Silenced Pistol



Classic Shotgun

Spas-12 Shotgun

Tactical Action Shotgun




M4 Carbine

Tactical M249



Micro Uzi

Tec 9

MP5 Elite



Bolt Action Rifle

Combat Sniper

Laser Sniper Rifle



Tranquilizer Gun

Flare Gun



Grenade Launcher

Heat Seeking Launcher





Tear Gas

Molotov Cocktail

Random Pickable Objects




Baseball Bat



Golf Club

Katana Sword







Pegassi Infernus

Karin Sunrise

Bravado Banshee

Ubermacht Zion

Pegassi Veloce

Annis Euros

Grotti Cheetah

Pfister Lapine

Vapid Dominator

Ocelot F620

Grotti Turismo

Invetero Coquette

Vapid Mamba

Dinka Jester

Pfister Comet

Maibatsu Penumbra

Declasse Vigero F3X

Ocelot Ardent

Hotring Sabre

Hotring DePalma

Hotring Fortune



Imponte NFI

Vapid Dominator Classic

Schyster Namorra

Albany Buccaneer

Vapid Vaquero

Imponte Dukes

Declasse Impaler

Bravado Gauntlet

Imponte Phoenix

Schyster Deviant

Declasse Vigero

Albany Broadway

Classique Stallion

Bravado Vulture

Declasse Sabre Turbo

Vapid Peyote



Dinka Blista

Benefactor Schwartzer

Willard Idaho LT

Vapid Fortune

Fathom Tochi

Bravado Moonwalk

Declasse Sabre

Karin Miyagi

Vapid Retinue

Bravado Bolt

Albany Virgo

Dundreary Panther

Ubermacht Sentinel

Bollokan Brisky

Declasse Cadrona

Karin Futo

Imponte DePalma

Dinka Previon

Classique Broadsword

Benefactor Feltzer

Dundreary Remington DXE



Emperor Comari 

Albany Primo

Declasse Rybicki

Schyster Excess

Karin Asterope

Bravado Oceanic

Willard Elegant

Dundreary Admiral

Vapid Telnack

Karin Intruder

Argyle Prospect

Obey Tailgater

Schyster Greenwood

Bollokan Rodney

Albany Washington

Declasse Brigham

Classique Hillary

Vapid Maurice

Dinka Chavos

Benefactor Spritzer

Argyle Ovation

Maibatsu Vincent

Dinka Hakumai

Albany Emperor

Dundreary Jefferson

Ubermacht Oracle

Albany Mansfield

Zirconium Stratum

Ocelot Revolver

Vapid Stanier



Brute Pony

Gallivanter Baller

Mammoth Patriot

Vapid Riata

Annis Trailblazer

Bravado Bison

Vapid Sandking XL

Vapid Minivan

Maibatsu Montado

Declasse Granger

Bravado Youga

Vapid Sadler

Karin Rebel

Declasse Walton

Canis Mesa

Vapid Rumpo

Declasse Moonbeam

Burgerfahzeug Surfer

Classique Contour



MTL Flatbed

Maibatsu Mule

MTL Packer

HVY Biff

Vapid Yankee

JoBuilt Linerunner

JoBuilt Hauler

Vapid Benson

MTL Pounder

Brute Boxville



Police Patrol

Police Criuser (Bravado)

Police Bike


Taxi (Vapid)

Ambulance (Steed-based)

Fire Truck


FIB Brigham


Tow Truck (Yosemite-based)

Dundreary Stretch


Police Stockade


Adams State Police


Police Maverick



Nagasaki Carbon RS

Principe Diabolus

Dinka Double T

WMC Sovereign

WMC Wayfarer

Dinka Thrust

Dinka Akuma

Sh*tzu Hakuchou

Pegassi Esskey

WMC Angel

WMC Wolfsbane

Sh*tzu PCJ-600

Nagasaki Chimera

Sh*tzu NRG-900

Principe Faggio

Sh*tzu Vader

Maibatsu Sanchez









Tub Boat






Cuban 800






Atomic Blimp





West Cascade Radio

Genre: Grunge

1. Nirvana - Come as You Are

2. Alice in Chains - Would?

3. The U-Men - Flea Circus

4. Green Day - Longview

5. R.E.M. - What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

6. L7 - American Society

7. Weezer - In The Garage

8. Soundgarden - Room a Thousand Years Wide

9. Skin Yard - Wait for More

10. Melvins - Heater Moves and Eyes

11. Pearl Jam - Corduroy

12. Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing

13. Apple - This Is Shangrila

14. The Gits - Precious Blood

15. Dave Grohl - Throwing Needles

16. Screaming Trees - The Looking Glass Cracked

17. Meat Puppets - We Don't Exist

18. Love Battery - Cool School (Trane of Thought)



Genre: House

1. Fingers Inc. - Another Side

2. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams

3. Yazz - The Only Way Is Up

4. The Shamen - L.S.I.

5. Aphex Twin - Pulsewidth

6. The Orb - Blue Room

7. Moby - Lean on Me

8. Rhythim is Rhythim - Strings of Life

9. Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love

10. M.C. Sar and The Real McCoy - It's On You

11. Paul van Dyk - For An Angel

12. Technotronic - Pump Up the Jam

13. FPI Project - Rich In Paradise (Going Back To My Roots)

14. 2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance


K-Jah Radio

Genre: Reggae

1. Black Uhuru - Darkness

2. Freddie McGregor - Rastaman Camp

3. Ninja Man - Shot A Talk

4. Tony Rebel - The Herb

5. Barrington Levy - Long Time Friction

6. Junior Murvin - Police and Thieves

7. Shabba Ranks - Dem Bow

8. Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved

10. Jimmy Cliff - I Can See Clearly Now

11. Chaka Demus & Pliers - Murder She Wrote

12. John Holt - Stick By Me

13. Macka B - Wet Look Crazy

14. Terror Fabulous feat Nadine Sutherland - Action

15. Marcia Griffiths - Electric Boogie


AltCore FM

Genre: Alternative/Hard rock

1. Social Distortion - Ball and Chain

2. Iron Maiden - From Here to Eternity

3. The Smiths - Miserable Lie

4. Oasis - Supersonic

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give it Away

6. Talisman - Delusions of Grandeur

7. The Cure - A Night Like This

8. Guns N' Roses - Knockin' on Heaven's Door

9. Pantera - Slaughtered

10. The Cult - Automatic Blues

11. They Might Be Giants - See the Constellation

12. AC/DC - Thunderstruck

13. Whitesnake - Here I Go Again

14. Violent Femmes - More Money Tonight

15. Gotthard - Dirty Devil Rock

16. Ozzy Osbourne - Tattooed Dancer

17. Nirvana - Scentless Apprentice

18. Dinosaur Jr. - On the Way


The Hits 98.2 FM

Genre: Pop/Hot AC

1. Chicago - Prima Donna

2. Erasure - A Little Respect

3. Go West - King of Wishful Thinking

4. The Pretenders - I'll Stand By You

5. Richard Marx - Now and Forever

6. Mr. Big - Wild World

7. Taylor Dayne - Love Will Lead You Back

8. Elton John - Sacrifice

9. Huey Lewis and the News - But It's Alright

10. Robert Palmer - Mercy Mercy Me/I Want You

11. Information Society - What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy)

12. Timmy T - One More Try

13. KWS - Please Don't Go

14. Boz Scaggs - Illusion

15. Lisa Stanisfield - All Around The World

16. Duran Duran - Come Undone

17. Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes - (I've Had) The Time of My Life

18. Sting - Fields of Gold


















































To Be Continued...






Edited by TerminatorX92

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I don't get the whole obsession with grunge (if my girlfriend reads this I hope she can forgive me), but I love the idea.

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Big Fat Paulie

I am definitely in favor of this concept

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Seattle setting? I'm interested in further development of this concept.

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I can't wait to see how this turns out! Keep up the good work

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Big Fat Paulie

I hope to see more from this concept, and if you want someone to brainstorm ideas with, feel free to send me a PM.

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