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LOos3 KannonSZ Southside Zealots (XBoxOne)


Recommended Posts


Recruitment to LOos3 KannonSZ Southside Zealots

Looking back is Death. Pressing forward is the LKSZ Life!

GTA Online Crew, XBoxOne 


What are the Standards of an LKSZ member?

   Loyalty, Determination, Discipline, and a RobinHood Mentality!


What kind of Recruits are we looking for?

We are looking for 2 types of players;

Players who are new to GTA and want help!

Players who are veterans looking for a new beginning in GTA

Players who have skills that can add value to the club!


(We are willing to help honorable players who are willing to uphold the standards of the LKSZ!)


What are the Goals of the LKSZ?


  1. This crew is a family! The family that plays together stays together! We want to be know as the family that helps their members grow. We are here to support our members when they get on! So if we have members on different games so be it as long as the core group keeps growing together. 

To have all members at a state of independence for money making. In other words they should be capable of making at least $5million a day solo!

Lastly we want to showcase the LKSZ lifestyle using social media to recruit, promote events, show off skills, and create beautiful content for the fans to enjoy!


What type of crew is LKSZ?

    So in GTA there are Tryhards, Griefers,  Bounty Hunters, Youtubers, Noobs,Glitchers, Modders, Grinders, Bikers, Collectors, Racers,  and Pilots.Their are many different types of GTA Players and crews. For the most part we are “Grinders”; but  we are a versatile crew. We promote the GTA lifestyle of living like kings. We don’t limit the play style of our members too much but we do hold them to the standards of the crew expressed in the code of ethics. That eliminates certain groups of players from our crew. For example tryhards are welcome but griefers are not; glitchers are welcome but modders are not! So if when vetting our recruits we find some of these characteristics that don’t support the image of the crew then;  “We are sorry to inform you that you have not met the standards of becoming a LOoS3 KannonSZ Southside Zealot!”



How to join LKSZ?

Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Reply to this thread with your Gamertag, time Zone, gaming availability, and a little description about yourself and what you want your GTA Experience to be like.

Tell us what skills you may have that could be an asset to this crew!


Follow us on:


LOoS3_KannonSZ YouTube page:



LOoS3_KannonSZ Instagram page:



Loos3_kannonsz2 Instagram Page:



LOoS3_KannonSZ Rockstar Social Club Page:


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