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The claim a ped says "greed is good"

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  A couple web sites claim a Vice City ped who looks like Gordon Gekko of the
1987 movie "Wall Street" says "Greed is good."


  I haven't found this ped in the game or on spaceeinstein's list of things VC
peds say.


  Has anyone else found it?  Some people spread misinformation about GTAs so it
may not exist.

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Those GTA wiki's often tend to be full of misinformation, theories, ideas and sheer speculation as opposed to actual facts so I'd take it anything on there with a pinch of salt.

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Hmmm nice bike

I dunno about Gordon Gekko, but there's definitely a Patrick Bateman ped in the game.


"Get out of my way if you wanna keep your spleen!"

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The Coconut Kid

This is the pedestrian. You can find him in Downtown near the VCN building.




I have noticed with the list of pedestrian quotes you posted that none of this character's phrases are actually on it.


But I'm 90% sure I've heard the "Greed is good," line from this guy... it might have been during the mission G-Spotlight rather than free roam.

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  The Coconut Kid: thanks for the tip!  I found him in the VCN building area
during free roam.  He also says, "There's nothing my money can't buy"  "I'm
young, rich, and cute" and "Did you even look where you were going?"

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