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GTA:Vice City lags for an odd reason.

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My system specs:

Windows XP SP3

Nvidia GeForce 7300 LE with memory size of 256 MB

Intel D CPU 3.40GHZ 3.40 GHz 



The issue: I noticed that after I added 2 GB ram card (before it was 1GB) my game starts lagging unlike usual, I dug into the problem and found out it is audio driver that is causing it (When I turn off SFX audio problem gets solved), It is now set to "d3sound software...", unfortunately, I don't know what it was set to before this issue happened to me but I am certain that software sound buffer is affecting the game's FPS, I ran tests through DXDIAG (A directX tool) and it always tells me that my sound card isn't compatible with hardware sound buffering, I remember myself running these before (I can't remember if it tells me it is whether compatible or not) and I didn't encounter any problem during gameplay.

I reinstalled, I deleted "gta-vc.set", I almost did everything but nothing worked, GTASA works fine (I guess? almost always 60 FPS, doesn't drop like vice city does) and GTA3 works smooth too ( I checked audio options and I noticed the audio driver option is set to "miles..." rather than "d3sound software")


Please help me, Vice city is my favorite GTA and I enjoy playing it more than I do for the rest :( I don't think it is due to computer because of the fact that old computers run old games well.


Any solution and help would be appreciated (sorry for grammar mistakes if found)

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Problem solved, I think topic must be open so if anyone gets to face the same issue I'll tell him the solution

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Modern sound cards don't support those special hardware accelerated features hence the lag. I'm not sure exactly why it would lag on a modern PC since CPUs are so fast nowadays but I encountered a similar issue. There are sound cards you can buy that do support those hardware modes but those aren't good enough in my book to replace the USB DACs I've been using over the years.


The software renderer seems to deliver a somewhat subpar performance in terms of clarity. You can get PCI or USB cards that support EAX but you'll likely end up spending around $100 on one.

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