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How to "get into" a song or band?

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That is my question. How do I do that? Some people say that you have to listen a song, album or band many times in order to get into them, but sometimes that's not enough. What do you do for a song or band to like you? Any ideas?

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Well, I remember listening Rammstein around 2000 or something and I didn't like them until 2017 when I gave them a chance again, later was listening full albums and I like them.


So, If I have time and is something new, I give a try with a random playlist and if I like them I go to the full albums and if I want more then I listen to demos, EPs, etc.


Of course, I buy the album if is something very unique.

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Mister Pinkerton

Some of the best albums and artists, I've enjoyed have been after repeated listenings and it grew on me. But if you aren't digging an album after 2 or 3 listens or it's not showing signs of potential, then perhaps you could just move on to something else.


One a side note, usually, catchy music that's very easy to digest burns out quickly for me. A lot of the top 20 hits now, will have the chorus repeat about 20 times and the song is designed to get you hooked instantly. Those songs don't last well. Fun for a second but not lasting long. 


Aside from listening to an album a few times - if it's an album you think you should like but don't, perhaps you could watch a documentary on the album or an in-depth review on why it's a good album. That way, you can perhaps appreciate it's value it for it's technical and/or cultural achievements.  Know what I mean? You may not like The Beatles but you might appreciate the pioneering production of some of their more progressive albums like Sgt. Peppers..' or Abbey Road. You may not like Led Zeppelin's debut album but it knocked The Beatles' Abbey Road off the top of the chart's in 1969 and ended that era of 60's music and popularised a more hard-rock/metal sound that would dominate the 70's. It was like a passing of the torch. See what I mean?


There's more ways to enjoy albums and that's exploring their cultural impact and discovering the context of the album in popular music. It helps to enjoy them. For me, I found over time that I loved artists that influenced other artists a lot. So, Kraftwerk, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Aphex Twin - they are all artists that have had a profound influence on popular music. I like tracing back influences too. So Depeche Mode and Rammstein may have had interests in Kraftwerk and Kraftwerk also inspired Detroit Techno scene.. The Beatles, inspired even metal music with Ozzy Osbourne being a huge fan and then the likes of Nirvana loving The Beatles too. And some times the influence is more obvious and some times not at all. Dave Grohl's obsession with John Bonham can be heard in this drumming. 


I don't know what I'm talking about any more. I just know that I love music and when I'm not interested in a band or artist, I do love learning about them. What inspires them? Where they fit in with other music. Like I watched a Whitney Houston doc on Netflix recently. Never a fan of hers but I left feeling that she was special and had incredible skill.  



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Frankly you don't try. I've a pretty eclectic taste, but a few I'll listen too more than others. If a song resonates and appeals to you then listen to it and follow back to other songs from that artist. If others from their catalogue have a similar resonance then clearly the artist means something to you.  After that do a bit of digging or listening to other opinions and you'll find yourself following a number of artists imo.

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In my job, they put the music of my country on the radio (Cumbia, Salsa, etc) and I don't hear those songs since I was a kid because is not the kind of music I like but I think is good to separate me a little bit from Heavy Metal and those other genres I listen too much and on the other hand as a drummer it help me to learn more things and comprehend them.

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