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Maybe I'm an odball.. but so are many others it seems

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All I see from youtubers & the like is what a failure the AW update was, they talk of how no one ever plays it, however I have recently gotten really into it, I'll be honest when it first came out I was interested but not interested enough to want to play it all the time but just lately I've found myself joining AW games, which are often at full capacity and the players seem to have formed a community from just this one update, a community seperate from the greater GTA Online, it's loads of fun sure the payout is weak, but we've got heists, bunkers, nightclubs & many other ways of making large sums of money, it was at that point I realised that what is the point in grinding if you are never going to spend what you have been grinding for.. buying more supplies so you can run the gauntlet once more? others on here may want to tear me a new one for saying this, but I saw this update as R* giving us some way of escaping the grind & in doing that a chance to do something else which is actually fun & as an added bonus every 25th level you unlock another rare vehicle, which is one of the reasons I started playing it, but now I often forget about that & just enjoy playing the matches, some are a win & others are a total fail, but the fun is consistent!

I have even set the arena workshop as my spawn location which my nightclub is making money in the background, the devs have even gone to the effort of making it easier to join an active event by displaying it on a TV in the workshop, youtubers & other commentators say it would be a mistake to add a part 2 but I for one would welcome more being added to it, but maybe instead to try & keep everyone happy add more vehicles/modes in the dripfeed as part of another update rather than a full blown dedicated update.


Anyway that is my take on this update while we are awaiting news on the next.


Feel free to add your take.







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Oh sure, escaping the grind...as long as you don't want a rusty tractor or Go Go Monkey Blista.


Also, existing topics, inc.:



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Everyone's got issues, nobody's "normal". Like that's a suit we're all supposed to wear... 🙄


On the topic though, yeah it's definitely something I wanted to give more time and play, but sadly on PC I'm just more wary of anything these days, and would rather not have the hassle of being forced to restart (etc) or dealing with people using godmode or a Hydra when they should be in an AW vehicle or some nonsense. 

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