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[PS4][18+][Mic] Ironborn Motorcycle Club is now recruiting!


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Hello all,


My name is Solar (road name Thor) and I am the current National President of the Ironborn 1% Motorcycle Club . After a recent shuffle of membership, we are under new management. We are currently recruiting for new players who want to join something that is more than just a video game crew. We are a community of men and women who love motorcycles and anything to do with riding. More than a just a community, we are a family. We have had several members meet up in real life for some fun times and good memories.


Background on the club.

     I was tired of many of the MCs in the GTA community who didn't take the club seriously, and I wanted to join a club of like minded people who shared my same passion for club brotherhood and motorcycles. What I found was the Ironborn MC. I did my hanging around and prospecting in the latter half of 2017, and earned my full patch in January of 2018. Our club has been through turbulent times, with only the most committed of us staying strong and rebuilding the MC. I have held several officer positions in the club, from Secretary to Sergeant-at-Arms. Now, I find myself at the head of the table for a club that I hold dear to my heart. Before becoming National President, I was made president of my very own chapter of IBMC. Some of the longtime members were becoming burned out on the 1% lifestyle and wanted a change of pace for the crew. Another member and myself did not want the club to change into something that it's not, and we were given our own charter to run things our way. Those members who wanted change have since departed the club, but by no means on bad terms. We all play together almost every day of the week. These people I consider family. We have been through a lot together, and been there for each other through many of life's moments, from the birth of a child, to deaths in our families. 


No in-game crew is going to break the bonds of family we share.


The MC now runs hand in hand with the former members' new crew, and we are having a blast all getting to play together the way we want. 


We hold our weekly "Church" every other Tuesday evening around 8 or 9 pm PCT. This can be adjusted to fit the needs of the members. This is a required meeting for all patched members of the charter to attend. Other charters may change their respective Church dates and times to fit the needs of its members should the issue arise. 


First and foremost, we are a 1% club. We only use free aim, period. In public lobbies, we only ride cruiser style motorcycles (Sovereign, Daemon, Zombie, etc). Assault Rifles, SMGs, Semi-auto handguns, and non-automatic shotguns only. Exceptions to these rules are made for private lobbies, where we are free to mess around and goof off. Certain exceptions are also made when running co-events with the other crew (this may be car shows, etc).


Along with Church, we also hold events (poker runs, rides, races, stand your grounds, and others). We also have weekly rifle practice, where we play TDMs for the good times, but also to keep our shooting skills in good order. It also serves as a time for those who may not be good with free aim settings to practice their skills and learn to play. Do not worry about your free aim skills, we will help you! Members are active several days of the week, so you should have no problem finding one of us to play with!


We use an app called Band for our chat rooms, which are active every day. Its a simple app to use and when not in game, we are always messaging each other on Band.


Membership includes a minimum two-week "Prospecting" period, where we will get to know you, and you will get to know us. You will learn how to ride in formation, the club bylaws, and show that you really do want to ride with us as family. Prospects will only be wearing a "Prospect" patch on a specific vest for the duration of the prospecting period. Ironborn will be your only crew! To received prospect status, you must leave your current crew(s). While you may be a prospect, we aren't going to treat you like dirt. We will never ask of you anything that we have not done ourselves. This is your time to learn about us, and us to learn about you. At the end of your prospecting period, a vote will be held by the patch holding members. Should it pass, you will become a full patch member, and be given all of the rights that come with it.


To apply, you must be active on GTA (not every day, but a few days of the week at least. We understand that often times, real life comes first). We have members across the US in different time zones, but we are always able to find time to get on with each other. Usually active during the day, we all hold real-life jobs, and our play time is usually during the afternoons and evenings. We are also active in Red Dead Online, though GTA is the main platform due to the current status of RDR Online.


We are on PS4. You must be 18 years or older, and have a mic. Opportunities to open charters on new platforms will always be an option when membership has grown.


If you are a player who is looking for a 1% MC, with members who will become family to you, don't be a stranger! We would love to have you. A link to our Prospect and Mother Charter crews will be linked below. If you are interested, send me a message on Social Club! Just click on my name at the top of the crew page and send me a message! I look forward to meeting all of you.


PROSPECT CHARTER: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ironborn_prospects/wall


MOTHER CHARTER: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ironborn_mc_sb/wall


What Is Dead May Never Die

Solar 1%er Ironborn National President

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