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Add Me: NeonLabsUK [PS4]

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Hey!  I'm NeonLabsUK and I play GTAO on the PS4.


I'm always looking for others to play GTAO with so if you want help with a heist, mission or anything else, add me with the subject "GTAForums" and I'll be sure to help where I can.


"I really can't stand or even understand people who just want to kill everyone and mess about so go play them games elsewhere and leave people to play the game as they wish."

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Interested in doing Bunker/Gunrunning and x2 Dispatch missions this week? Since these are the two I'm going thru right now. Add me if you want, PSN ID same as here (ten-a-penny).


Btw, my timezone is UTC +2 (Libya), so despite being online all the time minus Friday and Monday, chances are our timelines may not match. But we'll try. I'd have sent you the invite/FR if I wasn't on my '04 now.

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I'm lookin to start playing GTA:O im only level 17 at the minute but looking to get to level 100 for the platinum asap.


Will add u tomorrow. I'm from UK too


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I'm recruiting players to my crew Monopoly GANG Looking for consistent loyal and chill members to join crew. I host and join car meets, help with money problems, and give out cars if your looking for chill players message me on ps4 @ lilharvey_ and help us expand 

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