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Historical Railway by Ingramsl: Episode 2 C56 44

Sayonara Arigatou Sniper

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Sayonara Arigatou Sniper



First of all, I have to apologize for the first time, because the old stuff is not finished yet. I have already opened a new item (but this time I will finish this story. From then on, will gradually go down the old stuff.) The reason that brought this matter first is because there are matters related to Thailand. How will it relate to waiting to watch?

Saw the face of the steam engine's eyes in the form and would understand Which if anyone has ever followed the news on the web As well as television programs, he may have heard the story of a steam engine that had been painted according to the Thai steam engine, as in the days when he had been in Thailand. To celebrate the diplomatic relations of 120 years of Thailand - Japan in the past year 2007

The steam locomotive is the C56 44 or 735 locomotive, according to the number used in the State Railway of Thailand. The last one that this locomotive had been in before being returned to Japan is Chumphon, after which the railway had stopped using all types of steam locomotives for towing goods, passenger cars. About a year 1976 - 1977, many steam engines were parked in various districts. Some cars were sold as scrap. Some cars are lucky. The official can be shown on stations or places, including some parts that have a contact to buy. One of them is Steam locomotive C56 No. 735 (Thailand) which was acquired by Oigawa Railway Company or Daitetsu of Japan. Until finally, this locomotive was brought back home in the year 1979 and moved to this Oigawa Railway in today

Edited by Ingramsl
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