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DLC concept (long)

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I've been thinking a lot about what kind of story DLC i'd like to see for this game and while I think it's extremely unlikely at this point, a man can still dream. I ended coming up with a basic plot and I thought I'd share it with you. The DLC would take place mostly in New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso and would star Bill and Javier since they were so important to the first game. It would kind of bridge the gap between both games, exploring how Bill got his gang started up and how Javier ended up back in Mexico working for Allende. Javier would be the player character. It would be called' La Balada de Javier Escuella'  or something like that, heres how it would go...


It starts off with a short prologue in Roanoke Ridge set right after Arthur helps John escape, around the same time that Micah is killing Arthur. While Dutch and Micah were with Arthur, Javier and Bill were looking for John and they manage to catch him, ambushing him on the road. They get into a scuffle and an argument happens, with John taunting Bill for being too dumb to see that Dutch has gone crazy and Javier for being too blinded by his admiration for Dutch to see the truth. Javier is clearly very torn and is taking it real hard, even losing his mind a little himself (in the first game John say's that when Dutch started to fall apart Javier went crazy because it was as if everything he believed in turned out to be a fraud, but we don't get much evidence of that in the second game so I thought I'd add some here.)  John tells Javier that he always acted like he was eveyone's friend, but in the end he just left him to die like eveyone else. Bill wants to kill John but Javier feeling guilty tells him he can go. John tells him not to think for a second that this makes them even and that if he see's them again they'll wish they killed him. Then he leaves.


A little while later Bill and Javier catch up to Dutch and ask him where Micah is and what to do next, Dutch just tells them to get out of his sight, it's over and he doesn't want to see them again. Javier can't believe this and he tells Dutch he can't go, he needs him, but Dutch just turns his back on him and walks away never to be seen by Javier again, completely crushing his spirit. 


Then a time skip happens; over the next nine or so years Bill and Javier travelled all around America robbing and killing and doing whatever it takes to survive, without Dutch or Hosea's influence they've really lost their humanity, especially Bill. Eventually they find themselves back near West Elizabeth and needing money they decide to go look for the Blackwater cash, not knowing that Micah had already gone back for it. This is where the game picks up again. They head to the spot where they had camped outside of Blackwater and search all over the surrounding area of great plains remembering that Dutch always hid the money just outside of camp. They find absolutely nothing. Desperately needing money Bill sends Javier out looking for some farmsteads to rob and he eventually comes across Beecher's hope. Looking though his binoculars he sees John and Abigail though the window holding their newborn baby daughter (this will explain how in the first game Javier knows John lives on a farm and that he had another kid.) He thinks about going down there but changes his mind.  He goes back to Bill and tells him that he didn't find anything.


Feeling dejected they head down to the Blackwater saloon for a drink and while there someone recognizes them from their wanted posters. This sparks a barfight which eventually turns into a massive shootout with Bill and Javier massacaring a bunch of civilians and cops. They escape and head south eventually hiding out in Theives Landing, the town fully built by now. The cops are afraid to follow them there because it's completely overun with outlaws. In the saloon there they meet Norman Deek who at this point is just a small time hood and he tells them about New Austin and how it's almost a completely lawless wasteland with gold in the hills and many farmsteads and small remote towns ripe for robbing. So Javier Bill and Deek head that way.


The game opens up here and your free to rob stores, stagecoaches, hunt bounties (since Javier was a notorious bounty hunter) and do whatever you want. The main missions in New Austin will involve robbing ranches and trains and raiding towns and also taking on other gangs, conquering them and recruiting the survivors with Bill declaring himself their leader, building up his gang. Over the course of  this part of the game Javier will become increasingly sickend by Bill's actions, raping and killing in cold blood etc. He'll start to realise what monsters he and Bill have become. Eventually the gang will take on the Del Lobo's leading up to a huge shootout in Fort Mercer ending with Bill taking the fort for himself. Javier becomes disgusted by the racism Bill, Deek and the other gang members showed towards the Mexicans of the Del Lobo gang and decides enough is enough, he has to leave. With nowhere else to go he decides to head back to Nuevo Paraio to see whatever's left of his family but before he goes he tells Bill that if he's ever in trouble he has a friend in Mexico. 


When Javier arrives Nuevo Paraiso he heads straight for his family home and finds them long dead, their remains left to rot inside their house. Javier thinks they were murdered by the Mexican army as retribution for his murder of a powerful millitary man many years earlier. With nothing left to live for he heads straight for Escalera intending to assassinate Allende and get himself killed in the attempt. He fails and is captured and imprisoned. While in prison Javier is visited by Allende who tells him that it was not he who murdered his family but his former rebelde comrades as revenge for leaving them, as their revolution failed not long after he left. Allende recognizes he's an effective killer and offers him a job as a hitman, using his status as a former rebel to infiltrate budding revolutionary groups and assassinate their leaders, in exchange the government will forgive his past crimes.  He accepts, agreeing to work for the very government he fought to bring down long ago.


Missions in Nuevo Paraiso will involve assassinating rebel leaders, sacking rebel friendly towns and crushing rebellions, killing or imprisoning dissenters and hunting down Banditos. Eventually Allende will give him the opportunity to kill the rebel leader who suposedley killed his family. The man will tell Javier that he has no idea what he's talking about and that the millitary killed them but at this point Javier doesn't even care, he's completely lost. He kills him and that's where the story ends.


This seemed a lot shorter in my head than it is written down, sorry about that. Also I wanted Karen to show up a some point in Mexico but I couldn't come up with a good way to introduce her Anyway what did you think?


Edited by JupeShot92
Spelling, grammar etc.
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Pretty cool ideas. Too bad Rockstar won't make any single player DLCs though.

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1 hour ago, Lance_Vance89 said:

Pretty cool ideas. Too bad Rockstar won't make any single player DLCs though.

That's not true. We got Undead Nightmare with the first game. I imagine we might get a sequel or spin off at some point as it's what the majority of the Red Dead fanbase wants.

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Is this a leak

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I was thinking something like this the other day,  I think you can put Karen into the story maybe she leaves with them (Javier & Bill) after that confrontation in Beaver Hollow that can explain why nobody knows about her whereabouts.

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I really didn’t want that to end while I was reading it.

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