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Historical Railway by Ingramsl: Episode 1 Nippon Sharyo

Sayonara Arigatou Sniper

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Sayonara Arigatou Sniper


Today is the opening time for the history of the production of various vehicles and buses of Nippon Sharyo, GTAFourums style.
After that, we will intend to open a topic about Nippon Sharyo, a manufacturer of locomotives from Japan that produce various locomotives and buses in the United States for a long time and the world for 122 years.

In the year 1896, Nippon Sharyo was established as a company in Japan, including the Japan Vehicles Manufacture Company (日本車輌製造株式会社 Nippon Sharyō Seizō Kabushiki-gaisha, literally "Japan Vehicles Manufacture Company").
In Nagoya, Japan In the first period before World War II, Nippon Sharyo produced the first steam engine, JGR Class 8620, which was produced in 1914.
Later, JNR Class C11 was produced in the year 1914 as a 2-6-4T wheel, which is currently 5 vehicles in Japan. Later, JNR Class C12 was produced in 1932.
Was a 2-6-2T wheel model. Later, JNR Class C50 was produced in 1933
Please leave the matter. Come to the locomotive that we like for a long time That is ....

JNR Class C56 Series !!!!!!

In the year 1939, the Japanese army requested that the Japanese army march through Thailand to construct the Death Railway route in order to use the strategic route to Burma. Construction began in October. Year 1942, completed in October 1943
When the year 1943-1944, the steam engine C56 joined the opening ceremony of the Thai-Myanmar railway line at that time. The steam engine C56 31 or the number of the State Railway of Thailand is 725. Participated in that ceremony as well. After the war, some railways were dismantled.
Some parts were sunk under the Wachiralongkorn Reservoir. This railway is a memorial to commemorate that war event. Due to the labor of the pioneering construction Belonging to the Allied prisoners of war That the Japanese army has come
The name of this train is called The Death Railway, because in World War II, the Japanese army enlisted allied prisoners of war, including British soldiers, American, Australian, Dutch and New Zealand, about 61,700 people and laborers of Chinese, Vietnamese, Javanese, Malay, Burmese and many other Indians to construct a strategic railway line. To be a path through to Burma
To transport weapons Including personnel To continue to attack Burma and India Which at that time was a British colony One route would have to cross the Kwai Yai River, so the bridge must be built. The construction of this bridge and railroad is full of difficulties. Cruelty of war and disease and food shortages Causing tens of thousands of prisoners of war to die
This railway was completed on 25 October 1943 and opened on 25 December the same year.

Later in 2012, Nippon Sharyo established the United States company to carry out the production of locomotives and buses for the US railways.

Today, Nippon Sharyo has imported, exported, manufactured vehicles and buses all over the world. As long as there are other GTA games or Rockstar Games games, the locomotive and bus of Nippon Sharyo will run in the game scene.
Probably means the prosperity of Nippon Sharyo will continue to this day






















Edited by Ingramsl
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