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American Venom

If you could make your own trophies/achievements for GTA IV?

Recommended Posts

American Venom

What would they be? Yes I know this might be a bit redundant since GTA IV already has them, but I just thought it might be a bit of a fun thread nonetheless..


Anyway I'll start.


"No cousin. I don't want to go f*cking bowling" - Refuse to go bowling with Roman 10 times.


"Radio DJ" - Fully listen to every song/talk show on atleast one station without leaving your vehicle.


"Middle Park Massacre" - Kill 100 joggers in Middle Park.


"Burgershot Employee Of The Month" - Throw 30 burgers at NPCs..


"Bare Essentials" - Only use a pistol to complete every mission (with the exception of weapons provided).

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Can't think of anything right now, so here's a generic achievement. lol


"Welcome To America" - Complete the first mission.


"The American Dream" - Complete GTA IV's story.

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I'll think of some more later but here's all I got for right now:


"Surpassed the Mentor": Kill Dwayne

"Last Laugh": Kill Playboy X

"Bad Cop Drop": Kill Francis

"Lost Brother": Kill Derrick

"Forgiver": Spare Darko

"Avenger": Kill Darko

"Fixed Price": Pick Deal ending

"Ladies First": Pick Revenge ending

"Survived the Deathwish": Pick my/Jeansowaty's third alternate ending

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Femme Fatale

For TBoGT:

Out of the Closet: Visit Hercules 100 times

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iiCriminnaaL 49

"Niko Klebitz" - Kill 25 Angels of Death bikers.

"Keep your enemies closer" - Accept to deal with Dimitri.

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Good topic @American Venom, I like this idea.

i would like to add to the already good suggestions above:

  • 'Feng Shui' - Destroy 10 items of furniture with a baseball bat.
  • 'Nymphomania' - Have hot coffee with every possible date/character.
  • 'Big Apple' - Spend at least $1000 on food in Liberty City / Alderney.
  • 'Pumped up' - Blow up all of the pumps at 4 petrol stations in 10 minutes or less.

Keep them coming!

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'Burgershot' Eat 20 Burgers and not die

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*Once a cheater, always a cheater* Call Kiki for a date, then call a different girlfriend for a date and go out with her instead of Kiki.

*F the police!* Kill 500 cops.

*Welcome to Algonquin city* Unlock algonquin.

*Rat meat* Eat in any fast food restaurant 10 times.


*Disloyal jew bastard* Kill a member of the Lost MC.

*Cage driver* Drive a car for 10 minutes straight.

*Bike physics* Roll a bike in midair 5 times.

*Fag* Drive a faggio.


*Go home, you're drunk* Drink to many cups of beer in Hercules or Maisonette 9 until Luis passes out.

*Terrorist threat* Destroy 100 cars and kill 150 pedestrians or cops with the buzzard helicopter.

*Time traveler* Replay a mission.

*Limpdick* Do not go to your booty call's apartment when they ask you to.

*He's the greatest dancer* Dance perfectly with 3 random girls on either club.

*Troublemaker* Cause a disturbance in one of tony's nightclubs.

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Joker Of Termina

"Most Wanted" - Visit the naughty website on the internet.

"A Narrow Escape" - Complete Eddie Low's second encounter.

"American Radio" - Phone ZiT tae find out a songs name.

"Moving up the Ladder" - Kill Ray Boccino with a pistol.

"Military Training" - Kill 50 enemies with every weapon in the game.

"Pessimist" - Respond tae every email in the game negatively. (except sidequests that require Niko tae respond positively)

"Looking up" - Respond tae every email in the game positively.

"Not much of a holiday" - Fail 25 missions.

"Bellic of the streets" - Donate $5000 tae Hobos and musicians.

"Slavic Killer" - Kill 250 Russians 

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Jack Lupino
Posted (edited)


Garbage Collector- Pick up every possible object from the ground


Frying Rat- Kill a pigeon with a Molotov


Internet Guy- Download every phone theme and ringtone from website



Golden Eye- Unlock the Golden Buzzard and Golden Uzi


Boozed Up- Win a champagne drinking challenge

Edited by Jack Lupino

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Stage LC - drive a Futo for at least an hour in total.

Kosher - don't kill any Jewish pedestrian until you don't complete the storyline.

Liberty City Groove - play GTA IV for at least 40 hours in total.

Dirty Peasant - drive all the beaters for at least 1,5 hours in total.

Need Some Speed? - discover the Sultan RS's spawn location

Always Rushing in the Same Car - win all the races using the same car (using Pay 'n' Spray is allowed).

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Posted (edited)

I'm Right, They Don't - guess all the non-canonical choices during the storyline.

Eastern Star - buy all the clothes from the Russian Shop.

Looks Like You're Assimilated - buy all the clothes from Modo.

VIB ("B" stands for Bellic) - buy all the clothes from Perseus.

My Taste in Music Is Better Than Yours - have at least 20 working songs on Independence FM.

The Key to Their Hearts - get all the girlfriends.

Risky Situation - survive a 10 minutes long police chase with at least 5 stars wanted level with no weapon equipped.

Supporting the Family - complete at least 20 taxi driver jobs using the Roman's cab.

Edited by TheerT

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iiCriminnaaL 49

Classy European - Buy all clothes available in the stores.

Disloyal User - Refuse to go out with Roman.

Love Is Lost - Murder Jason Michaels.

Calm At Last - Execute Mikhail Faustin.

Lost And Damned - Murder "Jim Fitzgerald" (quotation marks due to those theories, you know 😛).

Crime Doesn't Pay - Complete the game through both endings. One for each savegame, obviously.

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