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[SA] Myths Maker 1.2


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With this mod you can create as many myths as you want and using any skin with almost no knowledge about mods creation. All configurable in the .inis and mod menu.







- You can share your .inis (and skins) with others so they play with their myths!

- In addition to the available settings, I have made important adjustments that make each myhs of these have no common problems in other myths mods.

- The download includes 17 myths, 12 from the Mysterix Mod.

- The mod has a menu to create the myths in game, you don't have to open the .inis if you want.


How to install new myths:

It's important to follow these 3 steps to avoid crash in the mod menu.


- The ped.
Download the ped you want on the internet and install on your modloader, the file name MUST be correct, if for example you now have 12 mythss installed and you want to install a 13th, you WILL HAVE to rename .txd and .dff to mod13.dff and mod13.txd. Don't skip the name of the files, always install in the numerical sequence, don't do so: mod12.dff/mod12.txd, mod13.dff/mod13.txd, mod15.dff/mod15.txd...


- The .ini.
If you are creating the myth now, copy any of the ini from the other legends and put it in the new legend folder and rename it to the corresponding name (if you are creating the legend 13 for example, copy an .ini to the following folder: "myths maker/cleo/Lendas/Lenda13" and rename the .ini to myths_maker13.ini). If you want to share your myth, you will have to send .ini, .dff, and .txd files.
If you are installing a myth from another person, legend #13 for example, copy the .ini, .dff and txd and paste into the corresponding folder, such as "myths maker/cleo/Lendas/Lenda13"


Installed mod example :
All folders are like this, just follow the example to create or share your legends.





Type MYTHS inside the game to open the myths creation menu.
Each setting shows a description in the upper left corner of the screen
Any changes made within the game through the menu will only take effect after loading a saved game again.


Link to MixMods blog post

Link to MixMods forum mod topic (PT - BR)

CLEO 4.3.23 beta (non-official) or newer is required to run this mod

Download V1.2

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