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Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game Round 3

Recommended Posts


It is me


Mission: I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle + Alex/Dating (Drinking, Darts) + Kate/Dating (Drinking) + Kiki/Dating (Eating)
Called by: SorveteQuente
Link: https://gtasnp.com/pXAnfT
Status: Completed
Completion: 77.97%
Notes: -I went on a date with Alex, but she didn't want to play bowling, so we drank some beers and played darts afterward;
-Kate and I arranged to meet up and have some drinks too in a local bar;
-To end this dating section, I tried to take Kiki to the strip club but she didn't seem to want that for some reason, so we went to the closest restaurant, Mr Fuk's, because I ran out of ideas.

Edited by SorveteQuente

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Quick turn :turn:


Mission: No Way on the Subway
Called by: SorveteQuente
Link: https://gtasnp.com/OvLS2B
Status: Completed
Completion: 78.66%

Edited by SorveteQuente

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My turn! :D


Mission: Dust Off / Weekend at Florian's / Friend Activities
Link: https://gtasnp.com/iNAeaE
Progress: 80.06%

  • Visited that U.L. Paper guy again. He wanted me to steal a helicopter in preparation to murder some terrorist! I stole it from some Russians, flew it to the airport, and some of his guys took it to disassemble it. The U.L. Paper guy is going to call me when the helicopter is ready to fly again.
  • All this work with helicopters got me wanting to hang out with Brucie and cruise in his helicopter! I scheduled a hangout with him, but I had to cancel because got a call from Ray Boccino on the way to pick him up...
  • ...Ray called, he says he found a way to Florian Cravic. He told me to go find this guy Talbot. So I picked up Roman, who happened to know Talbot, and drove to Star Junction to meet him. Talbot was quite nervous, but he directed us to Florian's, or rather Bernie's, place in Middle Park West. Florian is a bit... different now and it turns out he isn't the one who ambushed me. Now my sights are set on that slimeball Darko...
  • Called Brucie again, this time we went Bowling. I narrowly won with a score of 163. Brucie came up close behind me with a 158.
  • Was enjoying the recreation so I decided to give Packie a ring. We played Pool and I almost lost to him but he pocketed the cue ball on his last shot! 😆 So I ended up winning. 🎱


Original edit time: April 16, 2019 9:38pm PDT

Edited by thehambone
Fixed a pesky typo.

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I'll take a turn! Watch Live :)


Mission: Hating the Haters, Paper Trail, Dating (Drinking with Alex), Vigilante (5)
Link: Click Me! :p
Completion: 81.45%

Received a Phone Call from U.L Paper who wanted us to meet Little Jacob in a Helicopter, who was rather conveniently equipped with a Rocket Launcher. We took the time to fly around Algonquin and cause a few fireworks for the local residents to see!


Also went to see Bernie. He was concerned about someone in Middle Park so we went to check out the issue and ended in a chase on Faggio's. Needless to say I don't think Bernie needs to worry any longer!


Took Alex Drinking! Also had a read of her blog online after I left her home, she certainly has some stories to tell!


Completed 5 more Recent Crimes, taking the total to 140!


Sold a Cavalcade to Stevie's for $$$!

Edited by GTAKid667

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My turn!


Mission: Late Checkout + Alex/Dating (Strip Club)
Called by: SorveteQuente
Link: https://gtasnp.com/FKheG7
Status: Completed
Completion: 82.15%
Notes: Took Alex to the strip club! We didn't stay much, but she seemed to have made a new friendship with one of the strippers. 👀

Edited by SorveteQuente

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Me turn!

Mission: Blood Brothers (Killed Francis)
Link: https://gtasnp.com/Dqq1Y2
Completion %: 82.85%

Saved at Middle Park.

Forgot to buy armour.

Edited by MrMateczko

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Quick turn!


Mission: Truck Hustle + Hook, Line and Sinker
Called by: SorveteQuente
Link: https://gtasnp.com/e9zRe7
Status: Completed
Completion: 83.55%
Notes: Assassination missions are now unlocked!

Edited by SorveteQuente

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