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My SC300 Project


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I've decided to make a separate thread for my car because I don't want to spam the other threads with pictures of it.

I bought this car on October 29th, 2018 (about two weeks after I turned 18) and it's my first car. It had a lot of issues that I didn't know about until I went and tried to get it registered, and I honestly overlooked a lot of the issues because I was too excited about the fact that I was finally going to have a car. (I wrote a whole rant about it in the Car Talk Topic a while ago). I've decided to keep the car though, and I've been trying to make it better piece by piece. I'm gonna be slowly adding pics to this thread.

10/29/18 - The day I got it.


10/30/18 - Bought a blue Broadway mirror.

11/3/18 to 12/1/18 - Sat at the shop getting California compliant sensors, catalytic converters, and stuff so it could pass the smog check and get registered.

11/18/18 - Bought some Infiniti Q50 wheels for the car to sit on temporarily.




11/25/18 - Bought some 19" TRD wheels that came off of a Scion xB. I ended up never using these and sold them last month.




12/25/18 - First ever photoshoot.




12/26/18 - Bought a license plate bracket and tried out the side-mount. I ended up not liking it and went back to using zip ties to hold the plate to the bumper.



12/29/18 - Raised the coilovers a little bit because the wheels were rubbing on the fender.

Edited by Murciélago
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2/23/19 - I got a set of super rare OZ Salina wheels. I test fitted them and I really like them but I'm still unsure if I want to use them right now. Either way, I'm going to be keeping them around.

3/2/19 - My old battery died and I found out that it was actually still under warranty, so I got it replaced for free.




3/8/19 - I had two new mufflers installed. The previous owner did a muffler delete which was super obnoxious and droned really badly, also I didn't want to get pulled over.


Thicc Supra



Edited by Murciélago
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3/12/19 - Painted my rear emblems silver because the previous owner had painted them black and the paint was now chipping off.




3/13/19 - Installed double-sided tape on the back and placed the emblems back onto the car. I probably should've gone with another color but silver will do for now.


3/15/19 - Put the Work wheels back onto the car because I didn't like having an incorrect speedo reading and I honestly got tired of looking at the Infiniti wheels.


Edited by Murciélago
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3/16/19 - The facelift tail lights I ordered came in. 3-day shipping from Hong Kong to California 👌


3/17/19 - Polished my headlights with some Mother's polish.


3/23/19 - Flushed my power steering system. I know this looks hella ghetto but it worked pretty well lol. I definitely need new hood struts soon though.


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3/23/19 - My friends came over and helped me fix my coilover dampening. The rear ones were stuck on maximum stiffness beforehand and the ride was super rough, it's nice and smooth now.

3/24/19 - I decided to change up the color of my wheels. I wasn't a fan of the two-tone but I do like how they look when they're a single color so I decided to make them white. I then realized that white didn't fit the look of the wheels at all so I'm gonna be spraying them silver soon.





3/29/19 - I picked up some used Duraflex side skirts for $40. They need some work but I think they'll look good once they're painted.

The car they came off of:


2JZ-GTE, manual swapped SC300



Edited by Murciélago
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shes looking hot so far

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12 hours ago, Pavle said:

shes looking hot so far


3/30/19 - I changed the color of my wheels once again. A proper color this time, metallic silver. 

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Man the putting the silver back in the logos make the car look so much classier! Good job!

Digging the new taillights as well.

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14 hours ago, TheerT said:

Any plans on a new exhaust tip or something?

Yeah, they look weird without tips, still undecided as to which ones I want though.

2 hours ago, Tchuck said:

Man the putting the silver back in the logos make the car look so much classier! Good job!

Digging the new taillights as well.

I have no idea why the previous owner decided to black out the emblems, makes it look cheap and ugly imo. I think I'll eventually get the gold emblems for my car as that's what the car originally came with from the factory. Also, glad you're liking the lights. I think they make the car look a lot less dated.

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3/31/19 - Started filling in the holes in the skirts with body filler (never used it before), one of the skirts was actually torn so I had to glue the two pieces together first. The took super long and I had to use 80 grit sandpaper. 

4/1/19 - Continued sanding, added more filler, and painted. I'm not satisfied with the paint though, probably going to repaint and use proper clear coat this time. Also bought a Wise Sports replica front lip (would've loved to get an authentic one but they've been discontinued).

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  • 2 weeks later...

4/10/19 - Installed the front lip a few days ago. Skirts aren't on yet as I haven't found a good way to mount them yet.

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  • 3 weeks later...

4/27/19 - Waxed the car since the clear coat keeps peeling. The paint is unsaveable and will have to be repainted but this'll hopefully slow down the peeling so that it doesn't end up looking like total crap. Also, I finally get to park in the garage 😃



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Nice garage parking is great ( I miss having a garage 😪 ), unfortunately too late to save the paint now, but after respraying it the garage will definitely help. 


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