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I have a CEO office and a medium and small crate warehouse as well as a vehicle warehouse. I don’t have any other businesses and I want to know to best method to snake money solo

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Bunker (southern half of the map for easy deliveries) with upgrades and bought supplies. Makes money while you're doing the other stuff.


Also, read the numerous guides in this section...

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From what you have,  I would deal with the vehicle warehouse right now since its 50% increase in payout (150k for top range cars) and you can sell one every 20 minutes.  Source a car,  sell it,  source another car then do VIP jobs like Headhunter,  Sightseer and Hostile Takeover during the cooldown.  Once cooldown is over sell another car,  steal another then do VIP jobs during the cooldown.  You could also fill your warehouses during the cooldowns as well (3 crates buys is best because you fill the warehouse quicker which means you can sell quicker).


Tip:  sell only top range cars and store all mid an standard cars.  The goal is to have 10 mid and 10 standard cars in the warehouse.  Once you do then when you source a car it will always be a top range car.

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1 hour ago, Llsangerman said:

Then should I get mc clubhouse or bunker

I'd get a bunker first, especially without a nightclub.

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5 hours ago, Llsangerman said:

Then should I get mc clubhouse or bunker

Buy the Chumash bunker and upgrades (security not needed) and then buy MC businesses Meth, and Coke but no upgrades and instead buy the night club with no dancers or interior upgrades and buy workers and storage (those you can buy one at a time and scale up as you buy more businesses) and then you will have the 2 best money makers in the game. Bunker and Nightclub. You can make a pretty easy 2 million per day from those and very little work. Buy a garage as close as possible to the Bunker to spawn in and refill it or go into missions overnight and while you are at work and a high level apartment so you can go watch tv and make money overnight and while you are at work with the businesses. 

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Not about the topic but just btw:

My character is currently wearing white tucked in shirt, suit pants and black armour. Anyone knows how to get the FIB logo on the armour? My crew’s emblem is FIB

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