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Mercedes Benz 600 SEC (c140) 1993 for GTA

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Posted (edited)

Hi !

I’m starting, or rather, have already begun a joint next project with the Falkrum to transform the legendary coupe w140 coupe into a new car.
Therefore, to all who are interested, you can follow topic and give efficient and proper advice.
The main idea is to fully improve / restore the stock of the salon, the coupe will be with the new m120 engine, and work out more and more details.
First photos:



What has already been done is a new, more detailed grille. new HQ emblems on bonnet . wipers for headlights.
Plastic fastening for the licence plate on the front bumper.


For trunk is made 600 SEC emblem, new sta emblem r, new rear lock with infrared sensor


On the side, the v12 emblem has  been made, the antenna too has been made.



Made inner side of bonnet add authentic  bonnet insulation texture add place with info of ignitions coils type





"Fix" Made chrome lines as 3 items like in real life






Made parking antennas (before parking sensors was this thing)





Edited by DEALER.

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Nice! Will follow this project. :)

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Great work! :)

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Reworked the lower part of the threshold - made a hole for the jack




Redone sunroof. Now sunroof is a was like the 600 SEC 's



Redid the rear window adjusted proportions, adjusted black line size


And also done new mirror from scratch: now the correct form, proportions, and more detailed alll

OLD -> NEW (see the difrence)




Stay tune, subscribe

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