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RD1 vs RD2,who is better and why??

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Totally different games but can sit side by side. One day I'll play them back to back.


For me I prefer RDR1. With RDR2 I feel conflicted. It's either stunning or infuriating.  Off the top of my head this is why I prefer RDR


- It's tone was very consistent.

- It's themes were present but not told in an overbearing way.

- The story was as close to narrative perfection as I've seen in a game. Like GTA4, it takes you to new areas in a really expert way. From New Austin to Mexico to West Elizabeth, and the way it's missions take you to areas within those areas or states. It's also told in a very concise manner, whereas RDR2 is bloated as sh*t by the time it ends. Chapter 5 and 6 just drag on and on.

- Each area of the map feels very distinct, new and fresh. Loads of distinct places in New Austin alone, from Hennigens stead to Thieves landing to Armidillo. Then of course a whole new map in Mexico opens up. In RDR2 everywhere felt the same apart from Lemoyne, and we didn't even get to do anything in West Elizabeth or Tall trees before the epilogue. That said the level of detail on the map for RDR2 is insane. Unparalleled.

- We actually got a sense of how bad the gangs were, through what they said and did(like raping the women and mutilating a man at Ridgewood farm). The O'Driscolls and Lemoyne Raiders were weak antagonist gangs. I never saw what they really did to people, other than beat a guy up in Valentine. 

- The antagonists were actually quite fleshed out - Allende, De Santa, Dutch, Ross.....I couldn't really tell you who the antagonists were in RDR2, mostly just nameless, faceless goons. Milton obviously, who was a cardboard cutout preachy villain, Cornwall who we never learnt much about other than being a 'bad capitalist' intent on agressive expansion. Colm..meh, Bronte meh...Braithwaite women meh. Nothing central or compelling to fight against other than Dutch's stupidity. The difference with John is that we had to do all these things to see our family again. In RDR2 it was like...ok we need money to go and buy some land....but I don't want to live with these unlikeable lunatics and I feel no loyalty to them, I'm just told I should.

With John I felt the loneliness and longing but this is entirely subjective I know.

- Long way from home moment>Unshaken



- We didn't have to eat, bathe or clean our guns for very mild effects. I loved looking after my horse though...

- I never tired of the shooting gallery, even though it was overused. In RDR2 I reached my peak in chapter 4 and lost my patience in chapter 5. By chapter 6 I'd had enough of it entirely. With RDR the shootouts felt tight and realistic and with the right amount of enemies. 

- Bounties. Loved this aspect of RDR, not so much bothered by them in 2.

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