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[SA|CLEO|REL] Player 2 - Drop In, Drop Out!

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Player 2 - Drop In, Drop Out!

The way 2-player mode in San Andreas should be.

This CLEO script is basically a standalone mix between Nights744's Two Player Missions LoaderMarsi4eg's San Andreas 2-Player Mode Enhancements and skatefilter5's  Two-Player with Model Selector + Distance Hack putted together in a way that made the concept of 2-player mode more fast, fun and easier to use for new players.


I tried my best so you can have fun doing random stuff without the game crashing, this is my first CLEO script and my first topic, hope you like it! :D


I really recommend you to have this script deactivated unless you want to play with a friend, fortunately, this script is compatible with LINK/2012's Mod Loader, so you can switch on and off this mod everytime you want.



please don't do this


Main features

  • Since the game doesn't detect this as a traditional 2-Player Mode, $ONMISSION (A global variable that detects if you are in a mission) isn't touched, so you can do all the stuff you do in single-player free-roam but with a friend!, this includes the storyline missions, vigilante missions, firefighter missions, and so on


  • Use an in-game activation code to spawn/erase Player 2 anywhere!, default code is ' B ', but you can change it in the .ini config file and use something like ' PLAYERTWO ' or whatever you want


  • Player 2 can press START in the controller to spawn/erase itself anywhere!, toggleable in the .ini config file, I recommend you to disable this if your friend thinks it's fun to spawn inside TransFender or in a cutscene, since this can lead to problems.


  • The script is heavily tested, so it's really rare that you get a "gta_sa.exe has stopped working" message


  • The script randomly selects 1 of 10 models for the Player 2 skin!, you can select your favorite models through the .ini config file, just make sure you are using model IDs from peds or the game will crash, the IDs from here should work


  • You can drive separate vehicles!, the script detects when you want to drive together or separate, and changes the camera if so


  • Player Indicators!, this will show a red arrow above Player 1 and a blue arrow above Player 2, the arrows automatically disappear when the 2 players are in the same vehicle. This indicators are toggleable through the .ini config file


  • Player 2 blue radar blip
  • Random fighting style for Player 2
  • If Player 1 has a bullet-proof armor, Player 2 will too
  • Configurable distance limit - How far you can veer away from each other until there's an invisible wall, Player 2 will fall from the world if it goes away +300.0
  • Configurable friendly fire - If on, you can aim at each other 
  • Did I mention you can spawn player 2 anywhere?





2-player boat race



He has always been there, seriously



2-player vigilante side-mission



2-player firefighter side-mission

In order for this to work, Player 2 must drive the truck, and Player 1 will control the water cannon



2-player helicopter race



Things changed around here!









2-player driving school, in case you wanted that :D



Get ready for some 2-Player cow tippin', boy! Yee-haw!


Known issues and incompatibilities


I tried my best in mixing all these features without gta_sa.exe sh*tting itself in the pants, still there are some problems

  • When driving two separate vehicles, you will hear the engine sound only from the last obtained one. Nothing to do with my script - game engine bug.
  • If you have Player2PressStart=1, the camera will change from keyboard+mouse to gamepad in single-player mode everytime second player presses any key, there's a workaround, just press the activation key twice so the camera changes to keyboard+mouse again and tell Player 2 to not press any key
  • Sometimes when Player 2 is driving a vehicle alone and you use the activation code or press start, the vehicle Player 2 was driving will start driving itself as if someone was inside of it
  • TransFender camera resets when the 2-player mode is used, and dying inside TransFender will leave you without radar - I don't recommend you to use this mode if you are going to modify a car


  • Amazing screenshot doesn't let you move the camera when 2-player mode is on, I really wanted to use this mod :(
  • I think this mod is incompatible with any other 2-player mod, since it's a standalone mod


How you can help to improve this script

If you are a modder


Check the source code and tell me how can i optimize it, or tell me if there's a better way of implementing a function

It would be really cool if you help me to fix the problems related to TransFender and cutscenes, like not letting the second player spawn in this case


If you are a regular player


Start doing some weird sh*t in-game and if you encounter a problem, tell me and I may try to recreate it and fix it :D

Remember to list all the other mods you were using when you encountered the problem, and try to recreate it without the mods, since it may be an incompatibility between scripts



MEGA folder

in this folder you will find any updates for the mod



Put the "Player 2 - Drop In, Drop Out!" folder inside your MODLOADER folder

If you don't use Mod Loader, just copy "Player 2 - Drop In, Drop Out!.cs" and "Player 2 - Drop In, Drop Out!.ini" inside your CLEO folder


How to configure the controllers

Basically you will need Silent's GInput and a Xinput wrapper in case you don't have a Xbox 360 controller

You should check Nights744's tutorial about this, since I am not very good explaining things


Things needed / recommended

ASI Loader by Silent

CLEO by Deji


SAAC 2.0 (In case you only have one keyboard)

GInput by Silent

x360ce (In case you don't have a Xbox 360 controller)


Mod Loader by LINK/2012

HOR+ Support by Wesser

Widescreen Fix by ThirteenAG (this fixes the two player HUD even if you don't have a widescreen monitor)


Credits to

Nights744, for implementing the 2-Player mode in PC through CLEO scripts

Marsi4eg, for the features added in his mod 2-Player Mode Enhancements
skatefilter5, for the idea of having the second player spawn out of nothing
And the whole GTAForums community, learned a lot of CLEO scripting here

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Cool, i'll try this out when i get the chance.

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This is awesome, good job!

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What i really love about this mod is that it's fast, easy and simple!

Now finally i can use my custom cars with my friends and do missions!

and best of all you can change the ID skin of character you want to use in the INI file with up to 10 and they're random but still pretty cool!

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Why is my camera always changing, when in Two Player Mode?

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que viva Venezuela :D, gran mod hermano, espero que puedas corregir  todos los issues del script, oye por cierto si sabes cual es el vlog llamado Mixmods, deberias sugerirle al dueño A ver si publica tu mod en su vlog, es que me parece que has hecho un muy buen trabajo, y en ese vlog casi siempre se consigue lo mas recomendado para gta

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