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Anyone know if R* 'Fixed' the Early Access Glitch?

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Involving the Mission in the Graveyard.   I'm on one of my inifinte replays-5th?  6th? and want to hit New Austin and such early so I can give Arthur all the Goodies one can only get normally after Chpt6.


I know they resolved some of the other- Gold, Gun-Lantern-Wall and maybe some others but I want to do as I said, give Arthur a chance at some of the toys.

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Cutter De Blanc

They patched it, in that you can no longer fail the optional objective that triggers the glitch

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I did not know that was what triggered the glitch.  So, if you pass those objectives it works?

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Cutter De Blanc

No. You had to fail the optional objective "Don't get spotted by the police" to do the glitch.

Rockstar made it so that even when you get spotted by the police, it says you weren't. 


Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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Figures.  That always irritates me with games-like RDR1, you could not get a certain outfit and maybe something else until after the story with John finished.  Same with things like Assassin's Creed games-the very best itens are only available after it is pointless to get them.


RDR2 there are several items and collections that are part of the story you cannot do before the epilogues.

Wonder if I can roll back the updates from 1.6 on.

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