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Quentin Tarantino's 9th Movie: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

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On 11/27/2019 at 5:36 AM, TheSantader25 said:

Finally saw the movie. Pretty unique tbh. I think it's a "different" Tarantino movie with all the crap that you expect from a Tarantino movie so it somehow ended up being perfect. I wouldn't rate it as the best Tarantino movie but definitely unique, creative and one of the best of 2019. Absolutely loved Brad Pitt's badass character and boy those last 20 minutes were f*ckin awesome. 

My thoughts exactally.

The film paid tribute not only to Sharon Tate but also to Burt Reynolds and his stuntman.


"the two main characters are based on the relationship between actor Burt Reynolds and stuntman turned director,  Hal Needham."

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I really loved this movie, but I can see how it's not for all, lol. A visual treat and both Brad and Leo were on great form. Some very funny moments too, and a good bit of modern Tarantino flair for the final act.


As Siskel and Ebert would do, this gets two thumbs up. :)

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Loved the movie, even though so many things i know just go over my head, since even before i read this is the case, it just felt kinda biographical, especially in refferences to real life places and events.

Like really, do not ask me how i felt that one before i actually knew that, but still...


I really hope it is his last movie, it would be pretty much the perfect ending


and...yea...the people who do not like it are probably more into the dark comedy, which is a lot less presented into this movie, but still...it has something magical even...for sure a good story...


and it is not like it is without any violent action scenes anyhow still.

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Self-Destructive Man

Great movie, I liked the "action" scenes, the dialogue and even the ending kept me thriled. The only weird thing about this movie to me was how Margot barely spoke on the movie, even though they marketed as she being one of the main characters. But I don't really know the real story about Tate, the Mansons and all that stuff so maybe it makes sense. Great movie nonetheless, I only wish I had watched on the theater.

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