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Is Unity good for me to make a Silent Hill game?


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hello there. i've heard about the Unity program that is useful to make video games. i mean there are tons of tutorials on youtube, but survival-horror or psychological horror is that the one i can't find. can you the (Unity users) help me make a game similar to Silent Hill? i really want to do this because silent hill is my favorite game since like for ages, and i want to make one. is there a way to add sounds too? i'm curious to see your opinions

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People have made pretty good horror games/demos in Unity. At any rate, it won't be a limiting factor in how good of a game you can make until you get to a pretty significant size team.


In terms of things that are special to horror, you really just want to see what people do with lighting and shaders for that, as that will be the only part that's drastically different. The rest is going to be the same whether you're making a horror or an FPS game. So if you can follow the tutorials for one, you can make the other.

Prior to filing a bug against any of my code, please consider this response to common concerns.

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  • 1 year later...

Yes, yes you can, I wouldn't recommend downloading Unity and just get straight into making a game like Silent Hill (says the guy that downloaded Unity thinking about making a gta kind of game btw), you should start with something easy and simple, maybe a 2D game like Super Mario Bros, then the more you use Unity, the more you improve.

Now what about making a Silent Hill clone alone? Yes, you can, it's not going to be easy, and unless you can do sound designing, 3d modelling, music composising, making textures, and other stuff by yourself, you would have a hard time doing it alone, and it's not as easy as making a mission on DYOM, since you can use any music you want without having copyright issues there.

And no, Unity doesn't necessarily mean bad graphics, you just gotta be clever about it, anyway if you're going to actually make a Silent Hill clone, then good luck, I believe in you.

EDIT: And Unity is also beginner friendly.

Edited by Axoez
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