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OmegaCam : Now is Free


Recommended Posts

Hello EveryBody ... Happy Equinox Day


The OmegaCam mod has been updated, by the end of the current season.

Now S0 is Completed, as like the Old One (S1) so them are equal

and there is no more mysteries to solve until a new season

is released, we will do this in a year from now.


At first there was only the OmegaCam, its easter eggs, and powers

But for the second season, this mysteries where linked to our

Mta San Andreas servers, requiring you to progress in

both games to earn all the rewards out there.


It was a big puzzle, requiring a full community effort

to discover all the avaible powers, and functions

so many of them were so popular that many

people was complaining about too much

noobs taking advantage of them ...


Others were so difficult just to find out about

their existence, or to understand them that

today still no body know how to unlock

them ... some of them were just

the tools needed to fight the

plague of the gods that

they complain about


This was a big game, that never was mean

to be Popular, is about creating value

a recognition for the players able

to solve it. But in multiplayer,

the powers that we were

Spreading ... are too

much dangerous

Just to let any

Player to



Yes, we put them in the game but ...

at last, we were wishing that

nobody except ourselves

will take advantage of

them and ... what is

worst ... spread it

without control


But the thing was that, if the admin was dealing with it

the price will be the same for every player, so we

can't just select the players by finger, there

must be a trial, and the rules were the

same for everybody. Since then

we were able just to control

the information that we

have, and as much

give some clues.


We lost the control of some of these powers

before ... and the community has learned

a lot ... about the Power of Information

and the laws of supply and demand


This has last for 2 Years, and we are proud

there are still half of the powers being

yet undiscovered, so there is still

mystery left for a new season


But, as I said, the Competiveness is so important to us

because it was proven along this last year that those

powers were weaking the gamers community

and hindering the ascent of new players.


So we think they deserve a rest, from are those ambitions

and we used to reset all the counters every season,

because our argument is very Time Dependant

you have to be there, in the appropiate

moment, with the apropiate people

to presume of beign part

of something like this


Is so easy in this game beign lost or

stay behind, if you don't colaborate

with the players that make some

progress, is improbable that

... they will help you, and

those opportunities

never return


As the old games, where we used to start

again and again, until we perfected the

first levels, this is not meant to be

solved by simply keep trying

... you have to do a

good Race from

the begining


But, as I said, is not a single player game

but a Cooperative one, and you as new

or old player, doesn't have to carry

with the community errors

os misconceptions


Every year they have a new opportunity

as community, to explore, and conquer

and deal with those powers, and

making such contracts so

everytime is different

... because of the

Active Players


But this year, we are not starting a new season

everything goes back to ther original position

from now to March 2020, the server will

return to its original FreeRoam config


So the community restores

from those wars, and new

players gain their own

expectations, so ...

next time, it will

be still new

to them


Surely you are reading this and have no idea

what I'm talking about, so you are also

one of the new generations that

will find out those Mysteries

and will retain the feeling

of knowing something

that still nobody

knows about


I'm pretty sure the mystery

will keep occult because

of those players just

playing the game

as it should be


Is just a Mystic Market

Now Buried, that will

someday Resurrect


So as like the San Andreas servers are being

reset to their Original state and FreeRoam

GameMode: the OmegaCam is also

being cleaned of Easter Eggs

and Now the FreeCam

is Just Free ... Cam


All you have to do is download the S1 Mod

and you will enjoy all its functions

Flying around San Andreas


and watching people

... of course


We have a year to plan and program the new seasons

that this time will be expanded to a new world

called RageMP, where we have now our

own FreeRoam servers, awaiting

to be synchronized with

the future seasons of

Omega and MTA


IT was a Big Experience ... and i have to say

that the best of all, was not the game at all

but the relations we had formed

... along these months


Since the First Clans of the Gods

to our Discord Parties, I am

very proud of how this

Unified those



Thanks To: Margarino Melli

Black Sanic Single yesale

... and Greetings to

Everyone else


These are the Links from where you can Download

the Current OmegaCam (S1 is FreeCam,

and S0 is the Finished OmegaCam)





Without knowledge of the story, all you

can do in S0 is Find the Eggs, but

you can learn about them

before a new season

... require of you

Having them


There will be Twice as many Easter Eggs

and we are designing new powers

for the Gta V Servers ... and

the Three Games will be

Necessary to unlock

Fully any of them




The Gods are Watching
Demons are Coming


Enjoy FreeDom

While you can




Conquer, Enslave

Rave ... Repeat




Edited by DubStar
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These are our RageMP servers:


Coopera 5.0S | FreeRoam :

DubStar 5.0S | FreeRoam :


And these the MTA ones:


Coopera 5.0S | FreeRoam :

DubStar 5.0S | FreeRoam :


Also, here you can find a Quick Sheet

with the Controls of the OmegaCam:

OmegaCam Original Post


Thank You, see you

in the Other Side


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