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JJ The Viking

What's 1 Thing You Hated About RDR2's Gameplay?

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On 4/2/2019 at 1:25 AM, Lance_Vance89 said:

I think the other gangmembers are doing stuff that doesn't ''affect'' Arthur's story. Like the girls sewing and things, some of them are lookouts for the camp during Arthur's adventures, it's already been mentioned that Kieran walks with hay and doing stuff with saddles (probably only his saddle, but with a bit of a stretch of imagination you can say it's everybody's saddles). Tbh, the only layabouts are Uncle, Swanson, Molly, Hosea (but he's old, so he probably gets a pass by the gang) and Dutch (if you don't count scheming as work).

True but it feels like they, for the most part, are doing nothing.  Especially when the camp upgrades are in the hundreds of $$ and it requires you and only you to make and donate the funds but hunt down all the animals and crap used in those upgrades.   Everyone else is donating .05 or a dollar and Dutch/Mrs Scrimshaw are constantly bitching at you to do more.


Everyone complains there's no food and with as many men there surely one of two of them could do some fishing or snag a deer instead of it a;ways being Pierson saying "Good, we were getting low."

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Nulla Lex Ink.

I'll second not being able to take gang members out with you. Before the game came out I was really looking forward to taking some members out to go shooting. Especially jarring is how it seems you were supposed to be able to do this from glitches that can happen. And while R* never explicitly said it was possible, you can't deny that the advertising seemed to imply this was a feature.


I've whined about it before, but I really hate how you never had more than 2-4 people genuinely helping you out in missions. What irritates me most is how so many missions started with you having eight or more riding with you, but there was always some excuse for why they didn't end up helping out. Like in the mission "Old Friends," Lenny and Javier are left back to look out. But the one I will never, ever stop being boggled by is "Horsemen, Apocalypses." Half of the active guns are missing with absolutely no explanation ever given.


On a more petty and silly note, I wish you could walk around eating food at bars, that you could chew tobacco and spit it, and that smoking was more than a puff and then tossing the cig.

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Not being able to 100% complete the compendium. 

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Rafae S

the slowed down clunkiness of it

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Arthur doing things in slow motion when you really need him to be quick. For example, I want to be able to pick my hat up quickly in the heat of battle.


Otherwise not being able to choose weapon loadout or drop weapons from inventory is a major annoyance. Atleast give us a stash box! 

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Posted (edited)
On 3/22/2019 at 11:04 AM, RyuNova said:

Pressing and holding A (X on PS4) and leaving the stick alone will allow the Horse to control itself and it will dodge the obstacles you are forcing it in to. You are not driving a car, you are controlling an NPC that has its own AI. Stop fighting with it and let it do its thing.

The answer to the shaking reticle is calm the f*ck down and stop trying to Rambo everyone. Let Arthur get his breath back and retreat to give yourself more breathing room. Arthur holds his breath everytime he aims (as explained to Charlotte) so you constantly throwing him up from behind cover and aiming means he has no breath and thus cannot focus.

Actually, no the horse will still sometimes run into things even then. Have had it happen multiple times. 

Edited by truffleshuffle03

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Love the game but after playing multiple hours and completing the game multiple times these are what really frustrates me about the game.


1. How the horse's act even in cinematic mode when you are not even controlling the animal it sometimes just run into sh*t even when you are holding x/a depending on the system and not the thumbsticks. Like letting go of the sticks when you are around trees yet horse still seems to be drawn into them.

 Even stopped trains that are on a crossing it runs dead into them and wagons as well while in cinematic mode.


The spot in the river where you and Micha robbed the payroll wagon and then the o'driscals try to rob you and crash the wagon if you are in cinematic mode and the horse needs to cross that spot on the river it just runs right into it sending you flying.


I also I really hate when you go to rob a store or something and you come out and the dam horse is not there and has just run off you then have to try and fight lawmen and stuff to get on the horse but he keeps running away from you because you are getting shot at. 


2. The weather just seems so random. I love watching it come in but I have had it raining on the mission where you go and burn the tobacco plants and the guys are in full conversation about how the area is in a drought because it has not rained in weeks yet it was full on in the middle of a big ranging storm with thunder lightning and heavy downpour. Then there are times where even in bright blue sky with no clouds its pouring down rain. 


3. Arthur wears a mask and yet law always knows it's him no matter what. Also, you do something and somehow a witness who is miles away saw what you did. 

 4. The same button to rob someone is the same button to mount a horse. I have had it happen multiple times in towns and stuff while trying to mount my horse and next thing I know I am wanted for grabbing an NPC that was close to me.  


5. If you don't do missions in order of how they want you to do them the dialog can be off sometimes. If you don't take jack fishing before you rob the Valentina bank he still says he was approached by the Pinkertons yet you had not even done the mission yet.   

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