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Grand Theft Auto Online DLC's YEARS OF IDEAS

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Add islands that you can build like creator mode but only online so for exsample i buy island and the island you choose is far past the no fly zone (the no fly zone is that part of the map fly too far you plane brakes or boat brakes) so after you have bought the island you get a full half mile you can build on and under and around the island even under the sea and the items you place will cost money to buy etc. Ok now add more ocean kinda like earth but with out land all water with gta online map on that ocean earth and each dlc helps build grand theft auto world online, ok theres alot that can be done with a planet like world then a flat world cuz you can add space into gta online and add planets and space ships making it grand theft auto space so dlc called Grand Theft Auto World then another dlc called Grand Theft Auto Space ok then there way more you can do like instead of loading into a race or a death match you worls have to fly or drive to a place on that planet signing up for a race like the for exsample you walk into a store to buy snacks or rob it will same set up but instead of buying snacks your signing up for a race then and the next race available it would give you a way point to go like a mission instead of loading you can fly or drive if your on the planet thats just a tease of what gta online could be in my eyes gta online has alot it cam do and add to the game and add other dlcs like cops and aliens and go crazy have a island thats over run by zombies and all zombies run very big island and you can try a zombie island, if rockstar turn gta online into a world and not just online game but more making it one game that wants players to give ideas and help build a game that and if they do that insteand of buying a game you be buying a dlc so for exsample reddead could be on a planet in space and add new rockstar games inside a game instead of wasting plactic, this way it saves time to do more then to do extra. And and make the lobbys from 20 players to 100 players in a lobby or more i feel like the maps too small and not that many players i want to and the graphic maybe update them with every new console, add in every players idea of a dlc theres alot of creating that can be done to gta online, and add new island for gta battles you get on a plane flys you over a island and parachute in like a business battle adding in money drops battle for money and first was a island then was a world then was a solor system and now is a universe. This is for rockstar so they can terriform grand theft auto, thus is what i desire in a game like grand theft auto a gamethat has the potential to create a game that meets every gamers ideal game a game that one day will make money for the player ok yes im thinking some crazy thoughts but there good ideas, like let the player make there one items with in the game let the player craft items and sell them and and game mode that teaches thoses how to craft like bacis training this way you rockstar dont have to do the work when you have player here willing to help if paid for a item they made it would work like this, you craft a item now you want to sell it gets published like a race in creator and then to fix the old problem adults vs kids this was supposed to be a game for adults why not make it so for adult but let the kids enjoy too so add in a adult dlc that cost money and will need more proof then a store like a phone call or proof that they 18 or higher cuz i want nudity in the game as well i want to be able to make ^////^ avatars i love making hot avatars so like a exclusive adult dlc and id like to be able to edit my avatar/character into my ideal avatar like add belly bottons or you know the adult stuff lol and make then small or tall fat or slim or muscular and big head but tiny body like there so much potential this game has all the dlc concepts can be added as dlc while each up date add in stuff islands and planets and new star systems like then once players demand more space or new map this i dont want thus dlc now cuz it will take time to make and sneak it into dlcs or add it in 3 massive dlcs called Grand Theft Auto World dlc, Grand Theft Auto Space dlc, Grand Theft Auto Universe dlc, adsing in a new planet every year or so but this is only just the tip of the potential this game has this is all for now (#Zeref) to be continued...............

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Sorry, but you expected people to read that mess? 

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On 3/20/2019 at 10:51 AM, Gaffa said:

Sorry, but you expected people to read that mess? 


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5 hours ago, #Zeref said:


Shame it didn't include years of punctuation.


p.s. inb4 this gibberish gets locked.

Edited by whywontyoulisten
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Uncle Sikee Atric


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