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Old vs. New Horror Movies

Old vs. New Horror Movies  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you prefer old or new horror movies?

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I’m gonna have to go with old and by a long shot because they’re often based on great classic literature such as Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Phantom of the Opera, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, etc. Most new horror movies, on the other hand, are perhaps just a bit TOO scary and sometimes based on some crappy creepypasta. But that’s just my opinion speaking of course. What do you guys think?

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Arrows to Athens
Posted (edited)

I'm gonna have to go with both on this one. I can enjoy both equally. One modern horror film I've come to love is Fender Bender, though I'm not sure if it would be up your alley, as it's 80's throwback slasher. It does have mediocre reviews, but I personally adored it. The music, the style, the cinematography, the atmosphere, the killer, etc. I'm big on slashers, so...

Edited by Arrows to Athens

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Old for me, though do feel there's a few modern gems out there too. I class pre-2000 as older and post 2000 as more modern as the censors relaxed more around then over here. (Might be a long post, sorry).


I love the very early classics like Frankenstein, Freaks, Nosferatu and such, enjoy plenty of the old Hammer horror too, but the 70's-90's has some epic movies for me. I love the music a lot from the earlier stuff as I find it really does add to a good horror film, stuff like a Psycho, Candyman, Halloween or Friday the 13th etc. But also movies like Dawn of the Dead with a good score to help sell a scene, and also how the earlier movies broke taboo and pushed limits of taste too. Stuff like Braindead/Dead Alive, Evil Dead, The Hills Have Eyes, the Cannibal movies even like Cannibal Holocaust or Ferox and many other Italian splatter flicks like Zombi 2. Movies like those not only scared us as a movie at times, but really incited moral panic with the public/censors here in the UK (search: Video Nasties or Mary Whitehouse for more info). I'd have loved to been around with hype surrounding many films like The Exorcist, Psycho or the like too. Scream, Wes Craven's New Nightmare or other popular teen horror movies, just fantastic stuff from my younger/teen years. And the way the gore/special effects grew as time went on too, the creativity in the earlier films with some was awesome to see, also feel the stories had to be more to help sell a flick as the technology just wasn't there to shock with gore, Texas Chainsaw for example, terrorising film, hardly a gory picture itself, not always true as the aforementioned gorefests aren't all known for their seller storytelling, lol. (I really could go on).


As I said, there's some gems from more modern times out there though. Some great remakes/reboots too and I love how gory these can get but the shock factor that can unnerve me just isn't as strong or frequent I feel. The Evil Dead remake, Rob Zombie flicks, the Dawn of the Dead or Hills Have Eyes remakes too, fantastic stuff. And both the original and remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are absolutely awesome films (though the original is league's ahead, TCM 2 was a blast too back in the day). 28 Days Later is another. Do like the new Stephen Kings It and latest Halloween as well. Quite enjoyed Happy Death Day recently too, but these films rarely push buttons like the older classics. Not so keen on stuff like Paranormal Activity, they're ok but that's about it. The Purge is decent but gets worse as the franchise goes on, Wrong Turn started well too. Looking forward to 3 From Hell coming soon (a follow on from The Devil's Rejects), could be good for me.


I do like American Horror Story these days for how this series really seems to pay homage to the older movies I love (still up see the last 3 seasons though). The Walking Dead was great to begin with though as a huge fan of the comics I have drifted away from it more and more, but the nod to Romero's classics was great to see. But easily it's the older horror movies I love more. Many times they had me saying that famous tagline from a Wes Craven nasty...


It's only a movie, it's only a movie, It's only a movie. Ahh, good times indeed. Great thread - Sorry for the rambles. :)

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Billy Russo

Old Horror was way better.


New Horror has some good ones like The Conjuring and Sinister, but overall I feel like they all fall really flat. I also hate all of the new cliches that modern Horror movies seem to have.

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Grotti Vigilante
Posted (edited)

For me it’s no brainer. Modern new horror movies I’ve seen just sucked. The one that stands out to me most is It. I do not know why people loved that film so much and felt terrified when the majority of the scares consisted of building up music to which a jump scare then follows. It’s not scary, it’s just annoying.


Compare that to Jaws that has only one and executed it perfectly, and it did well making people scared to go in the water. Silence of the Lambs is another one that stands out as a good horror film because it really does the right tricks. The Shining can also be a good scare if you’re easily spooked. In fact even the old King Kong was a horror film. It really isn’t hard to say for me really. 

Edited by Grotti Vigilante

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Loaded question, as old horror has had the chance to grow on the audience, and even some of the classics just don't hold up. Never forget that absolute classics like Night of the Living Dead, Alien, and Carpenter's The Thing were released to mixed/poor reviews, and now they're seen as three of the greatest films ever made.


New horror has its place, and there's a few that I think are going to be seen as major influences and important milestones (Baskin and The Void immediately come to mind), but any time an "old vs. new" debate pops up I'm instantly curious of what the OP's seen.

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I honestly can't choose.


I love Friday The 13th, Scream, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween etc, but modern horror can be just as good IMO. The 2017 remake of It is amazing and I can't wait for part 2 later in the year, but I also like Get Out and Don't Breathe for feeling a bit different without necessarily relying on typical tropes. 


As long as it makes my anxiety go through the roof and makes my palms sweat in anticipation old or new it doesn't matter.

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Not a fan of the genre. I don't get scared so I usually get bored but old horror movies have "style". So that's a win. 

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