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A peculiar lag in GTA V


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l have noticed a peculair lag issue in GTA V with every driver since WHQL 398.36.

I have constant 60fps during gameplay. However, when encountering an explosion nearby in which the camera is directly facing the explosion, the framerate jumps to 20-30 fps and stays there for a long while (around half a minute) even after the explosion has long disappeared. The only way to quickly restore the framerate is to pause the game and go back, or by looking at the ground for a while.

A good example is during a certain mission called “Repossession” in which you can shoot a tank on a higher level than you to make it explode. By standing relatively close to it and making sure the camera is completely facing the explosion, I experience this issue.

The weird part about all this, is that the issue is random. When replaying the same mission and doing the exact same thing, sometimes the issue does NOT occur. I do notice though that it is more prone to happen after playing for a while.

I have maximized most of the graphics settings except MSAA on 4x, no SSAA and no Ultra for the Grass Quality. However, I don’t expect my GPU (a 1070 Windforce OC, which should handle this game) on 1080p to lag in such a peculiar way, especially if it can run the game on a constant 60fps elsewhere and that the issue sometimes does NOT occur. The temperature of my GPU does not exceed 55 degrees.

Turning Vsync On or Off does not help. Reducing the graphical effects also does not help.

I only have the nVidia drivers installed (419.35 at the moment), no Gefore Expierence or HD Audio or anything else. It is also clean install after a clean installation of Windows 10 1803.

GTX 1070 Windforce OC 8G (using Nvidia reference speed) with 419.35 WHQL drivers
Intel i5-8600K (stock speed)
256GB SSD Neoforza
Motherboard Z370 HD#
Windows 10 Pro 1803 x64
Acer P235H 1080p @ 60Hz

Perhaps someone who could replay this mission can test this out?

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