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Which character most shocked the protagonist (each gta)?


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In my opinion it is

GTA 3:Maria LaTorre - She lied to Salvatore saying she was having a relationship with Claude, which caused Leone to try to kill him, in addition made him go to Staunton (very close to the Colombians) and left him working like a whore for the Yakuza.

GTA VC:Lance Vance - He ruined the plan to kill Diaz (though Tommy and he circumvented the situation), did not help the vercetti gang, only knew how to complain and even handed the location of the real money to Sonny

GTA SA:Mike Toreno - It made him go on very dangerous missions

GTA Advance:Asuka Kasen - Made Mike cheat the mafia, Mike's main affiliation


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GTA III: Catalina for her betrayals and for the spanked up madmen assassination attempt in 'Kingdom Come'.
GTA VC. Lance Vance for being an incompetent fool and for his betrayal.
GTA SA: Mike Toreno by revealing his survival despite CJ shooting down his helicopter and leading him to risky missions.
GTA IV: Eddie Low by explaining his free time activities, Niko's facial expression during the second encounter was priceless.
GTA TLAD: Billy Grey for his reckless leadership and betrayal.
GTA TBOGT: Ray Bulgarin for the decapitated cook's head alone.
GTA V: Michael for faking his death and hiding the secret about Brad until Trevor found out.

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Maria in GTA 3 shocked Claude the most when she tells him she told Salvatore they were a thing. Claude’s “what the f*ck” gesture is literally the most expressive he’s been the entire game.


I’m sure Donald Love and his people eatin’ ways shocked Toni the most in LCS too

Edited by universetwisters
I caught my uncle committing war crimes in the kitchen
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