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What is the state of gta 3 first person mode?

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Posted (edited)

Gta 3 modding community isn't nearly as big as the modding community of gta sa, but still, they should be working on something, right? So I just would like to know if it has sense for me to wait for a more or less playable and polished fps mode for gta 3 built from the leftovers? Or is it just too much difficult to realise? 

P.S.: I do know that there already is one mod that adds fps mode to gta 3, but it is almost unplayable.

Edited by yaroslaviy

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Nobody knows. Also, wrong section to post this.

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@gts. What would be the right section? Sorry I am just not good at using this site

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On 3/17/2019 at 4:32 PM, gts. said:

Nobody knows. Also, wrong section to post this.

If it's a discussion about FPS mode, then it's the right place to talk about it.


You can safely assume that Rockstar had something working at some point. They went to all the trouble of making a bunch of first person animations. There probably was a heap of bugs with it that impeded progress though, especially since you would probably be switching between first and third person depending on what you were doing or your personal preference. We know that Rockstar likes to polish things, and with all the other new tech needing to be polished before release, it's not hard to understand why they'd remove an arbitrary feature like this to cut down on the workload a bit.


My best guess as to the straw that broke the camel's back would be the internal car textures. They're extremely low-res and look like sh*t in first person. You can still look left, right, and behind you from the interior with first person driving camera, but the dashboards look horrible up close. Not much you can do about that with PS2 hardware.

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