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The great one 95

Role play

Recommended Posts

The great one 95

Have you ever wanted to become a police officer in GTA 5? And would you like to Roleplay as a Cop? If you have you been in an old community, have you had a very complicated CAD system? Do you want to have a role play with mature people that don’t fail RP all the time? Well you have come to the right community! (remember that you must have discord and must be 17+ years old) Our community on Xbox one is now recruiting and fills in all of your needs!
The discord server has departments such as: 
Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)
Los Santos County Sheriff's Department (LSSD) San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP), San Andreas Fire Department/Emergency Medical Service Civilian. We may also have other divisions that you can join to suit you and your preferences. 
We have a team of Administrators that ensures that you have the best experience and to keep the community healthy!
All of our RPs are In-Game/Session. So we can freely RP with the best experience. New Recruits will be able to understand the expectations and given realistic RP training so that we can all have fun. For training sessions, We use a modified game mode, using vehicles that are not listed in creator and/or are blacklisted for better RP experience! This list is composed of the law enforcement vehicles used in this game mode: Unmarked Cruiser, FIB Buffalo, FIB Granger, Sheriff Granger, Park Ranger, Police Sovereign Bike, Police Buffalo, Police Stanier, Police Taurus, Police Maverick. Our RPs are located throughout all of San Andreas.  Usually taking place in Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay, and Grapeseed. When we have a lot of players, we also roleplay in Los Santos.
We have an easy-to-use CAD system, that has an improved service for a faster response time, and is not at all complicated to navigate through. If you are not familiar with CAD, it will be explained by the admins when in the recruiting process.
Ready to join us? Reply to this post and/or message my gamertag on Xbox: [gamertag here] Good luck! 

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How do I join?

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How do I get in it. Gt: Ncr DsyR

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