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Lost Oppressor MKII



Hi there!


Recently, I started saving up for the Oppressor MKII (While also doing the necessary client jobs for the trade price). Upon reaching 1.5mil, I decided to buy a Great White Shark card ($1,250,000) in order to get closer to the required money. When I logged on today to grind the final ~250K, I was surprised to find the Oppressor MKII on sale, so I immediately brought it and had enough money left over to get the specialized vehicle workshop for my Terrobyte. I then drove back to the appartement that I had ordered the Oppressor MKII to, only to find that the game was stuck on the loading screen to enter the garage. I then joined a new session, however when I entered the garage upon joining the session the oppressor was not there.

I then decided to restart the game, and this seemed to fix the issue for me - the oppressor had arrived. However, upon flying out of my appartement to modify my oppressor, I randomly got killed and my oppressor destroyed. Strangely, I did not get a notification to tell me to call Mors Mutual Insurance. Despite this, I still called them anyway only to find that they would not pick up. To get around this I called in another personal vehicle (Elegy RH8) and destroyed it. This time I got a notification to call Mors, however when I called Mors only the Elegy was available to reclaim; the oppressor wasn't there. I tried loading into a new online session and calling Mors, visiting the appartement garage and visiting the vehicle impound incase the Oppressor was there, but it was not.

Since it had worked the last time, I restarted my game, but the oppressor was still not there. After reading a few online forum posts, I called in my Terrobyte and checked in there to see if it had spawned in there for some reason, but it hadn't. On the Terrobyte Services section in the interaction menu, I noticed the option to call in the Oppressor MKII, but it would not let me because my personal vehicle was nearby (The one I drove to the Terrobyte in, once again the Elegy, not my Oppressor). After destroying this vehicle, I tried again to call in my Oppressor from the Terrobyte services menu, but this time it gave me a message saying that it was destroyed. I then called Mors to see if I could at last reclaim it, but the only car there to reclaim was the Elegy I had just destroyed. I have just tried again while uploading the screenshots and I have noticed that when I call the mechanic and select the garage my Oppressor was in, it's not there, but still shows the Elegy that was destroyed.

At this point I decided to contact support. Any help would be incredibly nice as I am feeling slightly annoyed that all my grinding, and purchasing of a Shark Card has all gone to waste, leaving me only with a Specialized vehicle workshop for a vehicle I seem to have lost. I will link some screenshots of the last part at the bottom of this post.


Thanks in advance!


https://photos.app.goo.gl/CSfARuoTQyoT8AePA (Hopefully this works, Imgur wasn't working)

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The only way you could be refunded is by submitting a ticket to Rockstar Support. They'll review all your transactions and check for the Oppressor's purchase. Sending them the images you have provided may help too.

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