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GTA With No Plane Missions?

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From GTA 3 to GTA 5, which has the least amount of plane missions?


I am Playing SA and I am getting tired with the plane missions (currently at that one plane mission after you seize Madd Doggs Crib after killing a thousand cholos) Every single plane mission is a borefest that I just want to get rid off in order to restart enjoying the game again. I anticipate SA has even more plane missions even after this one I'm on right now, therefore I looking to quit the game to play another GTA with less plane missions.


Man if they all have the same amount of plane missions, I may even go the Chinatown route. I assume GTA3 has the least plane missions?? What about from least to most?

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Posted (edited)

After the Madd Dogg's Crib takeover mission there is just one plane mission left in San Andreas.

As for other games:
GTA III and IV both have no plane flying missions. GTA IV and its DLC only have helicopters.
GTA VC has one optional mission with a seaplane but that can be skipped.
GTA V is the only other game to have several plane missions, but still fewer than SA.


Edited by perennial

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22 hours ago, perennial said:


Thanks for the clean info. I am ditching SA for GTA 3 right now. Can't bother trying to prevent the last plane mission jet from crashing because it wont even fly up.

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GTA IV no planes


GTA 3 no plane missions


GTA LCS no planes


GTA VCS no plane missions.


GTA CTW no planes

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