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[MP] Mother Of Mine (Apostle) by RyanAB

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Posted (edited)




(Logo taken in Apostle)


Welcome to the Mother Of Mine. Mother Of Mine it's a ispiration from Apostle movie, if you don't see the movie, then go to watching.

Yep, it's a remake by RyanAB (me) because i love this movie and i'd like to designing this remake for this fabolous community. 

My favourite movie and yep, you got that right, i have Netflix to watch all movies.

Mother Of Mine it's a MP (Mission Pack) we're inspired from Apostle movie.

I put my effort to create this project and i hope you like it.

(if you want to see my DYOM profile, click here.)



Don't install any mods/cheat or something else before to play this. Remeber this note.



- A lot parts are going to change if something went wrong

- Limited ammo or weapons aren't strong for kill the enemies

- Still going to learn how to create Target13 style (don't neccessary lul)

- You can't see the checkpoints? Well, i'm going to fix it



A guy who was a detective, the big detective in the world. The first mistery was been at Area 69. The second mistery was a creature, it's a yeti but it is a dead mistery
because he did a mistake when the sister said it ''Don't kill him, it's my friend, it's a part of my life.'' 


8 Years later...

The detective Richard had discovered a country but a old country where a church we're satanic, he didn't understand this situation. So, what will he do? Decided to take a train
where he can reach this country was called ''The Satan Paradise''. Why the country is it called paradise? Richard had take a ticket that he found a emblem that is written
''Don't go at The Satan Paradise without the Emblem''. He finally reach the country with all people takes the train to buy all new houses and start a new life to be better
than the city. Richard has reached a little country where all people can see the new people who arrived. After a long time, Richard finally found her lady was a doctor,
the lady is the daughter of the owner. Owner is a person who had a lot mistakes from her uncle, the uncle it's a person who kill all without motive, but he kill only
people where can die with a purification. Richard had heard a voice where explain a little boy, he open the door and then he we're found the boy, a boy with a lot toys.
Strange, Richard never see a weird boy. One day later, Richard head the church because there's a commissioning, all people going to the church to stay and head the commissioning.
A commissioning lasts an hour where explain the holy bible, Richard had seen a ghost. He didn't understand that was happened. He had decided to start the mistery in this little country
what had happen. He is ready for to solving the mistery.





- Thomas Richardson

- Prophet Malcom

- Katy Richardson

- Quinn

- Frank

- Lin Yuan Guo

- John The Suspicious

- Sinead


(some characters are different than the Apostle movie)

(and i'm suck to create the character picture)




(before to play all missions, make sure to start the game with headphones)

(don't use any cheats or something else if you are noob, i hope no)

(you are reccomended to use all sounds)





(if you don't know the song theme, then go to heard)


I hope you like my Mission Pack because i learn anything and how to design a nice mission!
Topic opened at 12.03.2019

- RyanAB

Edited by RyanAB

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