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The Occasional  Outlaw

Is RDO really that bad?

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Marion Williamson

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I mean a lot of those are good points but kinda lmao at padding the list with stuff like "story characters that could talk/mute character", I'd still rather have my own custom created character than a random story mode character I have to select, even if my dude don't talk (which at least isn't a new thing for R*).

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At rank 148 now, haven't been playing much of late, my only problem with this "beta" so far which renders gameplay bad is that there's no lobby types, separate aim prefs and the fact that ability cards are just.... no comment. Many things will be added, but right now game has become pretty dull. Repeating the same stuff over and over feels like work and less & entertaining. Bounty system...meh could be so much better if it were related to pvp. Just let us claim half the bounty of any hostile player, I mean why the hell not ?Chances that many folk accumulated upwards to 50 or more dollars without getting annoyed by constantly chased by bounty hunters are pretty slim so why are R* so affraid of our in game funds being shared between players ? In gtao it could be a problem to some extent I guess with some users owning bazillions in illegitimate funds and just placing bounties for friends constantly but even then there was a cool down of some sorts. What is different here ? Can't we have a little fun ?

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I used to dislike this game until I discovered Gun Rush. Now I'm an addict. The only thing I don't like is how crap handguns are compared to shotguns. Handguns should become deadlier up close like shotguns.

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