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Most Memorable Player You've Encountered in GTAO

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although they're still too young by far to even supposed to be playing this game, the times i've played GTAO that i will literally always cherish are some of the things i've done with my kids.   my son has been smashing on racing games since before kindergarten, and when i first started on GTA he's the one who won a lot of races for me and opened up all the vehicle mods--not to mention finding most of the stunt jumps.   we'd have a blast making stupid races, and i'd set up captures with a bunch of jets and tanks and such standing by in the middle of Vinewood, and just let him go crazy, and so on.     my daughter likes to cruise around on motorcycles, back and forth to the clothes stores, and occasionally send my fancy supercars spinning out into the ocean on accident (?).    not too long ago she and i spent 30 minutes chasing each other around the map on Hakuchou's up and down Chiliad and around the Alamo Sea, laughing and smiling, and not being bothered by any griefers or tryhards.


aside from that, the memories are too many to count.   i have largely not had the same negative experiences in freeroam that so many lament about.


and there have been a couple players from the Forum who have been helpful and fun to play with online.    special mentions to @FrancisBlack and BulletMatrix, and my homie Retagger, among others.    whoever the guy was that was impressed enough with my armwrestling skills to run the Act 2 finale and give me all the money, too.




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On 3/16/2019 at 8:40 PM, Endjinn said:

Not to devalue your collective Harbz experience....


I had Blasterman4Ever in my cross hairs, while off-radar, once.


Didn't take the shot. and I'm happy about that.:D


Lol bellendboy got a few screen shots of me (stood still may i add)  by one of my garages and lsc wonder what i was up too :D


It will be a whole different story next time i swear on my dunce hat hahaha


anyway most menorable players i had the pleasure of meeting and playing with was the gtaf crew, id never been part of a crew before so it was something too tick off the list and wont rule out joining again in the next gta ( i left on good terms to do my own thing by the way)


never came across blasterman dont really know how he'd react too my (pretty pointless stat tbh) k/d id probally get so called "swatted" irl :D






Edited by Harbz
No fin

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The Blast

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.

You're welcome.

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