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Franco Forelli Survived.

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Hello I'm here to tell you about Franco Forelli and his possible chance to be alive, so let's start.


NOTE: Do not spoil about the events of GTA LCS, because I did not play the complete game and I will play still then NO SPOILERS PLEASE, try to give the least spoiler possible.
Franco is the Head of the Forelli Family in 1998, he started a war with the Mafia Leone and the Mafia Sindacco after being convened by Massimo Torini of the Mafia Siciliana. Furthering further, when Toni arrives in Stauton, in a of the missions given by 8-Ball Cipriani is in charge of destroying the neighborhood Little Itally and in that explosion died many people and mobsters including the Franco.

Oh well, he died and Mike took over
or will it not ???

I presume he did not take the power of don because Franco did not die

and I'll give reasons:


In GTA 3 (that happens in 2001) the mafia happens to be called Brothers Forellis and there it is one of the proofs because the members of the gang that are brothers are
Sonny Forelli> Marco Forelli> Franco Forelli> Mike Forelli

PS: Giorgio is the cousin of the forellis

Sonny and Marco are dead and for being called BROTHERS FORELLIS should be two people and who are these?
Franco and Mike !!!!


And More Things
Franco PROBELY died in the explosion, like this one in GTA WIKIA indicating that it is not known if he died or in the explosion
or if it was not present when it happened

The Spanish Gta Wiki made a very big mistake, put the Forellis Brothers as the characters that appear in Dead Skunk in the Trunk. Which would not make sense since they are possible soldiers of the family.

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