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Looking for Actors for a Music Video GMT PS4


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Anyone able to help? I'm looking to shoot a music video and for some scenes I'll need more characters than myself.


I'm hoping to start "filming" this week :) I'll need 4 maybe 5 other people who are on PS4 and would be ok following fairly mundane orders, I imagine it'll be alot of "walk to this spot and pull out a handgun", "face this guy and taunt" etc but I think it'll be great once finished and obviously everyone will be named and thanked in the credits.


There will be a few outfit changes, you will need Ape/Monkey Masks and access to a female character so having some $ to spare is kind of essential.


I'll be willing to work with you for a few days after finishing to help get some of your money back if your like?


Drop me a message with your PSN ID and I can add you later this week :) Thank you for your time

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Me and My Monkey, its an old Robbie Williams song. At one point I'll need myself, a monkey pimp, and 3 female monkey whores. The majority of it is already done, I just need multiple people for my pimp and ho's haha


So in total I'll need


3x females in custom outfits that I'll create tonight, each with a monkey mask,

1x male in a custom outfit and monkey mask


And all 3x may need to change their heritage so their skin colour matches the masks. Your face will return to normal once you change your heritage back to the one you had before, so you wont need to worry about starting your face over again.


Obviously this will be a little expensive so $ to spare will be essential

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