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Which game should be priority?

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Rafae S
3 minutes ago, Quinn_flower said:

Neither they are both bad



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Just work on GTA, Bully or Midnight club, now as i said last year before i got banned, what can you do in the wild west? Hmm? Another heist? Collecting horses? Cowboys vs aliens as doomsday heist? Hmm, paint your horse based your skin color man! Black White Yellow or Blue if you're an avatar lol


Not much of things to sale in the wild west, so desperate that they even sell some emote, i know some RDR folks will hate me but let's face it GTA has many things to offer because it is set in the modern world, even though R* always deliver sh*t as DLC, there are no 10/10 dlc, the most entertaining last DLC for me is heist dlc that is 7/10 for GTAO up to this moment, there is always a flaws but people keep coming back why? There is a content for everyone even if it is a half assed flagged cars people would still log in buy it and sell it the next day 😂


The most low and f*cked up dlc is the arena wars, i like the cars but nothing much to do about it i rate it 2/10


That said not much to do in RDRO or maybe R* can found a way to sell women in RDR, or even sell a protected wild horse, or sell some penile size upgrade your cock 10 inches for 30 gold bars hmm


On the other GTAO is also f*cked up these days, with some half assed bullsh*t that they throw in every dlc starting from flags, laser guns, flying bikes, it's like they are trying to kill this game so people would focused to RDRO and fails miserably, or maybe they are trying to please a bullied 9 year old in school, so they can fire up the game when they get home and unleash the heavy breathing power in their mic with some rebreather on ohmmmm, gooossfraabaaa 😂


Both games are good in SP mode, online? Not so much it's getting tedious just some bullsh*t PvP cock measuring contest these days, waste of time...

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