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My wishes for Mexico.

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Certainly I’m in the majority when I say I’d love for Mexico to come back later down the line. BUT. I don’t want the exact same Mexico we got in Redemption 1. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, just it was severely limited in size and scope. Although marginally wider than New Austin, it was not even half as tall/deep. One could easily see the cliffs thay marked the map edge whilst standing on the bank of the Rio San Luis. Comparing it to the new map we got for Redemption 2, it would feel like a child’s sandpit. It sufficed in 2010, but is simply not enough in 2019.


My proposal is to erase those plateau cliffs and expand it southwards. Perhaps even doubling the depth of it. With what could the expand it with? The easiest solution is simply more desert. But we have plenty of desert already, and it would make Mexico the least geographically and biologically diverse region in the game. So what else could we expand it with? A fictional version of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains. It’s a tall rugged range bordering the real Chihuahua desert [what Nuevo Paraiso is based on] that extends from the US-Mexico border down for a thousand miles deep into Mexico, well south of where the game takes place. It would make for the perfect southern reach/border for Mexico, and bring it up to snuff geographically and ecologically with the rest of the map. The SMO is very much like Mexico’s Rocky Mountains. The foothills are grassy and semiarid with canyons and snaking rivers, and become more forested and temperate the higher up you go. Thousands of square miles of pine and oak and fir forests. With snow capping the higher peaks. In 1899, it was home to animals such as wolves cougars jaguars wapiti and even grizzy bears. 


I think such an addition would make Mexico much more complete and compelling to explore again, and would fit the theme of Redemption 2 much better as well. Redemption 1 was a loveletter to classic Westerns, and the not-entirely-accurate image of the Old West being just desert. Redemption 1 instead sought to depict the Old West far more realistically, hence all the grassland and mountains. This can reflect on Mexico as well. Mexico is imagined to just be vast expanses of desert bush, particularly in Old West imagery. But the real Mexico is a land just as if not more geographically and biologically diverse than the USA. Romantic to romantic in Redemption 1, realist to realist in Redemption 2.

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I wish Mexico was in there too, and they kinda tricked us with the trailer showing what looked like Mexico from RDR.

Anyway, I hope RDR3 will include Mexico but obviously be a lot bigger

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On 3/11/2019 at 8:54 PM, ~INDIO~ said:

I wish Mexico was in there too, and they kinda tricked us with the trailer showing what looked like Mexico from RDR.

Anyway, I hope RDR3 will include Mexico but obviously be a lot bigger

The trade-off will be an empty Valentine, and Strawberry will be a single warehouse :P

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