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Animal-themed Aircraft Fighting Crew [need members]

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Posted (edited)




Photo Credit: DuduLima













Xbox One platform (mandatory)

Animal Mask (mandatory)

(2) Outfit slots available (mandatory)

Own at least 1 lethal aircraft (mandatory)

Own a hangar (preferred) - to create/store custom aircraft

"Ace" pilot skill in GTA (preferred)

Own a headset (preferred)

Passed San Andreas Flight School (preferred)









I'm starting up a casual crew that will recruit skilled aircraft pilots and aircraft fighters. The ultimate goal of the crew is to have fun and shoot the sh*t (literally, figuratively). The crew idea was inspired from an all-time favorite game franchise of mine: Star Fox.



About the crew: Top Air is a band of tightly-knit animal-themed airfighters who engage in casual and mission-oriented objectives and activities. 


The politically-correct purpose of the crew: A group of airfighters who help each other destroy enemies of other members, neutralize lobby griefers (air and ground) and other air-related activities

Non-politically-correct purpose of the crew: A group of airfighters who enjoy flying through the air at 1,500 mph while shooting, missileing, and bombing any and everything in their path!







Concept of the crew: Each fighter in the crew will have a generally-defined roll when it comes to mission-oriented combat: during air fights and missions, some fighters will be..


- "assaulters" (quick nimble shooters and missile-shooters)

- "bombers" (ground-attacked oriented fighters)

- "stealth" (sneaky fighters)

- "cargo/transport" (tasked with hauling members to/from the airbase)

- "strikers" (targeted strikes)

- deep air support (high-altitude combat)

- "drones" (non-lethal airmen who fly nimble planes to spot enemies in the air)

- "suicide bombers" (non-lethal plane airmen who use their planes as weapons and crash into enemies - while ejecting out)

- "multi-role" (combinations of the above)


The crew will have organized mission-oriented events where we engage in air-combat BOTH against other teams, and among ourselves (for fun)




The crew will also regularly host non-combat related events and activities like air races, and other fun inter-crew combat events (such as night fights, user-created air deathmatches, first-person mode only dogfighting, 1vs1, 2v2, etc.)








So now that you've developed a basic understanding of the concept of the crew, it's time to meet the (limited) characters you can choose to "claim". Each player in the crew will sign up as one of the available characters of the crew. If one of the characters/animals has been taken by someone else, it will no longer be available until that person quits or is delisted from the crew.



List of the characters (and a brief backstory)



Chester (Crazed Ape) - a humble and reliable airman, who, prior to being recruited to serve in the elite Top Air crew, served as an aircraft maintenance officer (for fighter and attacker planes)

Meeko (Racoon) - a down-to-earth airman who previously served as an electrical/power/cable systems specialist as well as a distinguished aircraft integrated avionics specialist

Toto (Ape) - humorous airman who prior served as a water/fuel systems maintenance officer

Otis (Cat) - quiet and professional airman who served as a special tactics officer before being recruited to fly and fight for Top Air

Wycleff (Chicken) - a hardcore but spirited airman who once served as a remotely piloted air pilot as well as an airborne missions systems operator

Kip (Dino) - a tough-acting airman who previously was employed in explosive ordinance disposal

Clyde (Fox) - a team-oriented airmar, natural born leader, spent time as an air/missile defense specialist

Gonzo (Horse) - a wise and experienced airman who previously worked as a mechanical engineer as well as a private pilot before his transition into Top Air

Rudy (Owl) - often described to have an attitude, in the past, served as a munitions and missile maintenance officer

Benson (Pig) - a hyper-creative airman and a brilliant mind, Benson is a world-famous inventor, but also specializes in aircraft hydraulic/armament systems

Lando (Pogo Monkey) - an independent rebel airman who has a background as a geospatial intelligence officer in the military

Arty (Pug) - a high spirited airman who has a background in radar/sonar/airfield systems

Kodo (Sea Beast) - a sophisticated airman who has high tastes - prior to lateraling into Top Air served as a radio frequency/transmission systems specialist

Jag (Unicorn) - a flamboyant  and dramatic airman who, before recently being recruited into Top Air, enjoyed a lengthy career as an airfield operations officer and air traffic controller

Lenny (Zebra) - a naturally street-smart airman with a rough upbringing - before being recruited, served as a research analyst in aircraft fuel systems

Wilbur (Abominable Snowman) - an older and wiser airman who was one of the first members to be recruited to Top Air; previously was a research director and an aircraft specialist in electrical/environmental systems

Percy (Bull) - often described a "punk" or a "brat"; showed early and promising signs of being an elite airman; previously worked in mission-generation vehicular equipment maintenance

Perro (Vulture) - a brave and selfless airman; prior to being offered a spot in Top Air, engaged in pararescue missions in the military and as a weather specialist when not in active duty

Juno (Turkey/Vulture) - an airman with a background in airfleet management (parking planes and inspecting them)

Kelso (Wolf) - often described as a child prodigy but with a cool edge, high IQ and brilliant, previously worked as a scientist; nuclear chemist and nuclear engineer before developing an interest in aircraft

Ollie (Bear) - a stone-faced airman described as "the rock" for the group; incredible work ethic, previously worked in refuel/bomber aircraft maintenance

Dax (Bison) - a shy airman who previously served as a commercial pilot by day, and an aircraft specialist (loadmaster) by night

Marco (Eagle) - a hard-nosed, stubborn, and fearless airman who's often described as "cocky", doesn't play by the rules; previously worked as a flight control systems specialist as well as a signals intelligence analyst

Ozzy (Insect) - a foreign born, multi-lingual former intelligence officer and cyber security officer

Waldo (Penguin) - a happy-go-lucky elite airman often described as "childlike", natural optimist; has a background in integrated communications/navigation systems

Huck (Reindeer) - a silly, daring airman often described as the "bro" of the crew; before being offered a spot in Top Air, worked as a biomedical equipment/laboratory officer as well as a bioenvironmental engineer









Contingent upon on how many people we can get to sign up for the crew, variations of different animals (different colors) may be available for people to claim. But each animal/character is first come first serve. However, you ARE REQUIRED to own the mask of the character you choose. That being said, other than the fictional backstories, no character is different from the other







Players will be allowed to create 1 "casual" outfit for their character. This outfit will not change, and should be worn when not in flight or in combat. During combat and flight, however, players will be required to gear into a "combat/utility" outfit that is consistent among all characters. Here's a picture of my character with the outfit










The outfit goes as follows:


1. Your (animal) mask

2. Orange flight school suit

3. White cotton gloves

4. Black parachute bag




Various examples of crew members in combat/utility suits:










As explained earlier, each crew member will assume a "primary" role that they will assume during combat missions (organized air fights against enemies). Each crew member is permitted to CHOOSE their primary role (as an attacker, bomber, suicide bomber, stealth, striker, cargo, deep air support etc.). In addition to this, each player will be ASSIGNED a "secondary" role. Secondary roles are what players will be converted into during combat if it is determined that there are too many of one certain type of role (for strategic purposes).










That's it! This crew is not meant to be overly serious or try-hard. It doesn't require you to log in every day. It's just a casual crew of airfighters. 








Are you still interested in joining? If so, please do either of the following:


1.) Reach out to me through private message detailing: a.) which character you'd like to claim and b.) what your primary role will be

2.) Reach drop a message here in the thread detailing the same information.



After enrolling, a secondary combat role will be assigned to you. You will also be provided a list of other crew members to add on XBL. Please just remember that you are required to own the mask of the animal you're claiming. It's a tough hurdle to clear due to the nature of limited-time DLC masks, but it's sort of essential to the theme of the crew.



Lastly, if you have friends that you personally know who meet the (mandatory) criteria and think they'd also be interested, feel free to recruit them on as well! I will need their contact information though.







Hope to see you in the air! Signing out!


Edited by black_benz

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Love this idea but I'm on PS4 - let me know if you migrate and I'll be Otis!

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I've managed to get a couple people on board through DM and other websites. Anyone else interested in joining?

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