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Picking up prostitutes will most definitely not be in GTA6

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They should go back to making games that aren't a political soapbox just saying

He shares his opinion on a forum literally oriented around GTA.


It's been a political sandbox from day 1. You're saying Smuggler's Run, State of Emergency etc aren't the same?

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Is that true though? Because for a while I’ve known a few people speaking out in public who wanted to get rid of modelling work and grid girls from F1 because of it’s “objectification” of women. I find it a bit hard to believe they’d support sex work unless they want to feel empowered by sexual liberation (yet oddly enough still can’t accept the consequences). Maybe the UK is different then the US, but with GTA, I don’t think it matters. Rockstar will most likely keep prostitutes. 

Most "sjws"/feminists support sex workERS, understanding and respecting their choice (as well as keeping in mind it often isn't a choice) and not shaming them. But most are critical of the sex industry as it stands because of the amount of abuse and exploitation that goes on, and there's more of a split in supporting it as a concept (some support having a safer/well regulated sex industry, some think it can never be a good thing and should be eradicated).


Simply depicting sex work in a fictional game is a whole other thing though, showing it doesn't mean endorsing it.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8

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When we have people like this making articles about it with an IQ of -10, then yea, it probably will.



O_O I hate these kind of fkers that complain about sh*t like this and I guess if they say GTA is violent, then why not go after another game that comes to mind, Friday the 13th The Game (I Love this game btw) and I mean it's about a masked murderer killing counselors around a campsite and all, why not blame this game.


How would they like it if we took something away that they love doing, the world isn't all fluffy and rainbows and what I love about GTA is that they show us how bad the criminal world can be. I can go on and on but I think you see where I'm coming from.


Prostitutes will be in the next game since Rockstar don't give 2 fks on what these complainers say, I mean they are in 5 so why not 6. 


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