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GTA IV, graphics.



Well, so I installed GTA IV and downloaded it on my laptop, as I expected it didn't work, it ran smooth but it didn't load any textures whatsoever, so I downloaded a commandline, low end textures and ICEancer (or however its written) and again, as expected, the game ran extremely smooth, but, here's the deal. Lights and textures at a far distance look really blurry, I'd like to know which specific things I'd have to tweak so I can 'correct' (if that's the correct term) this setting.

My SO is Windows 10 Pro x64 bits, with 4GB of RAM and I have Intel Core i3-6006U.

And here's a link to what I'm talking about: https://imgur.com/a/KLimcg5

Hope somebody can help me, thanks in advance!

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2 answers to this question

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Commandline is a very bad idea. So is using graphics mods. Stick to original graphics. 

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ICEnhancer blurs a bit the image even when usigh the high-end preset, so that's normal. But all that blur isn't normal, maybe there's an option in the .ini files that regulates the quantity of motion blur.

What GPU do you have? Are you running with integrated graphics? Persoanlly I wouldn't use ICEnhancer with just 4GB of RAM and a i3 6006U, even with a dedicated GPU your system is too weak IMO for handling properly GTA IV with visual mods installed.

The image you posted, a part from the blur, is awful, I don't understand why you want to use ICEnhancer and then turning down all the possible settings while you could play at mid preset at decent FPS. Like @CountdownIIExtinction said, I'd stick with the vanilla version of the game which, BTW, gives the most of the GTA IV vibe.

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