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Weapon bug



Anyone else having this problem? every time i finish a mission or job, heist etc and i go to ammunition to refill armor bullets etc it seems i lost weapons, and i have to rebuy them. The upgrades and ammo are still bought/ unlocked but the weapons i have te rebuy


Pistol .50
Vintage pistol
Tear gas
Pipe bomb
Jerry can
Sweeper shotgun
Mini smg
Double action revolver
Double barrel shotgun
Marksman pistol
Gusenberg sweeper
Bullpup shotgun
Sawed off shotgun (free)
Sniper rifle
All handweapons except knife and machete
Machine pistol



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3 answers to this question

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Yeah, it's an ever growing bug, especially on heists.


It's stopped me going on call to heist now. I only join pre-planned runs where I know it won't fail or see me kicked.

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Posted (edited)

This is a weird bug that happens to so many players myself included. Once you have it it will never go away unless you take proper steps to get rid of it. The proper steps are not very clear though.

The first thing I would do is make sure every weapon in your gun locker is set to show. You may need to revert all mk2 weapons back to normal. Go to the gun store and fill all your ammo then put your weapons back to mk2. From here never purchase weapons from a job lobby. I never buy gun ammo from interaction menu, only heavy weapon or throwables. Never purchase ammo from the store if you have a weapon in the same slot as a mk2 weapon. Like if you have a carbine and a special carbine mk2, never buy the carbine ammo from the store, only buy the special carbine mk2 ammo from the moc or avenger etc.


Edit..I was thinking OP was referring to missing ammo bug but I believe these are linked somehow.

Edited by StangOne50

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Thank you for the info. And yes i was reffering to weapons which dissapear and must be rebought? The ammo and other upgrades are still there. 


Again thank you

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